Finance vs Strategy

Tom Spencer

A successful firm will need to pursue sound strategy and, at the same time, stay on top of its finances. Business Strategy consulting finance Management Consulting The financier cares about the next 3 months or less. The strategist cares about the next 3 years or more. The financier wants the deal to close as soon as possible so that he can earn his bonus.

Memo to the CFO: Get in front of digital finance—or get left back


Companies are still in the early stages of applying digital technologies to finance processes in ways that will create more efficiencies, insights, and value over the long term. Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsHere is how the CFO can lead the way.

Seeing your way to better strategy


Viewing strategy choices through four lenses—financial performance, markets, competitive advantage, and operating model—can help companies debias their strategic dialogues and make big, bold changes. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

How to avoid digital-strategy pitfalls


Most digital strategies don’t reflect how digital is changing economic fundamentals, industry dynamics, or what it means to compete. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Inside the strategy room: One CEO’s approach


Deanna Mulligan, president and CEO of Guardian Life Insurance, reflects on how she approaches strategy planning in an industry with strong headwinds. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Eight shifts that will take your strategy into high gear


Developing a great strategy starts with changing the dynamics in your strategy room. Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsHere’s how.

Are your strategy discussions stuck in an echo chamber?


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsBuilding a “market-momentum case”—based on external as well as internal data—can help executives allocate resources more effectively and identify new sources of value.

Bias busters: Resisting the allure of ‘glamour’ projects


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsDon’t starve maintenance projects of funds.

China Faces "Minsky Moment" on Ponzi Financing


Inquiring minds are tuning into a report on the Ponzi finance setup in China. Our analysis indicates that China’s economy has arrived at that unstable state where speculative and Ponzi finance appear to dominate. Visit [link] to learn more about wealth management and capital preservation strategies of Sitka Pacific Most assume China can grow at 7% a year, a notion that I have challenged on many occasions. Morgan Stanley agrees.

How Blockchain Is Changing Finance

Harvard Business

The New York–based venture capital firm Union Square Ventures (USV) broadened its investment strategy so that it could buy ICOs directly. The unstoppable force of blockchain technology is barreling down on the infrastructure of modern finance. Our global financial system moves trillions of dollars a day and serves billions of people.

How to be objective about budgets


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsAddressing anchoring bias can lead to more accurate budget forecasts, better budget conversations, and more dynamic resource reallocation.

Strategy Consulting – Reflections on the First Six Months

Tom Spencer

Amber Holzmeister graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business last June, and began working at KPMG Strategy in San Francisco back in August 2018. I hate to admit this, but I wish I had taken more finance and accounting classes in school.

How to take the measure of innovation


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsBy combining two simple metrics, companies can gain valuable insights into their innovation performance.

Universities and the conglomerate challenge


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsComplex business combinations have been unwinding for years. Will the bell toll for universities?

Eurozone unemployment falls to a ten-year low


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsMcKinsey’s latest Global Economics Intelligence report reveals a postcrisis high in eurozone employment, brightening the 2019 outlook.

Digital transformation: The CFO’s role


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsWith their role sitting at the center of the strategic-planning process and financial disciplines, CFOs are well positioned to become critical drivers of digital transformation.

Bias busters: Pruning projects proactively


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsCompanies hang on too long to underperforming assets. Continual pruning can help them avoid significant losses.

Why transformations fail: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsTransformations can fail for a variety of reasons, but most unsuccessful efforts share some of these ten weaknesses.

How leading CEOs manage their middle tenures


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsFive principles are useful in guiding CEOs in their third, fourth, and fifth years on the job.

How to take the ‘outside view’


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsIt may be easier than you think to debias your decisions and make better forecasts by building the “outside view.”.

Need Clients Now? 5 Strategies to Quickly Get More Consulting Clients

Consulting Matters

EVEN if you feel the crunch on the finances, you do not want to under-value what you can bring to the table. If you want to achieve sustainable success as a consultant - ideally you want to create a marketing system to ensure you have a consistently full pipeline of right-fit clients.

Five Fifty: The industry effect


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsWhat’s the single biggest determinant of how your company performs relative to others? The industry you compete in.

BCG report: Improving the Odds – Strategies for Superior Value Creation

Consultants Mind

It was worthwhile read, even if you are not in corporate finance. Simply … Continue reading → Consultant Management consulting Consulting Boston Consulting Group Business Model BCG Strategy Boston Consulting Group released their 14th annual report on total shareholder value (TSR). They talk about global trends in economics, capital flows, investor expectations and business generally.

Zero-based budgeting gets a second look


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsDigitization is breathing new life into a ground-up budgeting approach that debuted in the 1960s. Here’s how CFOs and other business leaders can make it work in their own organizations.

The new CFO mandate: Prioritize, transform, repeat


Amid a raft of new duties for CFOs, our survey suggests that finance leaders are well positioned to lead the C-suite agenda by championing transformations, digitization, and capability building. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Make working capital work harder for you


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsCompanies can unlock value by managing working capital more effectively. Top performers are transforming the cash-conversion culture across the organization and implementing advanced digital-analytics solutions.

Building gender diversity on boards


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsMcKinsey senior partner Celia Huber explains how companies can build and benefit from gender diversity on boards.

How to Improve Your Finance Skills (Even If You Hate Numbers)

Harvard Business

If you’re not a numbers person, finance is daunting. Even if you don’t need to know a lot about finance to do your day-to-day job, the more conversant you are on the subject, the better off you’ll be, according to Richard Ruback, a professor at Harvard Business School and the coauthor of the HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business. Here are some strategies to improve your financial intelligence. Stop avoiding finance because you’re afraid of numbers.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2018: McKinsey Global Survey results


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsExecutives report the least-positive views on economic conditions—at home and in the world economy—that they have all year.

Demystifying AI and machine learning for executives


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsIn this interview, Tamim Saleh cuts through the hype around artificial intelligence with guidance for executives about where and how to employ AI in their businesses.

Fielding high-performing innovation teams


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsInnovation is a team sport. For projects to succeed, they must be staffed with the right combination of talent. Here is how to ensure your initiatives have the players they need to win.

Five Fifty: The power curve of profit


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsThe global distribution of corporate profits is radically uneven. Here's how to become one of the winners. .

Solving the carve-out conundrum


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsAcquiring an asset that may remain entangled with its parent company poses a different level of complexity in assessing potential value. Due diligence on three critical challenges can help.

Visualizing global debt


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsSee how the debt of 51 countries has evolved since 2000 in an interactive data visualization.

Data 90

Leading for the long term


Successful CEOs combine winning strategies with compelling stories and constructive engagement with shareholders. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2018: McKinsey Global Survey results


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsRespondents express declining optimism on the economy, especially in emerging markets. The United States gains more attention as a destination for new business opportunities.

4 Essentials of a Corporate Growth Strategy that Works

LSA Global

A Corporate Growth Strategy that Works. What is the secret to actually emerging from your growth strategy better, bigger, and stronger? Far more growth strategies, however, fall short. In fact, IBM found that less than 10% of well formulated strategies are effectively executed.

A welcome change in lease-accounting rules


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsNew rules will mean better estimates for investors, but they should have little to no effect on how companies operate and create value.

What’s behind the pharmaceutical sector’s M&A push


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsThere are lessons for other industries in the way pharma companies use mergers to innovate, work more efficiently, and bolster product portfolios.

Choosing the right path to growth


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsTo boost organic growth, most companies need a diverse set of initiatives—and how you sequence them matters.