Sat.Aug 08, 2020

Why are some consulting projects so unsuccessful?

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Most consultants reckon that about 70 percent of projects fail to meet their objectives. Reasons for this are wide-ranging. Many issues are project specific. They may relate to specific management issues or special situations that limit consultants’ effectiveness.

Don’t waste the lesson

Seth Godin Blog

Things rarely turn out precisely the way we hoped. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can figure out why. If we find the lesson and learn from it, it might be even more valuable than if we’d simply gotten lucky


How to Make Yourself Competitive for a Future Consulting Career When an Opportunity isn’t in Sight Today

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Dear University Student Seeking to Enter Consulting, Let’s be honest. Due to the global economic and health impacts of COVID-19, getting any job offer just got a lot harder.