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Copywriting For Consultants: Win Clients Using Words With Alex Cattoni: Podcast #149

Consulting Success

The right words at the right places can win you the right clients for your business. This is what copywriting is all about, and Alex Cattoni, the Founder of The Copy Posse, is an expert in it. Through her unique skills in lead generation and writing high-converting sales copy, Alex has helped scale multimillion-dollar brands, including such. Copywriting For Consultants: Win Clients Using Words With Alex Cattoni: Podcast #149 is a post from: Consulting Success.

The Three Vital Signs Your Consulting Firm Should Track

David A Fields

If you love data and can gaze lovingly for hours at a well-crafted spreadsheet, then you may hanker for a vast array of meters to judge the progress of your consulting firm; something like an airplane cockpit. Conversely, if numbers aren’t really your bag then you might prefer the dashboard from the 1962 Morris Minor … Continued. The post The Three Vital Signs Your Consulting Firm Should Track appeared first on David A. Fields. All Articles Consulting Consultants

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Rules of engagement: Winning with the basics in digital telecommunications


Online sales and service are key measures of successful digital transformations. But most telecom operators aren’t implementing the fundamentals that drive customers online and keep them there. Our Insights

Craftsmanship, not Kaizen?

Markovitz Consulting

“Everyday improvement, everybody improvement, everywhere improvement.” That was Masaaki Imai’s, ahem, improvement on his earlier English translation of kaizen (which you can see in this video ). Sadly, even though we’ve been preaching from this hymnal for more than 30 years, most organizations have a long way to go before the kaizen spirit is truly woven into its DNA. Perhaps there’s a better way to get people to embrace the concept.

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Copywriting For Consultants: Win Clients Using Words With Alex Cattoni: Podcast #149

Consulting Success

The right words at the right places can win you the right clients for your business. This is what copywriting is all about, and Alex Cattoni, the Founder of The Copy Posse, is an expert in it. Through her unique skills in lead generation and writing high-converting sales copy, Alex has helped scale multimillion-dollar brands, including such. Copywriting For Consultants: Win Clients Using Words With Alex Cattoni: Podcast #149 is a post from: Consulting Success.

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For corporate travel, a long recovery ahead


Business travel is critical to many travel providers but will take a long time to return to previous levels after the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what the players that depend on it need to know. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure

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Friday Fusion: August 14, 2020

Tsavo Neal

What do you do to brand you or your business? I want my personal branding to position me as an expert in personal websites and consultant websites.

Why are some consulting projects so unsuccessful?

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Most consultants reckon that about 70 percent of projects fail to meet their objectives. Reasons for this are wide-ranging. Many issues are project specific. They may relate to specific management issues or special situations that limit consultants’ effectiveness. Some of the problems with consulting projects happen ALL the time. Non-implementation. The first problem is that the company simply doesn’t implement the consultants’ strategy.

A Little Education

Alan Weiss

If your proposal isn’t accepted, ask the buyer: “What could I have done better or differently to have been successful in working with you?” ” If you find a pattern, you’ll know what you have to change. However, do the same with a winning proposal: “What was the key for you in deciding to work with me?” ” That pattern will tell you what you need to ensure you do every time. Business of Consulting

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

Prioritize people in times of crisis: An interview with the CEO of BHP


Mike Henry explains the importance of social value in decision making and why relationships lie at the heart of business resilience. Asia-Pacific

8 Ways Leaders Can Engage and Support Their Remote Teams – and be a more human leader

Brimstone Consulting

How to engage and support your remote team for the long-haul. In February, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. Six months later, many organizations have announced that their employees will never have to return to the office , while others have pushed the return-to-office date to June 2021. . Throughout the pandemic, employee engagement has been on a roller coaster ride.

How to Make Yourself Competitive for a Future Consulting Career When an Opportunity isn’t in Sight Today

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Dear University Student Seeking to Enter Consulting, Let’s be honest. Due to the global economic and health impacts of COVID-19, getting any job offer just got a lot harder. The consulting industry at large has scaled back hiring, and so securing a consulting opportunity will be difficult. For many of you, the realistic challenge is not to acquire a consulting opportunity today but to play the long game.

228: Gail Hayes—Now Is The Time To Empower Women To Build Better Communities

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to hear, understand and honor those who are different from us. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Gail Hayes through Peter Winick ’s group of thought leaders. Gail was as curious about thought leadership as I was. What we found and then wanted to share with our listeners is how innovative thinking is essential in today’s fast-changing, totally disrupted world. You'll hear how Gail found herself a single mom raising two children without much of a job.

Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.

How six companies are using technology and data to transform themselves


In the first of a five-part multimedia series airing on CNBC, we look at how the acceleration of digital during the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping the next normal. Digital Insights

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Webinars: Your Best Promotional Tool

The More Clients Blog

Last year, my wife and I sat in the office of a Functional Doctor* to discuss my wife’s many health concerns. About an hour later, we left after handing over a $6,000 check for six months of services. Why on earth did we do that? Well, about a week before we had attended a live presentation that this doctor gave on functional medicine. It addressed the big problems with the current medical model and outlined a completely different approach to addressing long-standing health issues.

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Case Competition Results

A few weeks ago, I posted the following real-world situation as a case competition: You’ve been hired by an industry association representing the 3,000 colleges located in the United States. Due to COVID-19, nearly all universities in the United States will be conducting classes via video conference at the start of the new academic school year, which begins in August 2020. A few months ago, the association sent out a survey to the college students attending their member universities.

Are consultants finally taking their own digital medicine?

The Source

Generally, we expect our service providers to practise what they preach. So it’s somewhat surprising that clients have for so long been willing to overlook the conspicuous failure of consulting firms to take seriously their own advice on the importance of digitisation.

Marketing-Led Post-COVID-19 Growth Strategies

Businesses are laying off workers, shutting their doors (some permanently), and struggling to react to the radical destruction that coronavirus (COVID-19) is doing to our society and communities. Most have already sustained massive damage, and we still have yet to see the scope of impact of the global pandemic that has upended the globe. Any return to normalcy may seem far-off, but sales and marketing are on the front lines of restarting the economy. When the dust settles, we have a responsibility to turn our shock and grief into fierce determination, and lead the charge of responsible, strategic, sustainable future growth. However, there’s no team better suited to lead that charge than the marketing department. Marketers are uniquely positioned to provide creative solutions to aid their organization in times of change and chart a course for navigating success.

Climate risk and response in Asia: Research preview


Get an early view on how climate risk could affect the region, with a look at both physical hazards and socioeconomic impacts. Asia-Pacific

Time for Thinking

Martinka Consulting

s you may know from my email signature, website, the bottom of this newsletter, and elsewhere I have trademarked the term, “The Escape Artist®” for the work we do helping our clients escape their business, their job, or plan for that escape. But I’m not the real escape artist and I’m not referring to Houdini. I’m referring to the little fuzzball in the picture below. Coco is 10 weeks old and is half Lab and half Siberian Husky. She can escape from almost anywhere. Kid gates, no problem.

Planning & Evaluating your Recruitment Strategy

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Amidst the struggle caused by the new virus-initiated turbulence, organizations are compelled to rethink the role of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and their cruciality at the strategic planning table, especially when it comes to responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Human Resources- HR

Risk consulting: The competitive landscape changes again

The Source

Operating model risk is likely to be the next big risk services market after cybersecurity. But who’ll benefit? According to our estimates, risk consulting and related services were worth US$72bn in 2019, US$18bn of which was cybersecurity consulting (note: definitions differ—our numbers don’t include systems development, outsourcing, or hardware and software sales).

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

Building a digital New York Times: CEO Mark Thompson


Thompson looks back on an eight-year tenure that has transformed a 170-year-old news brand into a global, digital-subscription-first powerhouse—and at what lies ahead for its new leadership. Our Insights

What improv does for us

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Came across some scribbled notes about what improvisation does for us as people. The post What improv does for us appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Offsites 101 Improv: creativity listening story Manage others Manage yourself strategy and offsites Training programs

Making an impact at interviews

The Management Centre

In our coaching practice and on our personal effectiveness programmes we often help people who are getting ready for interviews. These could be interviews for new jobs, or meetings with new supporters, or pitches. Here, Yvette Gyles , =mc Director and coach explains how to prepare for such meetings with confidence. Why we need to make an impact in interviews. Interviews are tough. They are also very strange.

Sustainability: a people-centric problem?

The Source

We live in a time where the challenge of building a sustainable future for the human race has never felt more daunting. And it is very easy to look at the threats currently marshalled against us—issues like climate change, the biodiversity crisis, social upheaval, increasing inequality, and so on—and assume that, if solutions to these problems are to be found, they will most likely be technological in nature.


Marketing Ops: The New Revenue Hero

As data continues to play a starring role in today’s B2B organizations, both marketing and sales operations professionals are poised to solidify their place as critical revenue drivers. In particular, the evolution of the Marketing Operations (Ops) role has created a new standard in marketing and has become a vital component of an organization’s success.