Business Development Lessons From The Big Consulting Firms with Chris Spurvey: Podcast #87

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One of the most prominent struggles consultants and independent entrepreneurs face is to sell themselves. Typically, the amount of experience is not enough if you don’t get the value of business development. Founder of Chris Spurvey Sales Growth Consulting Inc.,

For Independent Consultants, Business Development = Relationship Development

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The biggest stressor for self-employed management consultants is business development: how to cultivate meaningful regular work. First, consultants are good at helping clients solve problems but usually aren’t trained in sales or marketing. Independent consulting is no different.

Five Emotions that Stall Your Consulting Firm’s Business Development Efforts

David A Fields

Consulting is an emotion-driven purchase. If you don’t understand your consulting prospects’ desires and fears, their sources of happiness and anxiety, your business development efforts will hit hard ceilings. You may know a lot about dolls, or [ ] Consultants Consultin

Developing Versus Developed (Countries)

Martinka Consulting

The post Developing Versus Developed (Countries) appeared first on Martinka Consulting. I’m writing this from the island of Antigua where we’re here on a Rotary service project, “Improving Education Through Technology.” We have 10 Bellevue school district students from the technology program working on computer networks and installing Wi-Fi networks. There are similarities and differences between Antigua and the US.

Shift Your Perspective to Make Business Development Easier

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Most consultants I know struggle with business development, and it’s a top concern among those thinking about going independent. “ Most of us never had sales training so this concern is understandable, but reframing how we think about business development can turn concern into action.

The Key to Developing Clarity On Your Ideal Clients

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You want to have crystal clarity around who your ideal consulting client is. Then develop your messaging around them. This can seem counter-intuitive to some consultants. The Key to Developing Clarity On Your Ideal Clients is a post from: Consulting Success.

LA Consulting Mastermind

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If you’d like to have us share and discuss with you the latest best practices to grow and scale your consulting business… If you’d like to review, refine, and optimize your current offerings and develop more leveraged and high value ways to deliver them… If.

From Zero to $300,000 in 18 Months — An Interview with Organizational Development Consultant Betsy Jordyn – Episode 2

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Consultants can increase their value by identifying and focusing on natural strengths and limiting their specialized area of expertise. Description: Betsy Jordyn is the founder of Accelera Consulting Group. She is an organizational development and strategy consultant who previously worked with Walt Disney World. Even Walt Disney World needs consultants to take their concepts for future improvements to the next level.

Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci: Podcast #21

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Today I’m joined by seasoned consultant and passionate leader Ron Carucci. His work has taken him to over 20 countries in four different continents, and he is the author of several consulting and leadership books as well as a regular contributor to and the Harvard Business Review.

A Better Approach to Consulting Business Development: Portfolios and Cascading BucketsDevelopment

David A Fields

Lessons from financial investing and a technique called Cascading Buckets can improve the results of your business development efforts for your consulting firm. I read those excellent sources but I’m still less [ ] Consultants Segmentation

4 Ways to Develop Practical Business Understanding for Consulting

Management Consulted

A prospective management consultant without basic business understanding is like a camera tripod with 2 legs — it just won’t work out for you. What will you learn from starting a business that will help you prepare for consulting? Complete our Consultant For a Day exercise.

Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci: Podcast #21

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Discipline and patience are two of the essential keys that will bring you the greater consulting success you are seeking. Description: Today I’m joined by seasoned consultant and passionate leader Ron Carucci. Building A Consulting Firm To The Perfect Size.

5 Simple Steps to Win More Consulting Projects (Make Sales Easier)

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Here’s how to win more consulting sales. The most effective consultants understand that it’s all about what’s going on in the buyer’s mind. 5 Simple Steps to Win More Consulting Projects (Make Sales Easier) is a post from: Consulting Success.

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5 Recommended Courses To Develop Business Understanding for Consulting

Management Consulted

Today we bring to you some key ways that you can increase your business understanding and, therefore, your effectiveness in consulting. As a consultant, you have to look at things in ways that most people would not. Consultants are often asked to help businesses grow.

Course 202

9 Essential Steps to SIMULTANEOUSLY Develop & Deliver Consulting Business

David A Fields

Life’s great as a consultant when you’re bustling through a project. The bane of independent consultants’ existence. Consultants Project Management productivity project management time managementUntil the project’s done. Then you pop your head up and life’s rough while you’re hustling to get another project. Until you land one. Then you’re back to bustling… …and on it goes. Hustle and bustle. Feast and famine. Grins and grimaces.

Importance of Developing Soft Skills in Consulting

Tom Spencer

As I start my consulting career, some of the questions that I keep coming back to are: How can I stand out amongst all of these high achieving and well educated individuals, especially in the beginning? What skills do I need to develop? What are the keys to longevity at my firm and the greater consulting world? Luckily, the answers that I received from countless individuals at various levels of seniority at the firm were the same: focus on developing your soft skillset.

Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76

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Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76 is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Success Podcast authentic leadership hiring interview Leadership leadership development Leading from Purpose

Your 2019 BVFLS Practice Development Marketing Plan

Rod Burkert

Are you looking for practice development ideas that can build and grow your BVFLS practice? That is why I created this turnkey practice development marketing plan ebook. It’s your practice development marketing plan for the next 12 months. Coaching news Practice development

The Truth About Creating Leverage And Authority In Consulting with Tendayi Viki: Podcast #90

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Consulting firms struggle in developing their personal brand, not knowing that it is the key ingredient in creating leverage and building authority in the consultancy field.

3 Reasons Consulting Proposals Fail

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The first reason is that you’re not having a deep and meaningful consulting sales conversation. It all comes back to, you have to, you must, do a very good job of having a meaningful consulting sales conversation with them, because without that, nothing else really matters.

Consulting's Secret Club

Successful Independent Consulting

Last August I wrote a blog post about how labels matter , specifically that you should make more money by calling yourself a consultant instead of a contractor. It’s not enough to simply replace contractor with consultant on your résumé and LinkedIn profile. Business Development

Digital Business Development Podcast #1: Jim McCraigh

Tsavo Neal

In this episode, you’ll learn… The most important lessons Jim has learned 30 years in the consulting business. How to build a system for attracting a steady stream of consulting clients. Digital Business Development Podcast

5 Cheap Ways for Consultants (or Anyone) to Develop Their Skills

Tom Spencer

The consulting industry is a very competitive field with an abundance of highly educated professionals with proven track records of success. Below are five favourite tips for skill development at zero cost. Develop your own Product/Program Methodology.

Leveraging Relationships To Win Consulting Business with Nancy Halpern: Podcast #86

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It is vital to build and maintain relationships as part of your continuous business development with your existing or potential clients. Leveraging Relationships To Win Consulting Business with Nancy Halpern: Podcast #86 is a post from: Consulting Success.

3 Daily Steps to Grow Your Consulting Business

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The more conversations that you have, as long as they’re meaningful conversations, the more business that you’re going to generate because all consulting business, the vast, vast majority, 98% or more will come from a conversation you have with a buyer. Transcript.

Moving From Agency Work To Starting Your Own Consulting Business with Douglas Miller: Podcast #72

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Douglas Miller, business leadership development and change management consultant, shares his story about his journey upon transitioning from working through agencies and consulting firms to actually building his own business with clients.

5 Mobile App Development Tips For Startups

Tom Spencer

The same holds true when it comes to mobile app development. There are a number of mobile platforms on the market, and each of them has their own subtle nuances and capabilities that you should keep in mind when developing your app.

How to Develop a Case Interview Practice Routine

Here is the success story with the set route this member used to obtain 2 consulting job offers. I have recently received two consulting offers - one each from Ernst & Young and Deloitte in [ a Pacific Rim Country ]. Many thanks for all the work that you have put into the program and the continuous support that you give to all future consultants navigating the case interview process. I wish I had developed this system at the start of my interviews.

Do Consulting Firms Rely On Hiring Salespeople to Sell Work?

Steve Shu Consulting

Many consulting firms (especially management consulting firms) rely on prior consultants in terms of selling work. In consulting sales, you are selling yourself and your team. It is hard for external, non-consultant salespeople to do this.

How To Win Consulting Business Through Honest Conversations with Rob Kendall: Podcast #75

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For his own self-development, he started to do some work that was focused on the whole area of communication. How To Win Consulting Business Through Honest Conversations with Rob Kendall: Podcast #75 is a post from: Consulting Success. “My one job here is to create enough value.

Mindset Mistake of Established Consultants

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Today I want to talk with you about a mindset that is incredibly important for established consultants. It becomes very important when your consulting business is taking off, when things are going well, when you have plenty of clients and plenty of opportunities surrounding you.

Budgeting For Your Professional Development

Kai Davis

Qualifying work-related education like maintaining or improving a skill (this could include refresher courses, courses on current development, and academic or vocational courses) is tax deductible in the US on your Schedule C ([link]. Consult your local accountant to confirm, but they very well may be completely tax deductible. And every month, I give myself a budget to spend on education and professional development. Your professional development is essential and important.

Step 2 in the Ideal Conversation with Consulting Prospects

David A Fields

Let’s talk about why that may be happening and an easy fix that will create more juice in your business development efforts. Many of your conversations with outstanding prospects don’t lead to high-potential opportunities.

4 Types of Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

If you’re trying to get into consulting, it can be more than a little confusing trying to understand the various types of firms and their practices. In this post, you will learn about the 4 major types of consulting and the firms that are typically associated with them.

How to Avoid the Marketing and Consulting Roller Coaster: Video

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This is an effect, something that happens that a lot of consultants find themselves in, and it looks like this. In order to develop an effective magnetic message, you have to have real clarity around your ideal client.

Video 192

Proven 4 Stage Consulting Project Process: Video

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Transcript: We’re going to talk about how to develop a consulting engagement process. It’s a way that you can start to think about how to deliver your consulting services with a lot more structure.

Video 159

Why Consulting?

Sometimes, when struggling through yet another case interview practice , candidates might wonder: "Why consulting again?" Below is a recap of four key reasons management consulting provides a truly differentiated career opportunity. Generally, as the higher the prestige of a given consulting firm, the greater these benefits. Compared to many jobs directly out of undergraduate or MBA programs, consulting is rather lucrative. Consultants learn a lot--fast.