Oliver Wyman Careers


Consultants here tend to serve insurance, investment banking, retail banking, government agencies, payment processors, and private equity fund clients. Oliver Wyman recruits globally primarily from 100 of the most selective schools across five continents. Travel.

AlixPartners Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Retail. Popular fields for AlixPartners alum include venture capital, private equity, financial services, investment management and retail. Even for such a high travel firm, which we’ll discuss below, they all seem to be so gosh darn chummy with each other. Travel – Now don’t get us wrong, warning a prospective consultant about travel is a bit like warning trainee surgeon that they may see blood once in a while. ALIXPARTNERS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING .

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Conversation with Marakon

Tom Spencer

Alex Formstone is a Principal in Marakon ’s London office, and heads up recruiting in the UK for graduates and MBAs. I recently had the good fortune to talk briefly with Alex about his career, Marakon and its recruitment process.

Simon-Kucher & Partners Interviews & Culture

Management Consulted

Consumer & Retail. Transportation, Travel & Tourism. Travel is unavoidable at Simon-Kucher. If you have a passion for pricing, and are looking for an exciting career of travel and collaboration, you’ll be a good fit at Simon-Kucher & Partners.

Kalypso Interviews & Culture

Management Consulted

Kalypso specializes in working with clients in the Consumer Goods (especially packaged products), Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Retail sectors. KALYPSO INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. KALYPSO.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

Management Consulted

1997 – First Global Prize, an annual business school case study competition for potential recruits, awarded. Retail. Transportation & Travel. Summer Associates are given the opportunity to travel as they will be stationed both at client sites and in the office. You have to be prepared for Sunday – Friday travel, which is the flip-side of client exposure – you get to meet and collaborate with the client, but you are NEVER at home.

ZS Associates Firm Profile

Management Consulted

16 Retail Consulting. #27 Travel & Transportation. ZS offers its employees many opportunities to travel to its international locations; however, be open to working nights and early US mornings with teams across cultures and geographies such as India. ZS ASSOCIATES INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. At ZS Associates, 57% of hiring comes from campus recruitment, 26% apply online, 10% through employee referrals and 7% through hiring agencies. ZS ASSOCIATES.

Sales 100

FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Retail & Consumer Products. FTI’s Summer Internship program has met with great success for the company and is fast becoming their main source for full-time recruitment. It also means that interns are at times required to travel and interact with FTI’s clients. Students at the graduate and undergraduate levels simply submit their resume through their campus career center or the FTI website if they do not actively recruit on campus. 22% applied through a Recruiter.

The Cambridge Group: Interviews & Culture

Management Consulted

The Cambridge Group works largely with retailers or specific manufacturers to increase market presence. What helps with this work/life balance is that travel is not a big part of the projects at TCG. Eddie Yoon on Multicultural Super Consumers at MC Retail 360 (August 12, 2015).

Groups 141

Brews, News and Booz & Company: Interview and Culture Insights

Management Consulted

He began by helping firms recruit competent executives, acquire new customers, and establish conducive office space. After 2 years, he recruited 2 friends from Chicago and formed the Business Research and Development Company with $500 borrowed from the bank. Retail. The team is made up of the “best and brightest” individuals from top MBA and MPP programs, as well as recruits from all of the Ivies. BOOZ & COMPANY INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Washington, DC

Management Consulted

The Washington, DC office’s recruitment team hires highly intelligent people who start as great communicators but are trainable. In the DC office, consultants work on diverse projects for clients – industrial goods, consumer goods, retail, technology and communications, health care, and financial services companies. Be prepared for lots of travel and very little flexibility or work life balance – 60-70 hours a week is the status quo for most project managers.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

Management Consulted

Retail. Travel and Transportation. Travel to client locations are required. Excellence in Retail. IBM GBS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. IBM Global Business Services (GBS).

A Commercial Pilot’s 2-Year Plan to Break into Consulting

Management Consulted

I got a part-time job in a retail store, and in my downtime I just started a learning a lot of the tools necessary in order to be a producer/project manager in media. People will just take a little bit of time and travel, or something like that. So I started searching for programs that consulting firms recruit from. Georgia Tech is a program that two firms recruit from that I would be interested in. Another big recruiter out of Georgia Tech is North Highland.

Buck Consultants Firm Profile

Management Consulted

Retail & Consumer Products. Travel. BUCK CONSULTANTS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. BUCK CONSULTANTS. Today, we highlight another one of those consulting firms you may never have heard of – yet another reason why MC is here! Insightful Thinking. Real-world solutions. That’s what Buck Consultants stands for – driving thinking-real-world solutions.

Alvarez & Marsal Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Recently, Alvarez & Marsal gained more territory in Europe and Asia by recruiting a new country head in Greece and by opening an office in Seoul, South Korea. Retail. While you can and should expect to travel a lot, they do try to keep travel regional, so you won’t be crossing time zones every 4 days. ALVAREZ & MARSAL INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. . ALVAREZ & MARSAL CONSULTING.

How Amazon Adapted Its Business Model to India

Harvard Business

Thanks to Bezos’s vision and a highly successful, user-friendly website, by 1997 Amazon.com was the first online retailer to boast one million customers. The Chai Cart team reportedly traveled more than 9,400 miles across 31 cities and engaged with more than 10,000 sellers.

How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer

Harvard Business

” Databases and job search websites, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Ladders, and Salary.com are a good starting point, but Lees recommends talking to recruiters and headhunters and others in the industry. Do I want lots of international travel — or no travel at all? She also talked to recruiters and other people in her LinkedIn network to determine her worth. So she next asked the recruiter if other elements, such as paid time off, were open for negotiation.

3 Ways to Get Your Own Digital Platform

Harvard Business

Customers can tweet at JetBlue with questions or problems, and the account helps keep JetBlue front of mind for its followers, even when they’re not traveling. British retailer ASOS also maintains a popular Instagram account. So you want to have a digital platform.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Boston

Management Consulted

BCG’s clients typically include many of the world’s 500 largest companies – BCG Boston is no exception, but in this office the focus is on healthcare, financial services, industrial goods, retail, and high tech. Extravagant meals are covered while on business travel and teams have budgets to have fun events to get to know each other. Are you a consultant living in Boston? Looking to move to Boston?

Research: Why Americans Are So Impressed by Busyness

Harvard Business

Cadillac’s “ The Only Way to Travel ” campaign in the 90’s). We randomly assigned more than 450 respondents for a lab study to one of three conditions where participants read about a middle-aged consumer usually shopping at one of the three retailers. In one study, we purposely recruited an international sample of participants drawn from Italy and the U.S. “What is a ‘weekend?’”

How Unilever Reaches Rural Consumers in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

The initiative also provides incomes for women who have few opportunities to make money and cannot freely travel outside of their homes. The Philippines is a nation of small retailers. About 95% of the 1 million retail locations are small variety shops, called sari-sari stores. Consumer markets in the developing world are an enormous but still-untapped opportunity for companies seeking new sources of growth.

What the Best Transformational Leaders Do

Harvard Business

Some companies that made the list were obvious choices; for example, the biggest online retailer now gets most of its profit from cloud services (Amazon). We recruited a panel of expert judges (see the list below), who evaluated the companies through the lens of their own expertise and gauged which transformations were most durable and had the highest impact in their industries. Companies that claim to be “transforming” seem to be everywhere.

Change Management Is Becoming Increasingly Data-Driven. Companies Aren’t Ready

Harvard Business

We are working with a large travel and tourism firm to introduce a system for real-time employee feedback. And today some businesses such as retailers are using predictive analytics for hiring frontline staff. One client of Change Logic’s has built a dashboard for identifying recruitment and attrition in must-win talent populations. Harry Haysom/Getty Images.