Sun.Jun 16, 2024

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Spam 3.0

Seth Godin Blog

Any fully open system of digital communication will corrode over time. Bad messages will crowd out the good ones. The new normal: Someone finds a database of every residential property, then another of cell phones. An AI is trained to call every homeowner, every day, asking if they’re thinking of selling their home. Millions of calls an hour. The leads (one out of 40,000 calls, perhaps) are sold to real estate brokers.

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Mastering Workplace Conflict: Insights from Carol Bowser

Leadership Vision Consulting

Have you ever wondered how childhood experiences shape our conflict stories in the workplace? In this episode, we share an eye-opening conversation with Carol Bowser, founder of Conflict Management Strategies. Carol shares her unique journey from employment law to conflict mediation, offering profound insights on how leaders can effectively navigate conflict and foster a healthy work environment.