Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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Patience – The Greatest Secret of Ordinary Visionaries

Action Plan

What is the great secret of Ordinary Visionaries? Is it purpose, passion, or persistence? Is it knowledge, creativity, or genius? Is it hard work, good luck, or good timing? Well, all of those certainly won’t hurt, but I believe, nothing is more important to an Ordinary Visionary than… PATIENCE And here are 25 quotes that prove my case. Let me know what you think!

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Five Questions to Foster Courage and Clarity in Leadership

Leadership Vision Consulting

In this episode, which originally aired back in 2021, we share a conversation with founder Brian Schubring and former consultant Melissa Hiatt about five essential questions leaders can use to foster courage and gain clarity in their leadership. Through stories and practical advice, we reveal how understanding the broader context of one's journey can unlock multiple choices and strategies for overcoming challenges.

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Blame your tools

Seth Godin Blog

Blame the clients. And blame the conditions. But then, you’re on the hook to get better tools, find better clients and work in better conditions. It’s not convenient, but it’s possible. If it’s not worth the effort, we can simply accept what we’ve chosen and get back to work.

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