Sun.Feb 25, 2024

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The grey goo

Seth Godin Blog

If we take a big enough dataset… Add to it machine learning and autotune and the race to fit in and reach the masses… We end up with a relentless march toward mediocrity. Mediocre is another word for average. It has always happened as industries matured (whether it’s Motown or blenders). But then, often, a human being shows up with something that ‘everyone’ says isn’t going to work, and the game is reset.

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Harmonizing Team Culture and Leadership in a Hybrid Work Era: The Power of Purpose and Expectations

Leadership Vision Consulting

Can daily habits and clear expectations supercharge your team's culture, even in a hybrid work world? In this episode, we journey through the significant yet often-overlooked elements that are key to nurturing a thriving team environment. Together with Dr. Linda Schubring, we examine the influence of purpose-filled gatherings and the powerful impact of intentional leadership choices on team dynamics.

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