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These Smart Social Media Tactics Will Help You Prevent A Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Everyone is using social media for marketing today. Do they understand the culture of each platform so they know what “voice” to use? Marketing and PR basics: Even though your social media managers might not be entrenched in your marketing strategy, you should include them. These three social media tactics, anchored in a regular risk analysis can go a long way to helping you prevent a crisis. By Chris Syme.

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Make “Fairness by Design” Part of Machine Learning

Harvard Business

Machine learning is increasingly being used to predict individuals’ attitudes, behaviors, and preferences across an array of applications — from personalized marketing to precision medicine. More recently, a study compared the commonly used crime risk analysis tool COMPAS against recidivism predictions from 400 untrained workers recruited via Amazon Mechanical Turk. patients at high versus low risk of cardiovascular disease). dlanor s./unsplash. unsplash.

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