Sun.May 26, 2024

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Play fair & work hard

Seth Godin Blog

Two of the building blocks of a resilient society. And the opposite of the lazy shortcut. The meanings of both clauses change over time… Play fair: Everyone gets an opportunity to participate, from the very beginning Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it Take responsibility for the effects and side effects of your work Don’t seek monopoly power The long-term is the point Show your work and bring transparency to the market Don’t be a jerk Give others the benefit of the d

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Revisiting the Importance of Collaboration

Leadership Vision Consulting

Happy Memorial Day! In this episode, we take a brief pause from our regular schedule to honor the holiday and reflect on the importance of collaboration. Instead of a new episode, we’re excited to re-share a valuable episode from 2021 that delves deep into the nuances of collaboration—a topic that has become increasingly relevant for us at Leadership Vision.