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2020 Study: Why Smart People Start a Consulting Business (And What Holds Them Back)

Consulting Matters

So, you want to start a consulting business? Or interested in taking your consulting business the next level? Most high-achieving professionals at some point in their career dream of ditching the pressure of the 70-hour workweeks and start a consulting business.

Study 156

Zoom? Slack? Phone? Text? Smoke Signals? Don’t Use a Hammer When You Need a Wrench.

Markovitz Consulting

Zoom is the new email—something we love to hate, indispensable but painful, both the bane and the boon of our work existence. I’d argue that it’s not only due to the inherent mismatch between normal human interaction and the limitations of technology.

Tools 151

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What Exactly is Fearless Marketing?

The More Clients Blog

I got so many responses from last week’s article about marketing mindsets, that I wanted to go a little deeper into the topic.

Move quickly and react to opportunities: Agile strategy and the path to recovery

Brimstone Consulting

A conversation on agile strategy and opportunity with Andy Frawley and Bob Weiler. It has been just over three months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

Agile 60

2020 will be a game of two halves

Rod Burkert

In case you missed my last post: 5 skillsets you still have time to sharpen before the next normal begins. Are you going to come out of this time wishing you had spent time developing or sharpening some skills that would make you a better practitioner for the next time?

If Your Consulting Firm’s Offering Isn’t Attracting Enough Clients, Try This…

David A Fields

If your consulting firm’s offerings aren’t generating gleaming stacks of revenue, it’s time to develop a Level 3 Offering. You’re not alone if the projects that sustained your consulting business in the past have recently become difficult to close.

More Trending

Psychological safety, emotional intelligence, and leadership in a time of flux


Two renowned scholars and two McKinsey experts illuminate the leadership imperatives of our time: bringing people together, energizing forward progress, and reimagining normalcy. Leadership

Friday Fusion: July 3, 2020

Tsavo Neal

Every week, I write about web design, copywriting, and digital marketing for independent consultants and small firms. Friday Fusion is a collection of said writing from Quora, LinkedIn, and email conversations with consultants.

B2B 78

Help Is Here

Alan Weiss

A meeting with a prospect is not an adversarial relationship. I’ve heard “sales experts” spout that someone makes a sale, either you with your product or service, or the prospect by rejecting you.

Sales 74

Rising To The Occasion, Women Are Proving To Be The Heroines In This Crisis

Simon Associates

Who do you think are the ones having a harder time adjusting to working at home during the pandemic, men or women?

COVID-19 and the employee experience: How leaders can seize the moment


The return phase of the COVID-19 crisis is a good time for organizations to create more tailored responses to workplace challenges, expanding on the goodwill and camaraderie earned in earlier phases. Insights on Organization


215: Peter Winick—Can A Thought Leader Help You Think Better?

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to think better, think smarter. I had really not paid attention to a category of professionals called “Thought Leaders.” But when Peter Winick reached out to me about growing my business as a “thought leader,” I was curious. Who were these folks and what did they do?

Using the Right Performance Metrics: Watch out for P&Ls

Kates Kesler

We regularly work with CEO’s that are frustrated with leader behaviors that undermine enterprise strategy. Simple financial measures, like P&Ls, are an effective way to visibly drive leader accountability, yet they frequently do not match the complexity of today’s strategies.

From the Bike: The Best of R&P

Prudent Pedal

This past week on a long bike ride I ran out of episodes of my favorite podcasts (Freakonomics, The Patrick Coffin Show, and 2 Bobs).

The future of work in Japan: Accelerating automation after COVID-19


Digitization has played a key role in reducing the spread of the virus and promoting a safe recovery. Now, it’s even more critical to the country’s longer-term economic health. Asia-Pacific


216: Michelle Richards—Want To Start A Business But Not Sure How?

On the Brink Podcast

Hear how one woman is opening the door for hundreds of others. Michelle Richards has been working with women in Michigan and throughout the US since she completed college. Her passion is in helping women start and grow their own businesses.


Webinar Invitation July 8th: How to create the future you want through strategic planning.

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Do you feel like you're being pulled in multiple directions at once or that your team is all working towards different goals? We call this the Multiple Destination Trap: it takes away motivation, wastes time & money, and stops you from accomplishing your goals.

Tools 52

Describing what your firm does is always difficult, but getting it right has never been more important. Could thought leadership help?

The Source

Many of the conversations we’ve been having with professional services firms over the course of the last few months have ended up focusing on the issue of propositions.

Emerging from the pandemic, Vietnam must position itself for recovery


As it emerges from COVID-19, Vietnam’s domestic economy is set to return to growth, but not until the global economy bounces back. Asia-Pacific


217: Melina Palmer—Why Don’t People Do What They Say

On the Brink Podcast

Learn why it's not what you think, it's what your brain does. I bet you have often wondered why you hear people say one thing and then do the opposite. Or, perhaps you know you should do one thing but then find yourself going in another direction.

Study 55

Rethink the Contact Center of the Future

Think Customers

The contact center industry has always needed to look forward. It’s a business so ingrained in the trends and innovations of every industry from healthcare, travel, banking, and more. But the Coronavirus pandemic forever changed our hopes for the future.

Project Tech is coming: is your firm ready for it?

The Source

At the start of the 90s, British music was in something of a rut. Many of the bands that defined the Madchester scene of the late 80s had imploded spectacularly; the charts were dominated by American imports like Nirvana.

US food supply chain: Disruptions and implications from COVID-19


Changes in consumer behavior continue to ripple through the US food and agricultural supply chains. What should companies do now? Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods

Risks & Challenges of the AI Revolution with Geoffrey Cain

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Geoffrey Cain is a business advisor, consultant, and author of Samsung Rising. With experience as an Economist correspondent and contributor to both the Wall Street Journal & Time, Geoffrey brings some exciting overseas expertise in geopolitics and media.


Alan Weiss

Throughout my consulting career I’ve heard the plaintive lament, “She just won’t change,” and “He’s hopeless, there’s no way to persuade him.” ” This applies to adults at work and children at home, to both genders, to all ages.

Mistakes That Kill An Elevator Pitch (Even Virtual Ones)

Henry DeVries

Most business development elevator speeches do not reach the top floor: the decision maker’s brain. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Working Remote working-remote leadership

Building security into the customer experience


Companies need to secure their digital channels against malicious attackers—without creating a negative experience for their customers. Risk Insights

Don’t Assume a Universal Based on Your Situation

Martinka Consulting

I was on an online discussion event recently when a lady said (and I summarize), “Nobody will want a car anymore because we’ve shown we can work from home and have things delivered.” My reaction was, that’s really stupid. She took her situation and applied it to everybody (both all people being able to work from home and about the need for cars). And someone, somewhere is paying her for insight like this? How wrong was she (about the cars)?

Stolen ideas

Seth Godin Blog

Is there a difference between someone stealing a potato from your farm and someone stealing your idea? Well, if everyone in town comes and takes a potato, your farm is bust. But if everyone in town comes and takes your idea, you’re more known, trusted and effective than you used to be.

Consulting Roundup: Finding New Revenue Streams

Management and IT Consulting

We asked consulting experts from firms of all sizes: “Are you taking any steps to modify current contracts, alter your business model or create new revenue streams during the pandemic” Here is what they said