Tue.Jan 31, 2023

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Your Next Mindset Shift as a Consulting Firm Leader

David A Fields

Consulting firm leaders traverse an interesting, attitudinal path, with numerous inflection points. If you’re like the majority of leaders, your thoughts about parts of your consulting practice will shift dramatically as your firm grows. Why is knowing a typical progression important? Imagine two different teams attempt the same escape room (at different times).

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Use a Professional Email Account to Boost Perceptions, Pay, and Profit

Successful Independent Consulting

Conveying a professional image is critical to maximizing pay and profit when you’re self-employed. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to be perceived as a professional is to use a business email address. If you’re using an email that ends with @gmail, @hotmail, or @outlook, or a “fake business email” like JohnDoeConsulting@gmail.com , you’re shooting yourself in the foot.


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Discover The Growing Your Business Secret Born In A Cow Barn

Henry DeVries

Learn from experts about where you aim your focus making all the difference in a happy business life. This reminded me of a valuable lesson my father taught me back on the family dairy farm.

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A Deeper Understanding of Creativity at Work

Harvard Business

BetterUp’s Gabriella Rosen Kellerman and the University of Pennsylvania’s Marty Seligman on finding new paths to good ideas.

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Why You Need to Use Case Studies in Sales and Marketing (and How to Start Now)

Case studies are proof of successful client relations and a verifiable product or service. They persuade buyers by highlighting your customers' experiences with your company and its solution. In sales, case studies are crucial pieces of content that can be tailored to prospects' pain points and used throughout the buyer's journey. In marketing, case studies are versatile assets for generating business, providing reusable elements for ad and social media content, website material, and marketing c

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Get/Want/Have To

Seth Godin Blog

Get to, want to and have to are an endless braid. How much of our time do we spend on each? Have to is often up to someone else. The things we’re required to do by the system or the people in it. Get to is a matter of perspective. Trust and health and leverage and privilege allow us to do certain things that others might not. And want to is a choice, and is often squandered.

System 40

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We're Thrilled To Receive The International Elite 100 Award Honoring Outstanding Leadership In Corporate Anthropology

Simon Associates

I'm pleased to announce that Simon Associates Management Consultants has won the 2023 International Elite 100 Award for Corporate Anthropology Consultancy of the Year. This prestigious recognition is awarded by the UK-based International Elite 100 organization whose objective is "to s howcase the extraordinary power to lead from the front and to honor all those who strive harder to achieve quality.

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How a Parent’s Experience at Work Impacts Their Kids

Harvard Business

A multi-year study following more than 370 low-wage families found that children’s developmental outcomes were significantly affected by their parents’ work lives.

Study 14
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Top 11 Must-Read Project Management Books


Becoming a competent and sought-after project manager is impossible without constant professional development. At the same time, the amount of information in any domain is unprecedentedly huge – courses, books, education websites, blogs, etc. It takes time to familiarize yourself with all these materials, and what is more, their quality isn’t always worthy.

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8 Strategies for Chief Data Officers to Create — and Demonstrate — Value

Harvard Business

Because the role is poorly understood, CDOs need to show how they add value to their organizations.

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The Art of Remote Collaboration: How to Successfully Whiteboard with Remote Teams

Just because we're working with a distributed team doesn't mean we have to abandon time-tested tools and methods like whiteboarding. Digital look-alikes often cramp creativity and all but eliminate the humanity of shared interactions. Hardware solutions are also limiting and, of course, expensive and immobile. In an increasingly digital and remote-first world, it’s important for us to select tools and processes that allow us to mitigate if not eliminate the above problems.

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4 Key Takeaways From My INTIX Panel on the Customer Journey and Embedded Protection

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

On January 26th, 2023 at INTIX, I led a panel with Joe Calanan from Cover Genius, Jo-Ann Chiam from AudienceView, and Kelley Monts de Ocas from Playhouse Theatre to discuss the impact of embedded protection as tool to get customers buying tickets again. From marketing perspective, there were some interesting takeaways that I wanted to share: 61% of ticket buyers are going for the content, not the price : This is consistent with my research.

Survey 10
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Addressing Racial Discrimination on Airbnb

Harvard Business

How can platform companies, like Airbnb, reduce bias online?

Company 10