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3 Networking Tips for Ambitious Students

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Networking is a normal part of student life. The term networking nowadays usually connotes interacting with business people with the goal of achieving a professional outcome, and this becomes increasingly important as the academic journey comes to an end.

Workforce planning isn’t just about people

The Source

Labels are useful, but they can also be misleading. Imagine the surgeon in the operating theatre who doesn’t know how to ask for the precise type of scalpel she needs, or the mechanic who needs a specific wrench but doesn’t have the language to describe it.

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Strategy Implementation: How to Execute on Your Plans

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Many companies create a strategic plan every year. When done correctly, these plans layout goals for the company for the following 12 months. Unfortunately, oftentimes companies don’t realize their goals. The main culprits for this are lack of focus and accountability.

To Little, Too Late: Why many Diversity and Inclusion efforts fall short

Kates Kesler

Diversity and Inclusion programs and initiatives are ubiquitous. While many organizations are making strides in the right direction, too many fall short of their goals and aspirations.

COVID-19 crisis shifts cybersecurity priorities and budgets


Cybersecurity technology and service providers are shifting priorities to support current needs: business continuity, remote work, and planning for transition to the next normal. Risk Insights


Rejected Again? Improve Adoption of Your Consulting Firm’s Solutions

David A Fields

What could be more discouraging for you and your consulting firm than promoting a fantastic solution… that prospects and clients don’t adopt? Ask the inventors of the 1964 AT&T Picturephone what they think about the novelty of Zoom calls!) You can overcome that problem.

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The Importance of Making Friends in your Consulting Firm

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. I don’t remember anyone talking about it back when I was recruiting for consulting, but I have noticed that one major contributing factor to consulting workplace satisfaction is having friends at the firm.

How the State Bank of India is learning from crisis


Rajnish Kumar, chairman of India’s largest bank, discusses COVID-19, digital transformation, and the future of work in financial services. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Following Up, Down, and Sideways

Alan Weiss

I received two separate apologies this week from people who owed me responses but had found my original email in their junk folders. Like me, they check their junk folders before erasing them.) I understand that these things happen, and was about to follow up anyway.

Hey, What’s Going On?

I have a few female friends who were raised by fathers in the military. It’s been interesting to notice how well trained they are to be aware of their surroundings — assessing potential threats, planning escape routes, managing time and space between themselves and potential threats.

Is It Time to Sell Yet?

The More Clients Blog

During the pandemic, selling has been tricky. We don’t want to be seen as being self-serving, wanting to close a deal (with the client’s needs being secondary). That makes sense, but why not sell with the client’s needs being primary?

The CEO moment: Leadership for a new era


Challenged by the global pandemic, CEOs have made four shifts in the way they lead that hold great promise for both companies and society. Will they build on this unique moment, or return to the ways of the past? Leadership

Plan, then adjust

Brimstone Consulting

Agile strategy transformations organizations and delivers results. Agile strategy gives organizations the framework and mindset necessary to accelerate momentum and drive results while simultaneously developing leaders, aligning teams, changing the way the organization works, and energizing people.

Agile 56

Influence is Power

Every meeting has two types of people in it. Those with power and those without. Most people tend to think of power in terms of job titles and positions on the organization chart. The CEO has power. A vice president has power. Your boss has power (over you and your career).

224: Todd Cherches—Want To Lead Better? You Must Visualize The New, Not Fear It

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to “see” where you want your team to go. At SAMC , we often work with people who need or want to change. That’s our job as corporate anthropologists. And what we have learned over the years is that people hate to change unless they can literally see what it is they have to move toward.

Ready for check-in? Lessons from the German travel recovery


A new report provides insights on how the travel industry can cope with shifts in demand patterns due to COVID-19. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure

Travel 111

The connective tissue around productized services

Kai Davis

When we talk about productized services, we often touch on how they help you increase your effective hourly rate. When you can optimize your processes over time, you can get faster at delivery, and your effective hourly rate ($ earned per hour worked) will increase. The secret weapon?

Rank Order Your Goals

I’ve had a multi-decade debate with myself about solving one problem at a time or multi-tasking and trying to solve multiple problems concurrently. After much internal debate, I’ve come to a conclusion that’s a slight hybrid of the two. The hybrid approach presumes that you know your objectives.

225: Graham Boyd—Isn't It Time To See What We Are Ignoring?

On the Brink Podcast

Hear how to transform yourself, your work, and our global challenges. In this podcast, Graham Boyd and I talk about his passion for helping people see things in new ways. He asks big questions, like, Why is climate change not changing us and why aren’t we addressing it?

Understanding and shaping consumer behavior in the next normal


Consumer beliefs and behaviors are changing fast. To keep up with—and perhaps even influence—those changes, companies must leverage deep consumer insights. Marketing & Sales Insights

Forrester’s 2020 CX Index Report: CX Scores Rise Even During COVID

Think Customers

Businesses in every industry are continuing to deal with the effects of COVID-19. With many previous predictions on the US economy now registered moot, experts are now weighing on what it means to deliver relevant customer experiences.

To Little, Too Late: Why many Diversity and Inclusion efforts fall short

Kates Kesler

Diversity and Inclusion programs and initiatives are ubiquitous. While many organizations are making strides in the right direction, too many fall short of their goals and aspirations.

Successfully Handling Stress at Work/Home

Peter Stark

Whether you are working from the office or telecommuting, we can all agree we are experiencing some crazy times. With the constant changing circumstances of office life, working from home with the chaos of the family around you, or alone all day, we are all experiencing more stress than normal.

The future of private banking in Europe: Preparing for accelerated change


European private banks were already feeling pressure to revitalize. Now that the pandemic has accelerated changes in the expectations of clients and employees, the industry will need to accelerate its transformation. Insights on Financial Services

Doom scrolling

Seth Godin Blog

Being informed is a virtue. It helps us make better decisions and encourages us to take action. Getting hooked on an endless scroll of media inputs is not the same as being informed. There’s long been a business model of urgent news (“man bites dog!”),

Media 40

All You Need to Know About COVID Era Banking

Martinka Consulting

From June 4-10 Jessica and I interviewed bankers representing eight Puget Sound area banks.* This memo is a synopsis of those conversations about what’s going on in banking during the COVID crisis, with a focus on business acquisition loans. If you want the full report, click here to get it. It’s in table format so you can easily see what each banker said on the various topics. First, all the banks are, “Open for business” meaning they are considering making loans.

Consulting Resume Toolkit – [#31026]

Management Consulting Prep

<br> Please login (menu above) to access this product! 23045 Join me and 20,000+ other candidates around the world on the journey to not only conquer the consulting recruitment process but also to challenge your own limits! Visit our store. The post Consulting Resume Toolkit – [#31026] appeared first on MConsultingPrep. Purchased

Reimagining marketing in the next normal


COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior in at least six important ways. Here’s how marketing leaders can adapt. Marketing & Sales Insights

How New Managers Start Off on the Right Foot

LSA Global

First Impressions – New Managers Start. You make only one first impression as a new manager, and first impressions matter. People tend to form split-second impressions related to seemingly big characteristics like trustworthiness and competence.

Don’t Work on Vacation. Seriously.

Harvard Business

Research shows it’s not worth it. Managing yourself Work-life balance Psychology Digital Article