Sun.Nov 19, 2023

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Case Study - Scaling Through Lean At Theodo Group

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Fabrice Bernard, Co-Founder of Theodo Group, and Catherine Chabiron, author of Learning to Scale at Theodo Group, talk about scaling through lean.

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A Thanksgiving Message of Peace

Action Plan

During challenging times, various paths unfold. Things generally trend upward or downward. They tend to sway toward either the light or dark side. The light embodies peace; the dark, conflict. Peace is straightforward. Perhaps overly so? Three actions can foster peace: 1. Engage in civil, loving conversations wherever possible. 2. Refrain from endorsing hate or violence. 3.


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The perfect conditions

Seth Godin Blog

Somewhere, there is the ideal soil for growing mangoes. Or the best possible wave for surfing. Or the most romantic sunset for a proposal. But it’s not right here and it’s not right now. Our success has a lot to do with how we dance with conditions that aren’t quite perfect.

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Exploring the Unconventional Power of Gratitude: Joy, Sorrow & Thanksgiving

Leadership Vision Consulting

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Leadership Vision! In this episode, we're flipping the script and delving into how embracing all human experiences - the ecstasy and the agony - leads to a life of heightened compassion and understanding. We illuminate the paradoxical concept that our most challenging experiences, when seasoned with a pinch of gratitude, can shape us positively.

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PowerPoint Best Practices for Creating Stellar Presentations

Mastering data visualization in PowerPoint will help accelerate your career because it positions you as someone who can present data that drives business decisions forward. think-cell's PowerPoint Best Practices eBook was created specifically for professionals aiming to master the art and science of data-driven storytelling. What’s inside: Practical Insights: Uncover valuable tips for crafting engaging and persuasive presentations.