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5 Distractions Derailing Your Consulting Firm’s Productivity

David A Fields

Clutter. It’s not just lurking in your basement amidst your vinyl records, wrapping paper scraps and mystery electronics cables. Clutter might also be slowly (or not so slowly) sabotaging your consulting firm. Quite a few years ago, the brainy duo of a neuroscientist and a Princeton professor released this eye-opening article, “Interactions of Top-Down and … Continued The post 5 Distractions Derailing Your Consulting Firm’s Productivity appeared first on David A.

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4 Resume Mistakes to Avoid When You Don’t Have Much Experience

Harvard Business

Understanding the common mistakes job candidates make on resumes, and how to overcome them, can set you apart from your competitors. The first mistake is including irrelevant work experience. Instead, only add roles that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. The second is customizing your resume. While it’s in your benefit to adjust your resume to better match the job description, over-tuning your resume for every application can be a waste of time — and end up slowing down your sear

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How to use Timeboxes instead of Batch Planning: Visible Progress or Focus to Finish

Johanna Rothman

If you use Scrum or any other iteration-based approach to your work, the team plans in batches for that next iteration. The iteration is a timebox. The batch is the amount of work the team thinks they can do in that timebox. If the batch is sufficiently small and your cycle time is sufficiently short, that can work. However, planning for a batch of work is push -planning.

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Research: What Companies Don’t Know About How Workers Use AI

Harvard Business

Leaders who are exploring how AI might fit into their business operations must not only navigate a vast and ever-changing landscape of tools, but they must also facilitate a significant cultural shift within their organizations. But research shows that leaders do not fully understand their employees’ use of, and readiness for, AI. In addition, a significant number of Americans do not trust business’ use of AI.

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PowerPoint Best Practices for Creating Stellar Presentations

Mastering data visualization in PowerPoint will help accelerate your career because it positions you as someone who can present data that drives business decisions forward. think-cell's PowerPoint Best Practices eBook was created specifically for professionals aiming to master the art and science of data-driven storytelling. What’s inside: Practical Insights: Uncover valuable tips for crafting engaging and persuasive presentations.

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Ep073 Jimmy Burroughes

Girard Training Solutions

Today, on Management Development Unlocked, Eric sits down with Jimmy Burroughes, founder and CEO of Jimmy Burroughes Leadership. His company focuses on turning busy, overworked, and overwhelmed managers into high-impact leaders. Jimmy achieves this using his books, a podcast, and 400-500 workshops annually. Those workshops include facilitated conversations, seminars, and webinars that allow people to learn in the flow of work.

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Invention or discovery?

Seth Godin Blog

We can agree that Isaac Newton didn’t invent gravity. It was here all along, but he gets some credit for naming it and describing it. And Columbus definitely didn’t discover North America. There had been people living here for tens of thousands of years before he arrived. After Niels Bohr began describing quantum mechanics, the atomic bomb became inevitable.

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The Hidden Burden of Long Covid and What Companies Can Do

Harvard Business

A conversation with researcher Beth Pollack and inclusion expert Ludmila Praslova on the chronic illness.

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How Large Companies Can Unleash the Next Corporate Unicorn - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM EY-PARTHENON

Harvard Business

Sponsor content from EY-Parthenon.

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