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Organization Design for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Kates Kesler

We facilitated a meeting in April 2020 for a team of ten people. In the past such a meeting would typically have the eight co-located members sitting together in a conference room and the other two on video. The pandemic meant that for this meeting everyone was joining from home.

Revisiting The Law of Raspberry Jam

Kai Davis

Again and again, I’m drawn back to Gerald Weinberg’s The Law of Raspberry Jam. The more you spread it, the thinner it is. As indie consultants & freelancers, the law of raspberry jam is one that we violate at our peril.

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Find your purpose – reassess what matters most and regain your motivation

The Management Centre

The challenge: The world is a mess, or rather the world feels a lot messier than it did in 2019 – largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has been tough to deal with and yet deal with it still we must. It has been challenging in different ways.

Implied vs. Explicit Expectations

All relationships work more smoothly when expectations are clear and explicit. The opposite of an explicit expectation is an implied one. Let’s look at both personal and professional examples. When two people become a couple, one of the issues they’ll need to navigate is holidays.

Can a Public Company Ever Be Lean?

Markovitz Consulting

Can public US companies really embrace lean? Well sure, they can deploy lean tools here and there, but the whole socio-technical system that comprises lean? I don’t think so. Wall Street pressure for quarterly profits competes fiercely with lean principles, both inside and outside the company.

3 Steps to Develop Big, New Ideas for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

How do you consistently create powerful ideas that stimulate every aspect of your consulting firm? Below, we’ll explore one, straightforward, reliable approach. Have you ever read or heard an innovative idea and reflected, “Man, I wish I had thought of that?”

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Can HVAC systems help prevent transmission of COVID-19?


Modifications to heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems might help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus by purifying air, improving ventilation, and managing airflows. Advanced Electronics Insights

System 113

How to Clarify Your Ideal Consulting Client

Consulting Matters

Do you know who your ideal consulting client is? Some people think of an ideal consulting client as someone who would simply be willing to buy their products and services. Here's the thing: You can do decent work with a lot of different leaders.

How To 156

Is Consulting More Than Giving Advice?

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Every year strategy consulting firms and agencies that specialise in executive business management and the “maximising shareholder value” approach receive billions of dollars for their services (Management Consulting, 2020).

Overcoming Adversity: How to be Resilient

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Going through difficult times is a fact of human life. But the ability to be resilient through the adversity is an admirable and useful quality for anyone to possess.

Reimagining the postpandemic workforce


Pandemic-style working from home may not translate easily to a “next normal” mix of on-site and remote working. Insights on Organization


218: Melissa Davies—Aren't There Powerful Ways To Transform Your Organization?

On the Brink Podcast

Hear how change can keep your business moving forward! At times we are introduced to people by chance, only to find that they are amazing individuals whom we want to be part of our world.

Three Ideas for Marketing Outrageously

The More Clients Blog

According to Jon Spoelstra, in his book, Marketing Outrageously, businesses need to embrace the concepts and practices of Marketing Outrageously. He should know. He practiced this as the general manager of several sports teams such as the Portland Trailblazers and the New Jersey Nets.

Activity-Based Lead Generation

Kai Davis

Let’s end the week with a (great) reader question: What are some leading indicators to measure progress in habits that should generate leads? I have a lot of thoughts on this. First, this is similar to the concept of Activity-Based Selling (more here: [link] ).

eBook 52

A dual cybersecurity mindset for the next normal


As companies extend commitments to remote workforces, cybersecurity teams need to address new risks while helping create business value in the next normal. Risk Insights

219: Danielle Grant—Authentic, Ethical, Caring And More Effective Leadership

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to be an effective transpersonal leader! In our podcast with Danielle Grant, co-author of the book " Leading Beyond the Ego " with John Knights and Greg Young, you will learn a great deal about transpersonal leadership.

Real-World Case

Here is a real-world situation. You’ve been hired by an industry association representing the 3,000 colleges located in the United States.

Why consulting firms are so interested in each other at the moment

The Source

In the course of the average Formula 1 race there are lots of little incidents: Cars get too close to each other and eventually come into contact, sending one or the other (and sometimes both) spinning off the track; someone approaches a corner too fast and ends up beached in gravel or with the front of their car crumpled by a wall of tyres.

From a room called fear to a room called hope: A leadership agenda for troubled times


Leaders can make a difference through personal accountability, caring, and “re-onboarding” of all their people. Leadership

220: Rick Barton and Kit Lunney—Can We Bring Peace To The World Today?

On the Brink Podcast

Hear how real peace can be accomplished in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting Ambassador Rick Barton when he was Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Core 4

Brimstone Consulting

A practical framework to help you lead – and succeed. I am thrilled to announce the publication of our first book – The Core 4: Harness Four Core Drivers to Accelerate Your Organization.

Tight training budget? Then focus on learning

The Management Centre

How to ensure people learn, develop and feel invested in – no matter how small your training budget is. The CIPD have released their latest learning report [1] , and whilst not entirely surprising, it highlights that charities and non-profit organisations have very tight training budgets.

Prioritizing health: A prescription for prosperity


Could 65 be the new 55? Each year, poor health takes a heavy societal and economic toll. Improving the health of the world’s population would add 10 healthy years in midlife—and much more. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

System 112

Client Request Profiler

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: The post Client Request Profiler appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

How Well Do Brands Use Mobile Messaging and Live Chat?

Think Customers

When customers reach out to a brand with sales or customer service questions, they increasingly do it from their mobile devices. Whether it be voice, chat or SMS messaging, digital-first mobile customer interactions are growing fast.

Avoiding the parenting penalty

The Management Centre

Avoiding the parenting penalty – take a flexible approach to ensure working parents and carers can be at their best. Charity and non-profit managers know that supporting working parents and carers makes sense.

How prioritizing health could help rebuild economies


The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advance broad-based health and prosperity. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

System 109

How to Accelerate Your Goal Achievement

Rick Conlow

Who doesn’t want more goal achievement? Here is the first step, to be all you can be you must dream of being more. Once you do that goal setting principles can begin to work for you.

Client feedback, ‘fringe benefits,’ and testimonials

Kai Davis

Over the weekend, I started to reread my copy of Value Based Fees ( link ) , and I opened to this quote: Constantly survey your past clients to determine your full breadth and scope… We are often ignorant of what the client feels has been the true impact of our partnership. Clients will often say, “What surprised me is that we were able to do this in addition to what we discussed. That was a great fringe benefit.”

The gang that couldn’t fly straight

Martinka Consulting

A few months ago, the Wall Street Journal had an article on Boeing’s recent problems titled, “The Gang That Couldn’t Fly Straight. It covered how Boeing got so off track. I’m not qualified to analyze Boeing’s issues and the article made it seem they made some decisions based on numbers versus the planes or the people.