Mon.Jan 07, 2019

Speaking Engagements For Consultants with Tony Chatman: Podcast #68

Consulting Success

Business doesn’t always have to be all about the technical processes. It’s also about the people running it. Professional speaker and corporate relationship expert Tony Chatman works with the people side of business to determine the kind of leadership that either makes the business succeed or fail.

Need Clients Now? 5 Strategies to Quickly Get More Consulting Clients

Consulting Matters

If you want to achieve sustainable success as a consultant - ideally you want to create a marketing system to ensure you have a consistently full pipeline of right-fit clients. However, there will be times when you have to feel the cash flow pressure and need to find clients.right now!

The Perils of Internal Disruption (Part 1)

Markovitz Consulting

“Disruption” has become another business buzzword that obviates the need for prudent, careful thought and consideration. If something is “disruptive,” then it must by definition be good. But when it comes to internal operations at least, disruption is often both bad for business and for employees, because it causes unevenness in work.

What Do Creative Marketers Look Like?

The More Clients Blog

Above is a picture of Judy Clark and the staff of HR Answers in Portland Oregon. Judy is one of the most creative (and effective marketers) of her professional services that I have ever met. Not only that, she’s really enthusiastic about her marketing. When I asked my subscribers if they’d like to be interviewed for the More Clients Club about how they attracted clients, Judy responded with a long list of all the things that have worked for her over the years.

Pearls of Wisdom from the South Bay WIC’s Holiday Party

Women in Consulting

By: Theresa Shafer. :: In December, we had a delightful holiday party where we exchanged gifts and lessons learned in 2018. We enjoyed the food, laughter and getting to know everyone a little deeper. It is a great group that offers so many valuable insights and perspectives!

Secret to Achieving New Year's Resolutions

At the start of every new year, many people create resolutions or goals for the New Year. At the same time, most people also give up on these goals well before the end of the year. Having worked in industries whose sales are driven by New Year's Resolutions, I can tell you exactly when people give up. It’s March 15th. Sales in these industries skyrocket in January with some spill-over momentum in February. By early March, sales drop like a rock.

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Accidental Adversaries


Inside every company, people work across functions to meet their own goals and their firm's priorities. But relationships that start out well often become adversarial over time. For more insight, read "Turning 'Accidental Adversaries' into Allies


Seth Godin Blog

There are words that now have no meaning at all. Literally no meaning. We write them to take up space. To make ourselves seem more serious or smarter. We speak them to give ourselves a pause, a moment to catch up to our riff. ‘Well’ and ‘so’ have been doing this work for a long time, but add to that the more syllabic words like ironically, literally, and hopefully.


Turning "Accidental Adversaries" into Allies


Transforming the hidden causes of conflict in strategic collaborations


A Preview of the Leadership Vision Podcast in 2019

Leadership Vision Consulting

Welcome to season two of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of CliftonStrengths! This episode is a preview of what’s to come on the podcast in the first few months of 2019.

Innovation Goes Back to School

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Arizona State University is on a mission to innovate. Long a staple of the Phoenix area, it has also created a national presence with its online degree and certificate programs, and was named the “Most Innovative” university by U.S.