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Unlocking market access for gene therapies in the United States


Gene therapy holds great promise for treating a variety of diseases, but without changes, today’s payment system could limit the number of patients who benefit. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

It’s good to talk…

The Source

Back in the ’90s, One2One—a now defunct British mobile phone company—ran a successful advertising campaign about who celebrities would most like a phone call with. Unsurprisingly, nobody suggested their auditor. However, our research suggests that if the same question was put today to senior finance executives, some people might actually really want a one-to-one with their external auditor. Honest!

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Rethinking procurement in retail


For retailers, procurement is no longer solely a matter of negotiating “A” brands. Private labels and verticalization are trending. Advanced approaches and tools help get procurement in shape for the future. Retail Insights

What does it feel like when you say “later”?

Seth Godin Blog

What does it sound like when you put something off? All of us have a catalog of voices in our head. We’ve got the one for feeling behind, the one for not feeling good enough, the one we use when we’re trying to avoid a sore spot. There are good reasons to decide to wait until later. Waiting for later keeps our options open. Waiting for later helps us avoid the short-term hustle. Waiting for later feels safer.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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A Short Guide to Pricing Your Services as a Consultant or Coach

Harvard Business

Here are five options. Coaching Professional transitions Digital Article

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