Travel, Training and Mentorship

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Three significant aspects in the life of a management consultant: travel, training and mentorship. Travel. When it comes to travel, different consulting firms have different policies. Management Consulting consulting formal training mentorship travel

Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

Using your frameworks and guidelines, I was able to recently secure offers from Oliver Wyman and McKinsey (I accepted the McKinsey offer). My school is a non-target and I am not sure if anybody from my school has received a non-MBA position at McKinsey in the past 10 years. However, including the McKinsey case coach, I only had three practice cases before my first live case.

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How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

I wanted to send you a quick note on how I have been able to secure a McKinsey interview , despite not knowing anyone in consultancy. Whilst writing my thesis on [ A topic related to economics in Islamic Countries ], I desperately sought the "World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report", co-authored with McKinsey & Co. Why don't I just contact McKinsey?" The report was co-authored by a McKinsey partner who is based in the UAE.

McKinsey International Offers

The following success stories come from readers who have successfully landed offers with international McKinsey firms. I did get an incredible job at a McKinsey subsidiary which specializes in one industry in particular, and finally got extended a job offer. I passed the McKinsey and Bain selection exams. For the McKinsey interview I had plenty of time to prepare, so I ended up listening to the LOMS twice, and practiced about 30 different cases with some friends.

Business Book Review: The McKinsey Way

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Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at The McKinsey Way , a book written by a former Associate at McKinsey, Ethan M. Rasiel, who is also the co-author of The McKinsey Mind. Does The McKinsey Way deserve that lower rating? Surviving at McKinsey.

Undergrad Bootcamper Breaks into McKinsey Chicago

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This is a transcribed phone interview between Rachel (name changed) and Jenny Rae – enjoy her insights about failing the first time around but coming back for consulting success and landing an offer with McKinsey in her senior year. Tell me about the final rounds with McKinsey.

Last-mile package delivery in 2030


Four McKinsey partners talk drones and disruptions. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

Four futures for the container transport industry


McKinsey and TT Club imagine four possible futures for container transport. Insights on Travel, Transport & LogisticsDoes disruption loom for the industry that underpins global trade?

Case Interviews via Video Conference

Latency happens when you have a good internet connection (no signal loss) but a very long distance to travel (say halfway around the world). Right now, people at McKinsey are not seeing clients in-person.

Tips for Successfully Preparing for a Case Interview in a Short Time Frame

What follows is a success story from a student who received offers from McKinsey, BCG and Booz with only a limited amount of time to prepare. I applied to 3 selected firms that I felt a connection with (McKinsey, BCG and Booz) and received offers from each of them. As I was about to travel overseas on volunteer work, I had a very condensed interview process with each firm (including one day with 6 straight case interviews in 8 hours!)

Top Consulting Firms

While it sometimes seems that everyone wants to get into the top 3 strategy consulting firms McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company (Bain), also known as MBB , it's worth noting that there are several other top consulting firms that can give a career a real boost.

Coping with success: Managing overcrowding in tourism destinations


McKinsey and the World Travel & Tourism Council examine how destinations can reap the benefits of tourism while preserving their unique qualities. Our Insights

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

Management Consulted

Consulting compensates with perks that banking does not offer – from better travel allowances to more generous health and retirement packages. Travel. Consultants – depending on firm – travel anywhere from 25-75% of their time.

F1Y Success Stories

I just received an offer from McKinsey. I prepared for Mckinsey interviews by practicing more than 100 live cases, going through LOMS around 5-6 times and casebooks from different schools. Creativity and Big Picture: McKinsey’s Round 2 is pretty much just brainstorming different ideas with Partners and thinking strategically. I skipped going out on weekends, traveling on fall break, just to focus on getting better at it. Job Offer Reports McKinsey

Interview with Steward from A.T. Kearney Shanghai – Life as a Consultant series

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Expect more soon from current and former consultants at firms such as McKinsey and Bain! But since part-timers’ work commitment is not as high and the recruiting process not as strict, their job are usually less complicated with less client exposure and less travel. Kearney mckinsey networking part-time consulting The McKinsey Way Vault wetfeet This is the second post in my “Life as a Consultant” series. The first was with a Booz Allen consultant.

Consultant Ninja: Future Histories: Management Consulting Blog

Consultant Ninja

Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. Typical of its down-to-earth management ethos, NetApp early on ditched a travel policy a dozen ­pages long in favor of this maxim: "We are a frugal company. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja.

Going Traditional or Going Agile


Firms such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Bain, and BCG almost always work with clients with $1B revenue minimums. It’s common to find Ex-McKinsey, Ex-Deloitte consultants with rich and varied experience at boutique sized firms and even working independently.

Agile 61

What is Consulting? Is Management Consulting a Good Fit for You?

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The main downside voiced by many people is that consulting is very travel intensive. Being a consultant requires you to be able to handle the travel, dynamic environment, and a dynamic team that can constantly change from project to project. What is Consulting?

Social Hierarchy

As I started recruiting for jobs, I discovered there was a hierarchy amongst professions (medical school, law school, investment banking, and consulting were "good"; consumer packaged goods and industrial companies were "bad") and a hierarchy amongst firms within an industry (McKinsey, BCG and Bain were "good"; other firms, less so). It’s easy to believe that McKinsey partners have more worth than engagement managers. When I was at Stanford, I took a class on social hierarchies.

15 Best Business Podcasts for Independent Consultants

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Podcasts make amazing listening material for commutes, travel, and listening for when you don’t feel like taking out a book. The show also features experts providing advice on topics such as insurance, contracts, travel, use of LinkedIn, and daily routines.

Minto Pyramid Principle

Student Question: Recently I came across a book called 'The Minto Pyramid' , you might know this book, by Barbara Minto, ex-McKinsey. This is what we did every day at McKinsey. Then we'd go to the travel department, book our airline tickets, and go get the data (at the client site, visiting our client's client to interview them, etc.). Would you recommend me to use MINTO principle???

The Paths of Consultancy

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Daryl Morey took the path less travelled, the path that began with academia and consultancy. Sheryl Sandberg , Facebook COO started her career at McKinsey & Co, as did former Boeing CEO James McNerney and former President and COO of Chrysler Wolfgang Bernhard.

How to Balance Work and Life in Management Consulting

I worked in the New York Office at McKinsey and in general, people in New York work much harder than they do in other cities around the country. At McKinsey, we went to the client four days out of every week - virtually no exceptions. Travel. Travel is hard on the lifestyle because you are just not at home. In my first year at McKinsey, I lived in Manhattan in the Upper West Side, right across from Lincoln Center.

Management Consulting in Canada

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Traditionally, general strategy consulting firms have operated independently from the rest of the consulting value chain, with prominent firms including McKinsey, Bain, BCG, AT Kearney, Oliver Wyman, Booz & Co, and Monitor having busy practices.

Oliver Wyman Careers

Travel. Whether or not you view travel as an opportunity depends upon your personal preferences. Either way, Oliver Wyman's global approach tends to result in more international travel than firms with a local staffing model (e.g.

The Paradox of Paradox

I remember when I was at McKinsey, the local multi-state lottery had reached a record jackpot of $335 million dollars. Of course, everyone at McKinsey did the statistical math and clearly, it’s a logically bad idea to buy lottery tickets. At the same time, everyone at McKinsey —- even all the partners —- snuck out to buy some lottery tickets. In the words of one partner, “Hey, $335 million is life-changing money, even for a McKinsey partner.”

Managing Career Risk

Ever since working at McKinsey, I’ve been fascinated by the financial services industry. If you pursue a career that’s unusual for your background (such as a few McKinsey colleagues of mine that went to Hollywood after McKinsey), it’s nearly impossible to forecast your lifetime earnings with any remote sense of accuracy. So does it make sense to take the career path less traveled?

The "Horizon Problem"

In contrast, if you work in a structured career (medical school -> doctor, law school -> law firm partner, MBA -> McKinsey -> McKinsey partner), you have the next 5 to 15 years of your career defined in advance. If you’re traveling to an object that is 5.0 When I mentor people, they often ask me for my thoughts about specific career choices they are considering. Invariably, the questions fall into two categories.

Why It's Difficult to "Find" Your Passion

When I got to McKinsey, I was great at analysis, working with clients and solving complex problems. When I decided to work for myself and work from home, I realized that if I didn’t want to travel on planes to get clients, I had to learn to write (this was before broadband Internet connections were commonplace). I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world when I had readers that lifted their entire family out of poverty by landing a six-figure job offer from McKinsey.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in San Francisco

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McKinsey & Company , 555 California St., Not far behind Bain on our list is McKinsey. McKinsey was founded in 1926 and now has 107 locations in over 60 countries, as well as 10,000 employee worldwide. McKinsey’s Bay Area operation consists of two offices: San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It is the home of McKinsey’s Technology Business Practice and also offers a whole spectrum of Healthcare services to boot.

BCG Offer vs. AT Kearney Offer

To transition to another region starting from BCG Eastern Europe, you will have to physically travel to the country you want to work in, to network and interview. 4) Or at some point, quit BCG, live off savings, move to the country of your choice (assuming you have travel visas, etc.) For example, in every job I interviewed for following my departure from McKinsey, on average I submitted four or five resumes and cover letters to get the one job.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

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Kearney, which was the original split from McKinsey & Company, has a storied and impressive history. Kearney’s fascinating history begins with none other than current competitor McKinsey & Company. Founder Andrew Thomas Kearney was hired by James McKinsey as his firm’s first partner in 1929. McKinsey’s unexpected death in 1937 ultimately led to the firm’s division into two practices: McKinsey & Company and A.T.

4 Ways Cloud Computing Impacts Business Success

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This is true for fast-moving consumer goods companies like Procter & Gamble or Coca-Cola, consulting firms like McKinsey and law firms like Baker McKenzie. In her spare time, Riya always enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.

From the Bench and Bedside to the Boardrooms (How to transition from academia into consulting, Part 2 of 2)

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The most notable firm who employs this method before inviting applicants to a first round interview is McKinsey. The McKinsey PST consists of approximately 26 questions that must be answered in 60 minutes. McKinsey has three practice exams on their site that are great practice.

4 Types of Consulting Firms

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The leading firms that are generally associated with strategy consulting are McKinsey , BCG and Bain , also known as the MBBs. If you’re trying to get into consulting, it can be more than a little confusing trying to understand the various types of firms and their practices.

Management Consulted East Coast Tour – Fall 2015

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We kicked off our busy travel season with our annual East Coast Fall Tour to host events with consulting clubs from the University of Virginia, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and Harvard Business School.

Why Consulting?

Just as a Harvard or Stanford on a resume catches people's eye, so does a McKinsey or Bain. The third challenge is coping with the additional hours and travel demanded by the consulting lifestyle. If you found this post useful, I suggest becoming a registered member (it's free) to get access to the materials I used to pass 60 out of 61 case interviews, land 7 job offers, and end up working at McKinsey.