Sun.Jan 29, 2023

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8 Reasons Why eLearning is Beneficial for an Organization

Clarity Consultants

When running a business, you want to ensure that your employees are as trained and knowledgeable as possible. And while hiring the right candidates is important, there are steps you can take to ensure that they are well-equipped for the job–like taking training courses. And while there are countless training courses, choosing the one that is the best fit for you and your business is of utmost importance.

Training 101
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The coming ubiquity

Seth Godin Blog

The fuss about AI might be mis-focused. It’s easy to point to a computer-created essay, song or illustration and find the defects or errors. Given hard work by 1,000 trained people, it’s likely that a human could make something more useful or inspired than a computer could. But the real impact of AI isn’t going to be that it regularly and consistently does far better than the best human effort.

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How to Create Vision with Your Values

Leadership Vision Consulting

We want to inspire you to really think differently about the way you're approaching your job, your parenting or family life, or community activities. And it starts with understanding your values. In this episode, we discuss how our values have shaped the direction of Leadership Vision, plus three steps for creating your own vision for the new year. The post How to Create Vision with Your Values appeared first on Leadership Vision.

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