Case Presentation Interview: New Style of Case Interview

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Management consulting is a decades old industry. And the case interview has been a consistent staple in the consulting recruiting process. Some firms, however, use what’s known as the “case presentation interview” to test candidates.

Case Interview

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Case Interview Prep Guide. Ask any consultant, and they’ll have their own take and probably a few tips. “Be Lots of case interview practice.” The post Case Interview appeared first on Management Consulted.

Consulting Interview: 4 Types of Consultant Fit Interview Questions

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Though the case interview is the most important aspect of management consulting recruiting, don’t overlook the consulting fit interview. This is how consulting firms assess how you’ll interact with a Fortune 500 CEO client. Case Interview

Case Interview Basics

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Case Interview basics. There are seven major areas of preparation and knowledge that you must master to crush your case interview and get an offer from a top firm like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. The post Case Interview Basics appeared first on Management Consulted.

Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips

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Technological advancements have touched every aspect of modern business, and consulting recruiting is no exception. To consulting firms, face-to-face interviews are always the best way to make a final decision on a candidate. The post Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips appeared first on Management Consulted. business consulting Case Interview case interviews consulting interviews management consulting McKinsey Case Interview mckinsey interview

Case Study Interview Questions and Answers

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One of the most challenging aspects of case interviews is that once you are provided with the problem, there are an infinite number of ways the case can go. The post Case Study Interview Questions and Answers appeared first on Management Consulted.

Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76

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The interview process then starts and you have figure out who you’re going. Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76 is a post from: Consulting Success.

McKinsey PEI: Personal Experience Interview

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If you interview for McKinsey, you may come across the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI). The McKinsey PEI is a separate behavioral portion of the interview process on top of standard behavioral questions you can expect to see. Case Interview

Interview Season for New Grads

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It is easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself during interview season, especially when your classmates are receiving interviews for firms you’re interested in. This blog post is mostly about what to do when you receive an interview at that firm you’ve been eyeing for some time.

Case Interview Examples: Master List

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The case interview is the biggest challenge consulting candidates must overcome to receive an offer. Most aspiring consultants are coveting an offer from the likes of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Deloitte. Case Interview

STAR Method: Should it be Used in Fit Interviews?

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Preparing for behavioral interview questions for consulting recruiting can be challenging. The post STAR Method: Should it be Used in Fit Interviews? appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting interviews

What are interviewers from consulting firms really looking for?

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So maybe you’ve gotten to the second round, maybe you’re still waiting to hear back, or maybe you’re hoping to interview again in the next recruitment cycle. Regardless of whichever bucket you fall into, it always helps to see things from the interviewers’ perspective.

Consulting Interview Questions

You can perform better in a consulting interview by having an upfront preview of what types of questions might be thrown your way. Consulting interview questions about pricing ask for the optimal price -- or way to determine the optimal price -- for a given product or service. Consulting interview questions about competition deal with beating out other industry contenders or responding to something they've done. All the normal case interview rules apply.

Consulting Interview Question Types

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There are six types of questions that you may encounter in the consulting interview: Behavioural interview questions; Guesstimate questions (aka market sizing); Math questions; Brainteasers; Factor questions; and. Management Consulting consulting consulting interviews

3 Tips for Written Case Interview

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The written case interview, a fearsome adaptation of the regular verbal case interview. Management Consulted gives you step by step … Continue Reading. The post 3 Tips for Written Case Interview appeared first on Management Consulted.

BCG Interview: How To Shine

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BCG interviews are unique in several ways. Find out 4 specific things that you can do to shine at your BCG case interview. The post BCG Interview: How To Shine appeared first on Management Consulted. bcg interview

Case Interview: What To Wear

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What to wear to a case interview should not be overlooked! When you think about how many applicants consulting firms get, and how many they actually give offers to, you … Continue Reading. The post Case Interview: What To Wear appeared first on Management Consulted.

Introduction to Case Interviews

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If you’re applying to a consulting firm, be ready to get acquainted with case interviews. Almost all consulting firms include the case interview as part of their recruitment process. What Is a Case Interview? What Should You Bring to a Case Interview?

LEK Consulting Interview

She offers tips for successfully using LOMS and I include my response where I go into more detail on the best way to prepare for a consulting interview with LEK. Consulting. I honestly would not have been able to develop my interviewing skills so quickly without your Look Over My Shoulder ® program , so again, thank you! It has to do with the phases of progress one makes in developing case interview skills. This is the other reality of case interviews.

Monitor Deloitte Consulting Interview Tips

The following is a success story from a student who recently received an offer from Monitor Deloitte and his tips for consulting interview success. Two years later, decides being a consultant is a "great" PhD decision. This is the motivation for what happens next: Studies everything in print about management consulting once finding out Deloitte is still recruiting on campus. Finds your website one week before back to back case interviews.

Tackling the Case Interview

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“Case study interviews put you in the driver’s seat: you’re given a real business problem to work through and solve. This leaves consulting firms with one other main question: can they and how will they do it? Treat your interviewer as a client ( Deloitte US Careers, n.d. ).

Infosys Consulting Interviews & Culture

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INFOSYS CONSULTING. Birthed in 2004 as a spin-off of Indian tech outsourcing behemoth Infosys Technologies, Infosys Consulting is quickly climbing the charts as an industry leader in IT Operations and Strategy consulting. INFOSYS CONSULTING KEY STATS.

Consulting Interview Expectations

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IN this post we consider some consulting interview basics: what to expect, what to wear, and what to bring. Consultants are the public face of a consulting firm, and firms need to be able to trust consultants to interact with senior clients including CEOs and executive board members.

MECE Framework: Case Interview Example

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The Mutually Exhaustive Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) framework is an important problem structuring principle that consultants use to organize data efficiently and comprehensively. In this article, we will cover how to utilize MECE in a case interview setting. The post MECE Framework: Case Interview Example appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews consulting interviews

Case Interview Math

Case Interview Math is about analyzing data to help you create an informed recommendation to solve a case. Often candidates without business backgrounds or first-timers of case interviews misunderstand the whole concept behind the case interview math.

Interview with Entrepreneur and ex-Deloitte consultant Carly Bigi

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We have the honor today to present an interview Jenny Rae did with Carly Bigi, an alum of Vanderbilt University and Columbia Business School and formerly of Deloitte Human Capital. consulting interviews

Nervousness vs. Confidence in Case Interviews

I have been practising case interviews for over two months now, however, I always get a little tense when I am doing the cases. I actually made it to the final round with a top consulting firm but was told that I came across as a little nervous and was rejected. Please advise on how I could overcome the apparent nervousness and come across as calm during the other interviews. First, let me explain why the nervousness thing is a legitimate criterion for the interview.

Advanced Consulting Fit Interviews – Video Overview

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You’ve done all your homework on the firm, networked your butt off, and crafted the pristine consulting resume and cover letter. Then you receive a call saying you’ve passed the first round and they want you to come in for an interview. Why Consulting?

Video 204

Structure of Three Case Interview Rounds

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It’s important to understand how your case interview rounds will be structured. The Case Interview has distinct rounds with different purposes – it’s a lot tougher to prepare if you don’t know what to expect. Case Interview

Gallup Consulting Interviews and Culture

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GALLUP CONSULTING INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. With a name that evokes the Wild Wild West, Gallup Consulting just sounds like a fun place to work. Enjoy reading about the dynamic history and impressive practices of Gallup Consulting. KEY STATS FOR GALLUP CONSULTING.

Case Interview: Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

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You’ve just gone through a grueling case interview and there are a few minutes left before you part ways with your interviewer. The tables have now turned, and it’s your turn to put your interviewer on the spot. Case Interview

6 Fit Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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In my last blog post I wrote about how new grads can navigate interview season when they finally receive a consulting interview they’re excited about. Interview questions are commonly split up into technical, behavioural and fit questions. Where else are you interviewing?

How to answer, “Why consulting?”, in an interview

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How to answer, “Why consulting?”, ”, in an interview is a must have skill for any prospective consultant. The question is so common, you can pretty much take it to the bank that you’ll hear those words from the person interviewing … Continue Reading. The post How to answer, “Why consulting?”, ”, in an interview appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting interviews

Humor in Case Interviews

One issue that I would like your opinion on is to what extent humor can be a plus in an interview and where you would put the limit. I read in various sources that a touch of humor could help you in building a link with the interviewer, but in my opinion, it carries a lot of risk too. In one site providing a list with questions actually asked in interviews, I came across the following question: "What else would you like to be asked?". Some interviewers do this deliberately.

Transition to Consulting: Military to Consulting

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The post Transition to Consulting: Military to Consulting appeared first on Management Consulted. business consulting consulting interviews Federal Consulting management consulting new consultant public sector consulting

Synthesis in Case Interviews

What follows is an exchange of emails with a reader regarding synthesis is case interviews. Reader Email 1 of 3: Hi Victor, thanks to the LOMS program, I was able to learn just enough within a short time to pass my first ever case interview with McKinsey. I got the feedback from HR that overall I did very well, but need to practise more on synthesis in case interviews. It was an interviewer-guided case , so I was led down a particular branch of analysis.

Fast Math: Quant Skills

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Whether you majored in Economics, English, or History, you will be expected to be comfortable with math during your consulting case interviews. The post Fast Math: Quant Skills appeared first on Management Consulted. Fast math.