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11 Tipsfor thePerfect ConsultingCover Letter with an Example (2019 Update). Between a resume and cover letter , most job applicants will tell you that the resume is more important. Your cover letter can make a big difference when applying for a management consulting position.

LEK Interview Cover Letter

That was when I came across your site and sent you an email on how I should write my cover letter, which you kindly replied to as well. As the full time recruitment season in Autumn 2010 approached, I returned to your site and subscribed to your mailing list too. For you, I wanted to point out that recently, I revised and added new online tutorials and articles on how to write a consulting cover letter and what employers look for in a consulting resume.

CV and Cover Letter Basics

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Top consulting firms receive thousands of applications per year, and so your cover letter and CV form a crucial first step in your application that will determine whether you secure a first round interview. The recruiter will be looking for evidence of: Strong academic performance.

The Importance of a Consulting Cover Letter

As a former consulting resume and cover letter reader for McKinsey, and someone who has reviewed thousands of applications, I have noticed an interesting trend. Most cover letters stink, and many resumes emphasize the wrong things. Between the two, the cover letter is more important for the simple reason that if your cover letter does not do a good job, your resume is either never looked at all or is only glanced at, rather than read thoroughly.

Tips and Tricks: CVs, LinkedIn and cover letters


What does a good cover letter look like? What makes a good cover letter? Cover letters can be a difficult task. What should it cover? Be relevant - What follows your cover letter? How long should my CV be? Do I need LinkedIn?

How to Quiet the Recruiting Chaos

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Whether you’re recruiting for consulting via a graduate program or going it alone, the process is extremely time-consuming and chaotic. In this piece, I will arm you with a few simple tools (templates) that will help to keep your recruiting activities organized.

Understanding Firms’ Selection Criteria

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Before starting your application journey, the very first thing is to understand the recruitment process and selection criteria of those management consulting firms. Keeping this recruitment funnel in mind, let’s talk about the management consulting selection criteria.

More on Networking to Get a Consulting Interview

I suggest you network with anyone within a management consulting firm regardless of whether they are involved in recruiting or consulting resume screening. Your goal is not to contact people who can help you in recruiting. Then in your cover letter, you tell the reader how much networking you've done, who you have met, what you have discovered and why you like the firm (be specific).

How to Succeed in the New Age of Interviews

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Provide your grade transcript, CV, and cover letter. The cover letter is the most important of these initial documents. A desired response from a recruitment manager would be “most cover letters I’m falling asleep. Reading your cover letter, I felt like I knew you.” Try to show your personal voice in your cover letter, don’t give some generic spiel about how you’ve graduated from ‘x’ university with ‘y’ degree.

Management Consultancy 101: How to navigate your first application

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Step 3: The CV and cover letter. Writing a good cover letter is essential to make sure you stand out and allows you to bring all the research that you have done together. Remember, your cover letter only needs to be a page long!

5 Steps To Securing a Consulting Internship

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Spend some time perfecting your CV and cover letter. Consultants and recruiters often spend no more than a few seconds looking at your application when shortlisting interview candidates.

Facing Rejection from Consulting Firms

Either your academic credentials or work experiences were not impressive enough (by their standards) or your cover letter didn't stand out enough. The cover letter is very, very, very important. Did I mention the consulting cover letter is very important? It usually takes me two to four hours to write a good cover letter excluding research and networking time. Unfortunately, the on-campus recruiting experience is so distorted.

Welcome to new readers plus a few questions answered

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Overview of the Management Consulting Recruiting Process. I’ve been helping friends/colleagues looking to enter management consulting for years with their resumes, cover letters, interviews, and questions. Given that experience (and the experience inside McKinsey helping recruit new employees and seeing how the hiring process worked), I decided to start this blog to share the knowledge accumulated – and am looking forward to meeting others on a similar journey.

Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers

I went through workshops offered by these firms and talked to numerous recruiters and consultants. My Reply: Congratulations on the BCG offer, and thank you for sharing the ups and downs in your recruiting process. So thank you for sharing the full history of your recruiting process. I remember when I went through recruiting, the people a year ahead of me who already had jobs never talked about the jobs they did not get -- only the one they did.

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3 Ways Management Consulting Applications Differ from Traditional Ones

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Your cover letter is meant to be a writing sample, NOT a sales pitch or love letter. So leave those creative cover letters in the recycle bin; your cover letter is for you to share your personal narrative in a clear and compelling way (think extended elevator pitch). Have questions about your particular resume or cover letter? consulting recruiting

7 People who NEED to apply to McKinsey in the next 8 days

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It’s no secret McKinsey recruits PhD and APD level candidates, but the process is unique compared to the way the firm hires other candidates. We’re starting this article off assuming that you’ve already knocked some socks off during networking (see here ) and created a masterful resume and cover letter (see here ). consulting interviews consulting recruiting mckinsey interview

Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

I hadn't applied during the regular recruiting season as I was planning on going directly to an MBA program and trying to get into consulting afterwards. This was the mental image I had in my mind when I was recruiting (and no information existed anywhere to counter this image. This happens by giving up too early in the recruiting process as a way to avoid future rejection. I will cover how to answer those "fit" or "leadership" questions in a future post.

3 strategies to apply for U.S. consulting jobs from European business schools

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If you wait until recruiting season, it’s already too late. based candidates, so make sure your resume and cover letter are ready to drop at a moment’s notice! consulting recruitingEvery year, hundreds of our European friends are interested in applying to work in U.S based consulting firms. And for good reason: the San Francisco Bay Area is the tech capital of the world, and almost every consulting firm and Fortune 500 client is based in the U.S.

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

1) On campus / Send in your Application - Recruiting. When I was at Stanford, McKinsey would come on campus to recruit in December or January each year (I forget the exact month). I guess she noticed how much effort I was putting into doing my homework that she sent my resume to the head of Stanford recruiting and said, "You should really interview this guy." Hint - recruiting coordinators have a slow season, and I had contacted this person during her slow month.

How to get a case interview

What you will learn: Learn how to market yourself through your resume and cover letter so that you will get the interview. Topics Covered: How to Write a Resume That Will Get You the Interview. How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You the Interview.

Gaining Consulting Contacts

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AS an aspiring consultant, the purpose of networking is to gain industry contacts, learn about your target firms, and obtain names that you can use in your application cover letter (e.g. “I (Source: Flickr ).

Consulting Applications

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Students often ask questions like: How do I prepare a cover letter? How do I highlight my experience in a way that will resonate with recruiters? How to Create a Killer Cover Letter. Template Cover Letter. Secondly, top consulting firms receive thousands of applications each year, and recruiters spend only a few minutes reviewing each application.

Conversation with L.E.K. Consulting

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I recently had the opportunity to communicate with Janine Clifford, Recruitment & HR Manager at L.E.K. Our graduate recruitment programs runs every March so we will be back on campus and recruitment in March 2016 for positions commencing in February 2017.

Joining a Management Consulting Firm as an Experienced Hire

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However, there aren’t a lot of sources out there that cover the non-traditional way and that is something you will learn about in this article.

Black Belt Supreme (BBS) November Session Closes Oct. 31!

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With the crazy recruiting cycle, we know the pressure that you are under and we are here to help you out! Do you have to complete my resume/cover letter edit right away? We include a full resume/cover letter edit so you get personal attention for your story.

Monitor Deloitte Consulting Interview Tips

Networks , networks, networks after missing most campus recruiting deadlines. Applies to firms online, sends more cover letters with every rejection. This is the motivation for what happens next: Studies everything in print about management consulting once finding out Deloitte is still recruiting on campus. The recruiting season came at a very busy time for me. I'd missed most of the campus recruiting windows for major firms.

Case Interview Success Rates by Round

The first step in the application process where cuts are made would be the Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Screen. have done the majority of recruiting out of the schools (under grad, MBA, JD, MD, PhD). After the resume and cover letter review stage we move on to the rounds of interviews. recruiting sources. I was recently asked by a reader what the average applicant success rate is at each round in the case interview process.

Conversation with 2020 Delivery

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We give you all of the support that is required, and we recruit people who are self-starting, enjoy that challenge and are comfortable with autonomy. We recruit for experienced hires on a rolling basis. Tom: What does your recruitment process involve?

BCG Offer vs. AT Kearney Offer

As a recruiter, if you saw a CV from a guy from BCG [ Eastern Europe ] and A.T. For example, in every job I interviewed for following my departure from McKinsey, on average I submitted four or five resumes and cover letters to get the one job. In fact, when I originally tried to apply to Bain for an internship, I could not even get an interview, despite doing all the things I suggest others do in their consulting cover letters.

Case Interview Advice from Another McKinsey New Hire

CV/covering letter. He explained that many firms have a marking system with, say, five possible marks for academics, four possible marks for previous work experience, five for extra-curriculars and perhaps one or two for a sound covering letter. My advice is simple: don't send off any applications until you've got a consultant to assess both your CV and your covering letter. I remember a conversation I had with the MIT recruiting team.

How to Transition to Management Consulting after Law School

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These are the professionals who will be reviewing your resume, cover letter, and application, and a recommendation from one of these consultants inside the firm will go a LONG way in securing a first-round interview invite. Don’t firms only recruit from top MBA programs? In fact, Harvard Law, Columbia Law, UVA School of Law, and Stanford Law are core recruiting schools for top consulting firms.

Rescue from the trash…avoiding key resume errors that get your consulting application tossed aside

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Paper airplanes are fun, but you don’t want your resume to become the vehicle for a recruiter’s mid-afternoon horseplay because you’ve bored them to death. As fall approaches, many of you will be meeting consultants and recruiters for the first time at on-campus career fairs, company info sessions, and firm-sponsored recruiting events designed for your class.

3 ways financial advisory consulting bests strategy consulting

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Financial advisory firms recruit from a broader set of schools. They are masterful recruiters with big budgets to entertain prospects, so if you’re interested in the field, check them out – just go in with your eyes wide open.

7 Networking Mistakes to Avoid

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When it comes to recruiting the three big criteria are: networking, application package (cover letter, resume, and transcript), and interview.

Using Case Interview Prep for Non-Consulting Offers

Success Story: Even though I wasn't applying for a consulting job, I read every one of your news letters, and I'm happy to say I will now work at [XXXX], a super-fast growing startup in the use-our-app-get-a-ride space. I never submitted a resume through their website, but rather, followed your advice on networking and was able to connect and network with someone who directly referred me to their recruiter.

Job Hub: Chick-Fil-A Jobs and Culture

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After submitting your initial application, with your resume/CV, cover letter, finished assessments and other supporting documents, HR will typically respond to your application within a week or two. ” Once you get called for an interview, you can bank on at least 7-15 interviews that typically consist of connecting with the recruiter, hiring manager, and associates that you will be working with over a phone screen, a Skype interview, and multiple on-site interviews.

Networking How To – Building Your Consulting Asset File

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Before we get started, check out our core post on networking the “normal way” – at info sessions and through target school types of recruiting opportunities. You’ll use your asset file to gain access to recruiters, consultants, etc.