‘Uberization’ of consulting: A major disruption or merely hype?

Tom Spencer

This model could have far-reaching implications for an industry that has historically focused on recruiting the best and brightest, then developing that talent for the long haul. Scalability Issues: Large projects involving multiple consultants, like enterprise level technology implementation, will be difficult to effectively execute through this model. This gives them an edge especially when it comes to implementing major projects.

Kalypso Interviews & Culture

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The firm does this by offering technology implementation services, as well as some tech advisory expertise and a little strategy work. Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Platform and Augmented Reality (AR). While you’ll get to work in many areas, a vast majority of your work will still be technology focused. KALYPSO INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. rounds of interviews, the first of which may consist of connecting with a recruiter for a phone screen.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

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It should be no surprise since they have been the birthplace of many technological advances, were one of the founders of the entire personal computer industrial revolution, and now are leaders in new software platforms, hardware infrastructure and workplace equality. These services focused on business management and information technology. In 2002, many large accounting firms were selling off their management and technology consulting segments. Information Technology.