Sat.Feb 24, 2024

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A transformative summer

Seth Godin Blog

Living indoors, connected to a screen, it’s easy for the months and years to blur together. The seasons used to matter more. But for young adults, they still do. Transitions are built around the seasons, and the headlong rush to a career is still sometimes interrupted by months where there’s a chance to reset and to grow. If you know someone who’s a few months away from one of these in-between summers, I hope you’ll forward this to them.

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6 Great Reasons Why CEOs Need To Hold Their Employees Accountable

Peter Stark

We are working on several coaching projects where CEOs struggle to hold their team members accountable. When we ask these leaders why they don’t hold employees accountable to do the things they are responsible for doing and in the timeframe they have set for accomplishment, some of the common excuses include: They expect their direct reports to communicate, collaborate, and work well with their cross-departmental colleagues and do not feel they should have to resolve conflict between team member

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