Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops

Steve Shu Consulting

I am co-hosting Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops in conjunction with one of my colleagues and partners, Namika Sagara at Sagara Consulting. The goals of these workshops are twofold. Second, the workshops provide an introduction to how companies can implement BE initiatives.

Workshop updates

Seth Godin Blog

Today’s the very best day to sign up for the Business of Food Workshop. Even though the lessons haven’t begun yet, we’re seeing engagement levels that are extraordinary, with students embracing the peer-to-peer nature of the Akimbo workshops. It’s being run by the extraordinary entrepreneur and UC Berkeley professor Will Rosenzweig. You can see all the details here , and the first lesson (of ten) begins tomorrow, February 12th.


Workshops are not courses

Seth Godin Blog

Workshops are different. Workshops are about the cohort. Workshops involve work , not the compliance inherent in testing and certification. If you want to learn to build a boat, take a workshop. It’s very difficult to run workshops at scale in the real world. But it turns out that online, a workshop is a powerful way to learn. But a course can’t possibly provide the magic of a workshop. And workshops are the future of online learning.

Advanced Practitioner Workshop

Kates Kesler

Advanced Practitioner Workshop. During this two-day, highly interactive, case-based workshop we will share insights from our forthcoming book bringing to life three and four dimensional organizational structures in some of the world’s largest and most complex global companies. This workshop is for managers, HR leaders, and OD professionals with a deep interest and some experience in organization design. Dec 9-10, 2015. All Day. New York University. Kimmel Center.

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“Your Training Workshop Was Difficult”

Gina Abudi

I was working with a client just last week to schedule training workshops for the 2015. We got to talking about some the feedback she receives on my workshops. She said she frequently hears from participants in my workshops that they had to do a lot of work and were challenged. The post “Your Training Workshop Was Difficult” appeared first on Gina Abudi. Hence…I Learned Something!

Expand Your Professional Profile with a Workshop!

Women in Consulting

Such was the case when I first started facilitating workshops more than 18 years ago! Eventually, I realized I had a lot more to gain with each workshop I facilitated, starting with new clients. The benefits of hosting a workshop are many—the kind of stuff money just can’t buy! Facilitating a workshop raises your profile as the expert in your field while providing additional revenue for your business. By: Rita Barber.

Upcoming Workshops

The Nonprofit Consultant

For those who've written to ask, I've got a couple of public workshops coming up soon. This is an introductory workshop for those new to proposal writing, and unsure of what elements to include or what foundations are looking for. This short workshop provides a few tools for you to use in getting your plan started. Tags: workshops grant writing Nonprofit fundraising

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Basic Grant Proposal Writing Workshops

The Nonprofit Consultant

For several years now I have been honored to teach nonprofit workshops through the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. Putting the proposal together and submitting After the Proposal - Next Steps The workshops are held at the Community Foundation's building on Soquel Drive in Aptos, right off Highway 1. workshops grant writing Nonprofit grants Santa Cruz fundraising

January 29 Workshop: Liz Williams on “Up your Game: From ‘Service Provider’ to Trusted Adviser”

Women in Consulting

ones Please join the WIC community at the January 29 Workshop when Liz Williams, founder of Collaboration Zone, will teach you how to drive project success through better collaboration. By: Alicia Woodfall-J?ones

The Leadership Workshop—one more time

Seth Godin Blog

Here's what I wrote about that workshop: Where does leadership come from? I'd like to invite you to a new real-time online workshop on leadership. The workshop takes place at 9 am NY time on Thursday, February 18th.

Rare QA video, a new workshop, and a path forward for entrepreneurs

Seth Godin Blog

The timing for the release of the edit couldn’t be better, as we’re launching two workshops today: The Freelancer’s Workshop is brand new. And The Bootstrapper’s Workshop is an effective and proven method for starting an organization financed by customer investment. It was 100 degrees outside, and far hotter inside the barn (which had no air conditioning.). But SwissMiss invited me, and I’m glad I followed through.

Organization Design Fundamentals (Nov 2015)

Kates Kesler

Workshops and ConferencesTickets available here.

Corporate training: $70 billion largely wasted?

Consultants Mind

Learning training workshopCorporate learning and development is a huge market. Training magazine estimates here that it is approximately $70 billion annually for companies with more than 100 employees. While that is a huge number, it feels about right. All of this training takes the form of L&D headcount, outside consultants, training tools, travel, and other education spending. They estimate… Read More » The post Corporate training: $70 billion largely wasted?

Workshop: Introduction to Fundraising Planning

The Nonprofit Consultant

On August 31 I will be teaching a workshop on Introduction to Fundraising Planning at the Peninsula Community Foundation in San Mateo, CA. The PCF workshops are organized in partnership with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. The three-hour workshop (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) will cover material from my book on Fund Development Planning. Tags: nonprofit , fundraising , fund development , workshop

How to Go ALL IN on Your Marketing

The More Clients Blog

But then the workshop leader suggested a new scenario to help take the song to a whole new level: “Imagine you were greeting your uncle after he just got out of jail.”. But when the workshop leader changed the context, the song was delivered at a whole new ALL IN level.

Using Case Studies in Training Programs

Gina Abudi

Training case studies leadership programs learning and development Professional Development workshopsTraining programs benefit employees when those employees are able to apply what they are learning in real-life situations. This is where case studies come in. Case studies, based on real-life situations within the organization and related to the employee’s responsibilities, enables for practicing new concepts learned in the classroom environment. Here is how Abudi Consulting [.].

Why Training Matters

Gina Abudi

Human Resource employee development Professional Development skills development Training workshopsIt is an investment organizations must make. Training should be a component of every organization’s strategic plan.

Three R's of Grant Writing

The Nonprofit Consultant

We had a great turnout at yesterday's Basic Grant Proposal Writing workshop at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. video workshops grant writing research Nonprofit tips

Developing Effective Learning Programs - Part I

Gina Abudi

Human Resource evaluating training learning programs Professional Development Training training programs workshops A Client Story: Change is Needed If learning programs you are bringing on-site or offering virtually to your employees are not enabling for application immediately back on the job, you need new programs. If the programs you are offering just don’t fit the bill any longer, you need to make changes to satisfy professional development [.].

Nonprofits Talking Taxes

The Nonprofit Consultant

Earlier this month I attended a workshop at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County called " Show Me the Money: Nonprofits Talking Taxes." The workshop was conducted by Kim Klein, a well-known, much respected, and quite beloved fundraising consultant and trainer. The workshop was not all gloom and doom. These workshops are free, and are available to any nonprofit group in California. workshops Nonprofit activism funding values taxes government

Take Time to Learn

Gina Abudi

Professional Development developing skills knowledge Training workshops Are you taking the time to further develop and enhance your current skills? To learn new skills? Too often we don’t take time to develop ourselves professionally – we are just too busy with work and personal life; something always gets in the way of our good intentions! Build time in to your schedule for [.].

Developing Effective Learning Programs – Part III

Gina Abudi

Human Resource evaluating training learning programs Professional Development ROI of training Training training programs workshops A Client Story: Presenting the Report to the Client Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this client story for background information. The Client Report. Significant information was gathered from ACG’s evaluation of the current offerings and our small group meetings. The small group meetings provided the most relevant information as we were also able [.].

Developing Effective Learning Programs - Part II

Gina Abudi

Human Resource evaluating training learning programs Professional Development ROI of training Training training programs workshops A Client Story: Evaluating the Programs Read Part 1 of this client story for background information. Part 2 will focus on Abudi Consulting Group’s (ACG) one month evaluation project. Evaluation of Current Offerings.

Strategy and the art of motorcycle maintenance


What I learned about empirical analysis, dominant hypotheses, and the value of a clean workshop while crossing Australia on my bike. Our Insights

Is It Time to Consider a Fixed Fee for Your Consulting Services?

Successful Independent Consulting

For example, facilitation, workshops, coaching engagements, and possibly assessments. For example, a report, plan, assessment, workshop, list of recommendations, or a specific number of coaching sessions.

Social Media 101 for Nonprofit Consultants

The Nonprofit Consultant

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present an introductory workshop on social media to a few of my colleagues in the Fund Builders Alliance. Although I was pleased to present this workshop, and although I do offer social media planning and coaching services , I'm always hesitant to use the title "social media expert." online community workshops Nonprofit social media facebook twitter handsnet communications

Consulting vs. Venture Capital

Management Consulted

A couple years ago, over the most delicious pizza in Cambridge, I was having a conversation with a Harvard undergrad after one of our workshops. His dilemma? Consulting vs. Venture Capital. He had summered at Bain and was debating between … Continued. The post Consulting vs. Venture Capital appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting recruiting

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New Resolutions and Fresh Starts

Steve Shu Consulting

Two other options that I’ve seen are to include specialized workshops that can either: precede the Spring Cleaning meeting (as a standalone workshop). More information on Behavioral Economics Workshops can be found at www.BehavioralEconomics.Info.

Corporate lifecycles and Bain’s Founder’s Mentality

Consultants Mind

Working for a US manufacturer overseas, our President hired a consultant by the name of Adizes to take us through a 2 day workshop to understand the potential growing … Continue reading → Learning Bain Consulting lifecycle Management consulting I was first introduced to the concept of company life-cycles in 1997.

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What to Expect from Off-Site Meetings


Workshops in another setting can provide employees with a valuable means of thinking critically about their company's vision

Steve Shu on How to Earn $100,000 to $200,000 For Each Consulting Project

Consulting Success

In this episode, Steve shares key tactics for securing high-figure consulting projects, the value of workshops and networking, and the benefits of making regular investments of increased knowledge within your area of consulting expertise.

Why Toyota Kata May Be the Right Approach for You

Markovitz Consulting

That’s why the presentations and the experiential workshops at the Katacon Summit last week in Savannah were inspiring. One of the great benefits of the 2 Second Lean approach to lean is the way that it gets everyone engaged in kaizen with simple improvements. The genius of Paul Akers’ approach is the low barrier to entry for workers. But as I’ve written about before , the problem with 2 Second Lean is the high barrier to entry for leadership.

What's a "Mature" Organization? - Free Management Library

Consulting and Organizational Management

I conducted a workshop two weeks ago in which a participant mentioned that some of the other participants in the room were not from “mature organizations.” Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Library Blogs Home. This Blogs Home. Guest Writer Submissions. Policies. To Subscribe to a Blog. About. Feedback. What’s a "Mature" Organization? By Carter McNamara on April 23, 2010.

Update on Inside Nudging and Other Behavioral Science (e.g., Behavioral Economics) Efforts

Steve Shu Consulting

I am in the process of publishing an update to Inside Nudging: The Excerpts (as a free release in Apple iBook format and in paperback form for talks, workshops, and academic inquiries). As a final update, I plan to give a limited number of talks on Inside Nudging and co-host Behavioral Economics Workshops in conjunction with one of my colleagues and partners, Namika Sagara at Sagara Consulting. More information on the workshops can be found here.

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Saying “yes” to clients can get you in trouble

Consultants Mind

When the client asks for something – new research, some ad-hoc analysis, an extra workshop – it usually seems like a reasonable request. It’s easy to say YES. Perhaps too easy. After all, they pay the bills and shouldn’t they get the most out of their consultants? When the consultant says YES to a new… Read More » The post Saying “yes” to clients can get you in trouble appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Fundamentals of Consulting in Atlanta

Ed Kless

It has just been announced that I will be doing a two-day Fundamentals of Consulting workshop on Monday and Tuesday, August 29 and 30, 2016 at the Sage North America Headquarters in Atlanta.

Saying YES to clients can get consultants in trouble

Consultants Mind

It’s easy to say YES When the client asks for something – new research, some ad-hoc analysis, an extra workshop – it usually seems like a reasonable request. After all, they pay the bills and shouldn’t they get the most … Continue reading → Consultant Clients Consulting Customer Service Feedback Management consulting Professionalism Project

Saving the client $1,300 on Sunday

Consultants Mind

Tomorrow, we have 2 workshops, totaling 30 people. It amounts to 1,900 pages of color printing and binding. Since Fedex usually charges 69 cents per color printed page (retail), it comes out to approximately $1,300 in just printing. Cray, cray. Right thing to do. … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Management consulting Professionalism

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Glenn Mattson: Overcoming Roadblocks With Sandler Training And Consulting: Podcast #40

Consulting Success

in conducting public and private workshops, corporate programs, and one-on-one strategic sessions for corporate executives, business owners and/or individuals who find themselves in a sales/management role. Roadblocks. Every company wants them removed, but very few consultants can truly tell you how. Glenn Mattson is President of Mattson Enterprise Inc., a Sandler Training consulting firm specializing in sales and management productivity and effectiveness.

Judy Dang on Work Overload

Women in Consulting

To find out more about bringing this workshop to your office, get in touch: By: Amy Huson. Do you suffer from overwhelm? Too much to do that you don’t know where to start? Designer and productivity consultant Judy Dang offers a way to get unstuck.