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I am not in HR, a recruiter, or even a super user. That said, I was on the recruiting team at a Big 4 consulting, and we looked through hundreds of resumes every year and 90% of them went … Continue reading → Learning Career Management MBA Professionalism resume tips

Consulting Resume 101 Video Overview

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Ever wonder what MBB, the Big 4 firms, and other firms like Accenture or Oliver Wyman are looking for in a consulting resume? During recruiting season, consultants review 100s of resume at a time. 2) Insight into precisely what reviewers are looking for in your consulting resume.

5 Universal Qualities of a Winning Management Consulting Resume

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Your resume, simply put, is the platform through which your story is told. Based on our years of experience editing consulting resumes, we’ve identified the 5 universal qualities of a winning management consulting resume. When writing your resume, remember one thing: to look through the eyes of a management consultant. We’re sure you have put many hours into writing your resume and are personally attached to your beautifully crafted document.

Do Undergrad Clubs and Experiences Matter on my Consulting Resume?

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It’s the question of our time – how far is too far to go back on my consulting resume? Day about consulting resumes, and we’re happy to answer them (you can email us here !). But today, we’re here to answer one specific question: do undergrad clubs/experiences matter on your consulting resume? Taking up just one line in the Education section of your resume, the ROI is well worth it. After all, the resume is a story highlighting your career path.

Rescue from the trash…avoiding key resume errors that get your consulting application tossed aside

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Paper airplanes are fun, but you don’t want your resume to become the vehicle for a recruiter’s mid-afternoon horseplay because you’ve bored them to death. That’s why we’re giving you some guidelines on key resume errors to avoid and things you can do to make it past the first round of reviews. Follow our tips to ensure your resume makes it into the interview pile, not the trash. Now let’s deep dive into the resume.

Consulting Cover Letter

Between a resume and cover letter , most job applicants will tell you that the resume is more important. While your resume provides a more complete summary of your education, skills, and experiences, the cover letter also plays a very important role during the application process.

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

1) On campus / Send in your Application - Recruiting. When I was at Stanford, McKinsey would come on campus to recruit in December or January each year (I forget the exact month). I guess she noticed how much effort I was putting into doing my homework that she sent my resume to the head of Stanford recruiting and said, "You should really interview this guy." Hint - recruiting coordinators have a slow season, and I had contacted this person during her slow month.

Consultant Ninja: What to put on a consulting resume (part 3 of a.

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What to put on a consulting resume (part 3 of a continuing series). In my years of being involved with MBA recruiting, Ive never been able to hire a former special forces operator, but Ive been dying to come up with the right reason. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja. Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. Wednesday, December 10, 2008.

East Coast Speaking Tour: Recruiting In A Down Market

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We’re scheduling a trip to the East Coast next week to speak at schools about recruiting for finance and consulting. How you should change your recruiting strategy when the economy takes a turn for the worst. We offer resume editing and interview prep.

Improve Your Resume by Turning Bullet Points into Stories

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Updating your LinkedIn profile and resume. But for the most part, recruiters aren’t calling. So how can you make your resume, profile, and interview more effective? And he used the resume content surrounding this bullet to demonstrate how he accomplished the feat.

Research: How Subtle Class Cues Can Backfire on Your Resume

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Specifically, we used a technique — known as the resume audit method — that is widely seen as the gold standard for measuring employment discrimination. This method involves randomly assigning different items to the resumes and sending applications to real employers to see how they affect the probability of being called back for a job interview. Harvard and Yale) are typically recruited on-campus.

Employers Struggle to Find Qualified Graduates: Poorly Written Resumes to Blame?


Are poor resumes to blame? Nine out of 10 companies surveyed by the Association of Graduate Recruiters are struggling to fill all their vacancies, it concludes. Graduates looking for jobs struggle to fine them. Employers cannot find qualified graduates. An article in The Independent suggests that is part of the problem. Please consider Graduate Employers Struggling to Fill Vacancies.

Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers

I went through workshops offered by these firms and talked to numerous recruiters and consultants. I did the same for resume questions, i.e., I tried to structure my answers to questions like "Why our firm?" My Reply: Congratulations on the BCG offer, and thank you for sharing the ups and downs in your recruiting process. So thank you for sharing the full history of your recruiting process. Keep in mind, this is before I even read the resume.

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You’ve been rejected from all consulting jobs. What’s next?

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What’s next – when your resume doesn’t receive an interview; your first round doesn’t lead to a call-back; your final round receives a polite rejection? Practice will only help for future interviews or next year’s recruiting cycle. If you don’t make it past the resume stage, don’t ask. Here are some possible criteria for resume rejections. We offer resume editing and interview prep.

3rd Degree to 1st: 3 Secrets to Effective Networking for Consulting

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Recruiting season is a busy time for everyone. Resume version files continue to populate on your computer, and the stack of business cards on your desk only gets higher. We know one recruiter from Deloitte who attended 56 recruiting events … Continued. The post 3rd Degree to 1st: 3 Secrets to Effective Networking for Consulting appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting networking

Non-Target School Applicant Looking to Break into Consulting in Chicago

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It’s a high-level career path guidance session (or resume review/networking advice session) with an ex-MBB consultant. consulting recruitingThis week, we’re letting in you behind the curtain into one of Jenny Rae’s Power Half Hour sessions with rockstar Stephanie. Stephanie is a non-target school applicant looking to break into consulting in Chicago. Keep an eye out for Stephanie; she’s got a bright future ahead of her! What’s a Power Half Hour session?

Dinged From MBB Consulting Firms – Now What?

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If you interview and fail first rounds, don’t expect to re-interview during full-time recruiting. In fact, Teach for America is considered a “target school” for MBB – so you get to go through active recruiting at top firms. but simply because we believe the other options we’ve mentioned will enable you to stand out more in the re-recruiting process while still getting corporatized. consulting recruiting

7 People who NEED to apply to McKinsey in the next 8 days

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It’s no secret McKinsey recruits PhD and APD level candidates, but the process is unique compared to the way the firm hires other candidates. We’re starting this article off assuming that you’ve already knocked some socks off during networking (see here ) and created a masterful resume and cover letter (see here ). Once you’ve passed the resume screen, you’ll be invited in to a local office for a first round interview.

3 Ways Management Consulting Applications Differ from Traditional Ones

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You know how important your resume is in getting your foot in the door for an interview. Actually, your resume is all-powerful. The whole point of your resume is for the firm to see clearly and quickly what makes you special. If the resume doesn’t communicate this in 10 seconds or less, it’s not complete. Have questions about your particular resume or cover letter? consulting recruiting

3 strategies to apply for U.S. consulting jobs from European business schools

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work or school experience your resume will not get a second glance. There are a few ways that you can get “USA” on your resume. If you wait until recruiting season, it’s already too late. based candidates, so make sure your resume and cover letter are ready to drop at a moment’s notice! consulting recruitingEvery year, hundreds of our European friends are interested in applying to work in U.S based consulting firms.

The Top 8 Undergrad Consulting Majors

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Having an impressive leadership item on your resume or showing membership in a fraternity or sorority will go a long way in dispelling any stereotypes about your social skills. If all you have is trading, investment, and financial experience on your resume, the firms will wonder how interested you are in business operations. consulting recruiting management consulting

Welcome to new readers plus a few questions answered

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Top 10 Resume Tips. Overview of the Management Consulting Recruiting Process. I’ve been helping friends/colleagues looking to enter management consulting for years with their resumes, cover letters, interviews, and questions. 3 Can you help me… I’ve gotten many emails with questions about recruiting; requests to help with specific aspects of applications; and so forth. UPCOMING POSTS: More detail on each component of the recruiting process.

Can I go from Teach for America to Consulting?

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Many of you have heard of Teach for America, but for those of you haven’t, TfA recruits the best and brightest undergraduate students to teach in low-income school districts for two years after they complete their undergrad studies. Or perhaps you have Teach for America experience on your resume, and now you’re considering consulting. consulting recruiting

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

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Corollary to point #4 , this is influenced by your firm’s alumni and also the following: -the different recruiters/headhunters that reach out to you. We offer resume editing and interview prep.

Launch of The Consulting Bible – your secret weapon in today’s economy

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From salaries to travel, from boutiques to MBB, I’ve helped people understand the job, write the perfect resumes , and ace the toughest interviews. The 2/4 point structure for tackling resume questions – and how to use this framework for any fit question (pg.

How to get a case interview

What you will learn: Learn how to market yourself through your resume and cover letter so that you will get the interview. Topics Covered: How to Write a Resume That Will Get You the Interview. How to Write a Resume That Will Get You the Interview. Properly Format Your Resume.

LinkedIn Launches Board Connect Service

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If you're not already familiar with LinkedIn , it began, basically, as a place to post your online business profile/resume and connect with others in your field to grow your network using a "six degrees of separation" model. Consultants (such as Mr. Wyland, Ms Temkin, or myself) can help your board with both proper training on roles and responsibilities, and with creating a board development and recruitment plan.

Networking 101 Video Overview

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How your networking effort will affect the way your resume is reviewed. Networking and the Consulting Resume Review. 2500+ email addresses and phone numbers of recruiters, consultants, and human resource contacts.

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More on Networking to Get a Consulting Interview

I suggest you network with anyone within a management consulting firm regardless of whether they are involved in recruiting or consulting resume screening. Your goal is not to contact people who can help you in recruiting. As someone who has reviewed thousands of cover letters and resumes (which by the way is a very, very, very, very painful process because every cover letter seems the same.

Case Interview Success Rates by Round

The first step in the application process where cuts are made would be the Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Screen. get an awful lot of resumes out of the blue -- but historically they. have done the majority of recruiting out of the schools (under grad, MBA, JD, MD, PhD). When I was at McKinsey , the preference was to have alumni of a particular institution screen resumes and CV's from those institutions. what's impressive on the resume and what's not.

Bain Job Offer from Non-Target School

After reading your article on CVs and resumes , I set my sights on getting a big name employer since I didn't have any work experience or a big name school on my resume. At least 100 undergraduate students have asked me how I was so successful with recruiting, and I directed them towards your site, advising them to learn and practice with what you offer. In your case, you've demonstrated that a path for non-target, non-brand name employers on resumes does exist.

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Introduction to Case Interviews

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Almost all consulting firms include the case interview as part of their recruitment process. I would try to get familiar with case interviews a few months in advance of recruitment season and really ramp it up – doing a case a day – the month leading up to your first interview.

Preparing for Your Consulting Application

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First things first, your consulting application is the most important part of the recruitment process for two reasons. The HR person will look at your Resume, Cover Letter, and Transcript and decide whether you are qualified to attend a first round interview.

Advanced Networking For Consulting – Video Overview

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In addition to 30 minutes with us, you’ll receive a free copy of the Consulting Networking Bible – an 88-page networking manual that explains, step-by-step, exactly how to build relationships with consultants and recruiters and network into your dream consulting firms.

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How to get into Managment Consulting from Undergrad

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None of the major consulting firms recruit at her school, and she didn''t know where to start. Don''t waste your time submitting your resume online. Do they have an on-campus recruiting motion? Use it and find out if they are recruiting for the MC/strategy practice (vs. Don''t waste your time submitting your resume online. You are looking for them to say a) yes, talk to this person, b) I''ll pass your resume to the recruiting team.

Consultant Ninja - Untitled Article

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None of the major consulting firms recruit at her school, and she didn''t know where to start. Don''t waste your time submitting your resume online. Do they have an on-campus recruiting motion? Use it and find out if they are recruiting for the MC/strategy practice (vs. Don''t waste your time submitting your resume online. You are looking for them to say a) yes, talk to this person, b) I''ll pass your resume to the recruiting team.

Understanding Firms’ Selection Criteria

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Before starting your application journey, the very first thing is to understand the recruitment process and selection criteria of those management consulting firms. Keeping this recruitment funnel in mind, let’s talk about the management consulting selection criteria.

The Top 5 Reasons why an MBA will help you break into McKinsey

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1) You’re making it easy for recruiters. McKinsey recruits MBA candidates for 2 reasons. #1, 1, it’s easy – they’ve set up a recruiting system that’s super efficient for them, targeting the best schools, and #2, the success ratio from target MBA programs is higher, meaning they have to spend less time and money on finding candidates they want. When you’re an MBA candidate at a target school, you’re already part of the recruiting pool.

Management Consulting Salary Guide for 2019

They desire applicants who have tangible experience on their resume, with specific and quantifiable goals. Some consulting firms recruit individuals quite early. However, only students of top talent within these programs are recruited.

What’s in Store for Consulting Industry Trends in 2017?


Although precise niches of skills are always likely to be of interest to consulting firms that are recruiting new hires, recent trends show that firms are looking for more holistic skills among their recruits.