Sun.Feb 04, 2024

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The pitfall of Big Game thinking

Seth Godin Blog

In the US, today is a major holiday. The Superb Owl, with nachos, commercials and beer. People who don’t even watch football watch this game, and it’s one of the largest audiences each year on TV. For a certain kind of mass marketer, a Super Bowl ad has been the gold standard for 40 years, ever since Lee Clow and Jay Chiat did the original Mac ad.

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Unveiling Strengths and Building Team Culture: Insights from The Learning Community

Leadership Vision Consulting

Have you ever imagined your personal Strengths as a vivid image, telling the captivating story of who you are as a professional? In this episode, we delve into a unique aspect of how we build positive team culture within organizations - the Learning Community (or Picture Day as it has become know as to some of our long standing clients). This process involves creating visual narratives to help individuals and teams understand their unique Strengths results.

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