Sun.Mar 26, 2023

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Why Business Consulting Services Benefit Companies

Business Consulting Agency

Business consulting services are becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes and industries. These services provide expert guidance and advice to businesses looking to improve their operations, solve problems, and grow their bottom line. Startups, small business, and established larger organizations work with consultants. To ensure better results, companies and investors work with professionals.

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“One Size Fits None”: a total loser…

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

I. “One Size Fits None” is a loser: The right question isn’t “are the arts/entertainment/sports dying?” The right question is, “Are you relevant?” One Big Thing: Focus on your customer. The sad reality is that too many arts organizations, sports teams, concert venues, start with the point of view of “what works for me?” As I was listening to the replay of our conversation, it got me thinking about some bullet points for improving the marketing of arts/culture: Research is as simple as going to G

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The Hegelochus lesson

Seth Godin Blog

More than 2,000 years ago, an actor in Greece botched a line in a play. In an inflection error, he said “weasel” when he meant to say “calm sea.” As a result, he was mocked by Sannyrion and then Aristophanes and others. He never worked again. The lesson might be that one innocent slip and you’re doomed. The real lesson might be that in the history of his profession, one in which millions of people have stood up and said billions of words, this is the only time this

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3 Things Great Leaders Do When They Get Laid Off

Leadership Vision Consulting

In this episode, we talk about three things the best leaders do when they get laid off or experience a work transition. We share how good leaders lean into self-compassion, self-care, and reach out to their networks to get back on that proverbial employment horse. Enjoy! The post 3 Things Great Leaders Do When They Get Laid Off appeared first on Leadership Vision.

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PowerPoint Best Practices for Creating Stellar Presentations

Mastering data visualization in PowerPoint will help accelerate your career because it positions you as someone who can present data that drives business decisions forward. think-cell's PowerPoint Best Practices eBook was created specifically for professionals aiming to master the art and science of data-driven storytelling. What’s inside: Practical Insights: Uncover valuable tips for crafting engaging and persuasive presentations.