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Highest-ROI Client Acquisition Channels For Consultants With Hugo E. Gomez: Podcast #331

Consulting Success

Do you want to build a multi-million dollar marketing consultancy? Buckle up and learn from today’s guest, who spills the secrets to taking your business from zero to hero. Starting from scratch, Hugo E. Gomez, the founder of Abogados NOW, discovered the power of niche marketing by focusing on Hispanic digital marketing for law firms; Highest-ROI Client Acquisition Channels For Consultants With Hugo E.

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The 6 Disciplines Companies Need to Get the Most Out of Gen AI

Harvard Business

Some observers are beginning to question whether gen AI will produce enough value to exceed its costs. It can, but extracting economic value from gen AI requires several different types of disciplined capabilities. Unfortunately, most companies lack these. The good news is they can develop them. Specifically, companies should invest in behavioral change, controlled experimentation, measurement of business value, data management, human capital development, and systems thinking.

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I-O Psychology Concepts that “Bear” Highlighting

Harmonious Workplaces

Popular Hulu Series Presents Lessons on Workplace Culture My wife and I started watching the Hulu series “The Bear” a few months ago and excitedly anticipated the third season, which dropped on June 26, 2023. We blitzed through the eight-part series within a week. While I find it both touching and humorous, I feel some […] The post I-O Psychology Concepts that “Bear” Highlighting appeared first on Harmonious Workplaces.

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What Sets Genius Teams Apart

Harvard Business

The most successful executive teams can achieve outsized outcomes, but they can also be challenging to manage and be a part of. The author, a psychologist who has worked with executive teams for over 20 years, explains what sets the best teams apart — their members’ raw capacity, the scale of their aspiration and achievement, and their constant generative tension — and unpacks how to manage the latter so that teams are productive, not destructive.

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PowerPoint Best Practices for Creating Stellar Presentations

Mastering data visualization in PowerPoint will help accelerate your career because it positions you as someone who can present data that drives business decisions forward. think-cell's PowerPoint Best Practices eBook was created specifically for professionals aiming to master the art and science of data-driven storytelling. What’s inside: Practical Insights: Uncover valuable tips for crafting engaging and persuasive presentations.

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Kazoo lessons

Seth Godin Blog

Knowledge and technique used to be closely guarded secrets. Admission to the guild was reserved for a few, and crafts like typesetting, plumbing and medicine were off limits to most folks. One of the reasons for the explosion in productivity and innovation in the last century is that more tools and leverage are available to more people than ever before.

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