Thu.Dec 07, 2023

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How to Start Your Coaching Business from Scratch in Less than 90 Days with Kimberly Bolton

Consulting Matters

Spoiler alert: You don’t need a ton of entrepreneurial experience to launch your own consulting or coaching business If you’re like a lot of aspiring consulting or coaching business owners, you may have thought, “I’d love to become my own boss, but I don’t have enough entrepreneurial experience or skills!” And if that’s you, you’re not alone!

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What It Really Takes to Become an Executive Coach

Harvard Business

Being an executive coach can be rewarding. But, many people misunderstand what coaching actually is, underestimate the process to become a credentialed coach, and don’t anticipate the ongoing effort required to generate and develop business to make a living doing this work. How many clients should you have? What other income streams should you consider?


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Transforming Marketing Excellence

Business Consulting Agency

In today’s dynamic business landscape, marketing departments across diverse industries are constantly challenged to innovate, adapt, and optimize their strategies to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Marketing consulting services have emerged as invaluable partners, offering a wealth of expertise, insights, and specialized solutions to enhance marketing and advertising efforts across companies of all sizes.

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What Salespeople Get Wrong About Using GenAI

Harvard Business

Discussion of generative AI has maintained a fever pitch since OpenAI released ChatGPT-3.5 in late 2022. Many leaders’ instinct is to provide direction and codification when trying to drive adoption of new tools. This is particularly true in sales, a function rooted in processes, playbooks, scripts, and templates. However, driving adoption of generative AI as a new way of working — leading sellers toward creative use of generative AI, and helping them to use it as a coaching and learning aid — r

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PowerPoint Best Practices for Creating Stellar Presentations

Mastering data visualization in PowerPoint will help accelerate your career because it positions you as someone who can present data that drives business decisions forward. think-cell's PowerPoint Best Practices eBook was created specifically for professionals aiming to master the art and science of data-driven storytelling. What’s inside: Practical Insights: Uncover valuable tips for crafting engaging and persuasive presentations.

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How Unwritten Rules Shape Corporate Culture

LSA Global

How Unwritten Rules Shape Corporate Culture Corporate culture stands as the heartbeat of any organization. Corporate culture influences everything from employee engagement and retention to customer loyalty and profitability. While formal organizational structures and stated corporate values play a vital role in shaping an organization’s culture, we know from organizational culture assessment data that unwritten rules shape corporate culture more.

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Abundance and ideas

Seth Godin Blog

A colleague got an angry note. It concluded with, “you should know better.” The transgression? The sender was offended that my friend had written a post about a concept she’s been developing for nearly a decade. Of course, no idea is unique, and the posted idea sort of rhymed with one that the professor had been working on for a while as well.

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