Productivity Boost for Consultants

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Consulting tip: Watch videos on LEAN

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Toyota Production System. but I think it’s even easier to just watch a few videos. Great 90 second video animating these concepts here. What other videos on LEAN / Six Sigma would you recommend? Consultant Lean Toyota Production System videos

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Most Important Metrics to Track for a Consulting Business: Video

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Video Transcript: Let’s talk about metrics. How many products did you win and how many products did you lose, that you put a proposal up for?” Most Important Metrics to Track for a Consulting Business: Video is a post from: Consulting Success.

Future of Television: The Impact of OTT on Video Production Around the World


OTT encompasses the distribution of video content “over the top” of traditional distribution technologies. In many ways, OTT is neither more nor less than a replication of the traditional set of consumer video services. Report Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

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Video: Catching Up with the 93%

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As of last year, 93% of senior marketing professionals use video for online marketing, sales or communications. Which should make us consultants think: if the vast majority of marketing professionals are using video for online marketing, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our businesses ?

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Heidi Grant Halvorson on The Most Productive Mindset

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All the self-help and productivity books in the world can’t help you get more accomplished if you don’t get your mind in a good place first. Continue reading → Productivity Heidi Grant Halvorson need for achievement practicing mind Scott Adams

Consulting Website Design 009: The Power of Brand [VIDEO]

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It’s how you feel in the moment you interact with the product, service or business. EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get a free, 5-minute video tear-down of your consulting website to gain actionable tips to attract more leads and more clients by requesting a consultation on my contact page.

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Video Marketing: 7 Tips for Getting Started | Women in Consulting

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Fundraising Products The Raisers Edge: Fundraising & Donor Management Online Fundraising Accept Donations Online CRM Charity Software Modules Direct Mail Fundraising Custom Reporting Constituent Relationship. Peer-to-peer Fundraising Email Marketing Website Management Website Design Payment Processing Sphere Know How Blog Sphere Knowledgebase Sphere Forum Case Central Sphere Connect Sphere Connect Partners Blackbaud Connect Partner Network Overview Partner Login.

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Become a More Productive Learner

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In short, we have become less productive learners. Here are four ways to become a more productive learner. To make this concrete, after reading this article, you could start building a framework of how to become a more productive learner. We don’t have to be victims to the millions of blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and even books demanding our attention but giving us little. Bhandharangsri/Getty Images.

The Goldilocks Theory of Product Success

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If a competitor’s product offers the same features at the same price, there’s no reason to switch. Labeling it a digital video recorder, rather than something more differentiated, also highlighted commonalities with current behavior.

More nonprofit video

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I've recently been introduced to a new web site and production house focused on making videos for nonprofit causes: Charity Docs (dot org). They see their mission as helping to connect worthy organizations to potential donors through exposure on the website and by creating a product (the video) that the organization can use in presentations, meetings, mailings, etc. Their fee for a produced video is $2,500.

How to Sell Embarrassing Products

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The shelves of stores are packed with fantastic fonts, strategically designed color combinations, and unique product forms all competing to draw the attention of consumers. Our research shows that for products consumers find embarrassing to buy — for example, condoms, acne cream, hemorrhoid cream, and lice shampoo — having packaging that stands out may reduce consumers’ purchase intentions. Juj Winn/Getty Images.

Product adoption: different problems for different folks

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The product adoption cycle is one of the most essential things to understand when you seek to launch a product or service, or make any sort of cultural change. Some people start the video going viral, some are the very last to see it.

When Positive Product Reviews Backfire for Retailers

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Product returns are a costly problem for retailers. customers return a hefty $264 billion worth of products annually—almost 9% of total sales. In online retailing, most products are returned because customers aren’t satisfied with what they get—but this isn’t necessarily due to product defects. This is why retailers provide information—product descriptions, pictures, and videos—to help customers make more informed purchase decisions.


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Like Apple, most consumer-centric companies deal with the dilemma of how to brand the next- generation of an existing product. Product upgrades make up the majority of corporate research and development activity. Marketing Innovation Product development Analytics Sponsor Content

James Bond, Dunder Mifflin, and the Future of Product Placement

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An obvious solution is product placement, a company paying for its product to be featured prominently in a film or television program as a form of advertising. product placement market grew by 12.8% Interactive product placement. Reverse product placement.

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Plagues of Locusts Invade Russia; Putin's Inane Food Contraband Destruction Policy; Law of Productive Assets


One year into its embargo on western food products, Russia has launched a controversial campaign to destroy all contraband meat, dairy and produce, using on-the-spot incinerators, dump trucks, rollers and meat grinders. Video of Swarming Locusts I propose a simple economic law.

How to Work When You Don’t Feel Like Working

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Hey…that YouTube video on growing Norwegian potatoes looks sorta interesting! Consultants Mindset attitude mindset productivityIt’s gorgeous outside. What a perfect time to shoot a round of golf. And the bachelorette party for Aunt Matilda needs to be planned.

Chicago PMI Crashes to 5 1/2 Year Low: Production, New Orders, Backlogs Suffer Double Digit Declines


The sharp fall in business activity in February came as Production, New Orders, Order Backlogs and Employment all suffered double digit losses, leaving them below the 50 level which separates contraction from expansion. Link if video does not play: Gomer Pyle on Surprises.

Income Inequality Explained: Why Wages Don't, Won't, and Can't Keep Up With Productivity


By now, everyone is well aware that real wages have not kept up worker productivity. Workers Don''t Share in Companies'' Productivity Gains. In stark contrast to the great American dream, CNN notes Workers don''t share in companies'' productivity gains.

How Timeboxing Works and Why It Will Make You More Productive

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Since then, my productivity has at least doubled. In a study we conducted of 100 productivity hacks , timeboxing was ranked as the most useful. How to Boost Your Team’s Productivity. 9 Productivity Tips from People Who Write About Productivity.

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Doubling a $400,000 Revenue Model With Business Trainer Blair Enns: Podcast #22

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In this episode, we are talking about ways that you can effectively position yourself as an expert in your field, how to get your expertise recognized, and the danger of productizing your work, as well as what you should be doing instead. With productized, you do it the other way around.

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Jim Whitehurst on the Open Organization: A Conversation with the CEO of Red Hat


Video Monday, October 17, 2016. Jim Whitehurst is the president and CEO of Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source enterprise IT products and services. Video

Managing Change in the Oil and Gas Industry


Video Tuesday, November 01, 2016. Through its vertically integrated operations, the company controls all aspects of the value chain—from exploration, extraction, and production to refining and distribution—and employs more than 106,000 people worldwide. Video

The Best Companies Aren’t Afraid to Replace Their Most Profitable Products

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Self-cannibalization occurs when a company chooses to proactively replace one product or process with another that is potentially worth less. In 2005, when the demand for the iPod Mini remained huge, the Nano was launched, effectively destroying the revenue stream of an existing product.

Spend more time where you create your revenue

Rod Burkert

But as entrepreneurs, we chose to want to live different lives – lives doing things that are creative, productive, and satisfying. Are you 50% of the way toward reaching your 2018 creative, productive, satisfying goals? Practice management Video

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WhatsApp Grew to One Billion Users by Focusing on Product, Not Technology

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That’s our product, and that’s our passion. It launched a product, gathered feedback, and kept iterating as it scaled and added users. At the other is a product or service that solves the problem or addresses the market in a way nobody has thought of before.

To get more done, don’t add to your routine – change it up!

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Most of us began the year with great intentions to boost our productivity, generally by ADDING SOMETHING TO our day. Many clients I coach struggle with productivity – so you are certainly not alone! Let me know by taking just a few seconds to like, comment on, or share this video.

Are you still row, row, rowing your boat? How to 10x your goals: the trick, the example, the proof.

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This is a follow up to my last video … about how to get stuff done. My wife and I are products of a program called Strategic Coach. Let me know what you think by taking just a few seconds to like, comment on, or share this video. Practice management Video

Marketing isn’t about us – it’s about them

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Not a productive conversation. Let me know by taking just a few seconds to like, comment on, or share this video. Practice development VideoHave you wondered why it’s getting harder to reach the leads and prospects we want to sell to and serve?

The Explainer: How Management Teams Can Have a Good Fight

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These six tactics create productive conflict with a focus on issues, not personalities. Leadership & Managing people Video

Using Facebook Ads to make your brand part of everyday life

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Facebook will now confront you with a range of marketing objectives to choose from, such as ‘Brand awareness’ or ‘Product catalogue sales’. Think of other brands, products and services that are like yours, and pastimes for which your product might be needed.

#10: Here's a Quick Way to Overcome Resistance to Change

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Resistance is a natural by-product of how our brains are wired to help us survive. I added to this post a bonus video that explains why everything at work is ultimately very personal. Download Episode Transcript.

Don’t Forget the Heart

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She moved people to tears (and cheers) when she played a video showing how their lean operations allowed one of her employees to thrive at work and contribute to his community after work. But we can’t forget that the “why” of lean isn’t just to deliver products faster or cheaper.

Why I Was Wrong About 2 Second Lean

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So off I went to my clients, with Paul’s videos embedded in my PowerPoint presentation, ready to show them how 2 Second Lean is the answer to their productivity problems, their low employee engagement and morale scores, their mediocre customer service, and their too-high defect rates. You have to make videos of every little kaizen, and show them to the whole company at the daily huddle. It’s time to admit that one of my consulting approaches has failed.

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Three Ways to Accelerate Your Lean Journey

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Everyone at this conference used videos (made on their iPhones) to spread ideas, share improvements, and build internal and external connections. Making videos of improvements and showing them at morning meetings is standard practice. And every company swore that videos made all the difference in creating a lean culture.) But they went further: the customer service staff at one company answers questions on video and sends it to customers. I spent two days in St.

How to Find the Grit Passion for Winning at Business and Life: Interview with Dave Saliaris

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So it was a very significant role and we did very unique things and new to the world type products. So three different legs of a business type of knowledge from product development to high level sales to post sale services, and at a high level managing all of those things.

Crazy Airline Gobbledegook Nonsense

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

I counted it at least three dozen times in the safety video alone! Product - MBA-ization comes to the airline industry! The act of flying your corpse to Des Moines is now referred to as "the product", as is (presumably) carrying the mail and the literal corpses in the cargo hold.

How to Write a White Paper That Wins Consulting Projects, with Gordon Graham: Podcast #4

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One common misconception is that videos are capable of producing the same kind of results as a well thought out and prepared white paper. However, videos are incredibly expensive to produce, and they do not have the lasting value or shelf life as white papers.

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Is Behavioral Economics Used in Business?

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This can include wanting to do holistic innovation that touches on service, products, and applications. Mercer UK – Personalised Pension Videos.

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