‘Uberization’ of consulting: A major disruption or merely hype?

Tom Spencer

UBER and Air-BNB are the companies who have perfected this model and have radically democratized the taxi and hotel industries, tapping into un-utilized excess capacities and ultimately making the economic system more efficient. Scalability Issues: Large projects involving multiple consultants, like enterprise level technology implementation, will be difficult to effectively execute through this model. The ‘UBER’ fever has caught North America.

How to Capture Value from Collaboration, Especially If You’re Skeptical About It

Harvard Business

On the contrary, clarity about where the buck stops is one of the most critical enablers of efficient teamwork. Working with old hands before you forge a project of your own helps you pick up the routines, processes, and tools that make collaboration efficient. I never realized that we have behavioral economists on staff who can apply psychological and cognitive research to help clients with technology implementation projects. Vincent Tsui for HBR.

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Bots Won’t Just Help Us Buy Stuff. They’ll Help Us Become Better Versions of Ourselves

Harvard Business

Just as they do for physical fitness, technologies tracking steps and heart rates already capture actionable inferences about individual energy levels and moods. For example, as part of its IoT digital transformation efforts, GE embraced “digital twins” as a key productivity technology. The next step is obvious: Enable digital twins — or triplets, quadruplets, septuplets — to help GE’s human assets become more productive and efficient, too.

The Critical Skills for Leading Major Change in America’s Health System

Harvard Business

The first concerns the challenge of creating the meaningful use program for the HITECH Act when I served as national coordinator of health information technology from 2009 to 2011, at the beginning of the Obama administration. Though the implementation of the HITECH Act seemed superficially like a technology project, I gradually came to realize that it was much more than that. At a time of profound volatility in the U.S.