Why Travel and Living Abroad Prepare You for Consulting

Tom Spencer

Have you ever felt guilty about travelling extensively? Have you ever wished that the money spent traveling could somehow pay dividends? Well, I believe it can pay dividends, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about your past and future travel.

Cracking the world’s biggest business-travel market


Asia accounts for more than a third of the world’s $1 trillion business-travel sector, and the region’s growth is accelerating. Do you understand its customers? Our Insights

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How to Travel Less & Earn More Consulting Revenue

David A Fields

Some consultants love to travel for their consulting projects. Besides, when I’m on the road, there’s less time for marketing and business development, and I can’t play old-man hockey at the local rink. Me, I’m not a big fan. I prefer to be with my family, sleep in my own bed, eat healthy, home-cooked meals, and work in my gym clothes. But how do you build a booming, lucrative consulting practice while staying cozily ensconced in your home office?

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Navigating the EU rail-market liberalization


The European Union’s liberalization of the commercial long-distance passenger-rail market will have sizable impact for both operators and investors, potentially benefiting the entire rail industry. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

How Smart Speakers Are Poised to Reinvent the Travel Industry

Harvard Business

Travelers with an Alexa device at home can book a car rental or hotel through Expedia and Kayak. On many fronts, artificial intelligence-powered smart speakers and apps seem poised to become the world’s virtual travel agents. If consumers start turning regularly to smart speakers for their travel needs, they could end up interacting less and less with traditional airline, hotel, and even online travel agency brands. A voice-enabled travel era.

What Business Travelers Want Most From Loyalty Programs: Stealthy Luxury

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

So let’s talk about what paying business travelers like me really want. I can request a National reservation from any admin or travel department yet roll in a real car. These aren’t cheap and it’s just about impossible to finagle one from a wary travel agent, but if the client lets me book my own reservation online I always go this route. But they wouldn’t object to a market-rate room expense.

Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare: Over 700 Flights Canceled, Major Storms; Black Friday Ice; Please Drive Safely


If you are traveling tonight or tomorrow, please take extra time. If you are traveling by plane, please check your flight schedule. As snow rapidly exits the Northeast into Thanksgiving Day, there will still be some travel trouble spots in the wake of the storm.

The Psychology Behind Marketing Online Education

Tom Spencer

Social proof” is a key concept in neuro-marketing, the fusion of neurology, psychology and marketing. Sarah is a small business owner, and is currently learning about marketing using the internet. Innovation Economics innovation marketing online education online marketing

Advanced analytics can drive the next wave of growth for travel and logistics companies


Marketing & Sales InsightsEven without perfect data, T&L companies can generate sales growth through analytics-based insights. Here’s how it’s done.

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Marketing Planning for Consultants

Women in Consulting

There are many ways of marketing your consulting services. How could you choose your choice of travel, and what to do once there, without knowing where you are going ? Likewise, before using the tactics of marketing, make sure you know where you are going before you plan how to get there. You might manage a marketing automation system, but you are helping your clients engage and move prospects through the sales funnel. By: Deborah Henken.

Why marketing should be investing in both the digital and the physical

The Source

Whether it’s the demise of the high street travel agent and the high street bank, the growth of online shopping, or the relationships we maintain in the virtual world, digital has impacted all our lives. Marketing Digital Innovation

The Reason Air Travel Is Terrible and So Few Airlines Are Profitable

Harvard Business

Instead of getting into a price war or squabbling over a shrinking market, both disruptors and incumbents find new ways to create value. Finally, they would take over the international air travel market. Consider the lowest end of the market today: air taxi companies.

The endgame for postal networks: How to win in the age of e-commerce


The e-commerce megatrend is a big opportunity for postal players, but market and competitive dynamics are squeezing incumbents. Insights on Travel, Transport & LogisticsThree winning tactics can help these companies stay competitive.

Taxiing for takeoff: The flying cab in your future


How big is the potential market for personal air mobility, and what will it take to develop it successfully? Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

Cracks in the ridesharing market—and how to fill them


To boost miles traveled, the industry will need new solutions, including smarter design. For all of its remarkable growth, ridesharing is still far from ubiquitous. Our Insights

Inside the Minds of Your Prospects: 37 Critical Digital Marketing Statistics for Consultants

Tsavo Neal

But, how you present yourself is critical for marketing and selling your services. This is more than how you dress — it’s your office, your marketing material, your brand — and yes, your website. Ar you looking to get more out of your digital marketing strategy?

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Fraud or Just Marketing

Martinka Consulting

What this means is the owner’s salary, medical insurance, cell phone, car, travel, and more are added to profit because these items are “discretionary” not necessary. The bottom line is someone has to run the company and whether it’s the owner or a hired gun they deserve to be paid a fair market salary for that work. The post Fraud or Just Marketing appeared first on Martinka Consulting.

Taxiing for takeoff: The flying cab in your future


How big is the potential market for personal air mobility, and what will it take to develop it successfully? Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

Free Market Response to Ebola


A third reader asked " what is the free market response? " Before tackling the free market issue, let''s first review the government''s response to date. Free Market Response It''s 100% certain the free market response would not have been the government''s response to date. Government mandated is not free market by definition. But, it''s entirely possible my solution is what the free market would have arrived at!

Negotiation Tips for Independent Consultants

Successful Independent Consulting

She’s a world traveler who can often be found cycling in Colorado or asking the question, "What if you.?" Marketing Profit and Taxes Business DevelopmentNegotiating is typically hard for everyone, but it’s especially tough for consultants.

CheapOair Humanizes Technology with In-App Customer Service

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Despite our innate affinity to journey all over the world, travel can often become complicated. Customer Experience Customer Service Mobile Marketing customer experience customer service customer support mobile apps mobile customer service travel

How Unilever Reaches Rural Consumers in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

Consumer markets in the developing world are an enormous but still-untapped opportunity for companies seeking new sources of growth. The challenges – market development, product design, logistics, communication — deter many companies from even considering rural markets in developing countries. Particularly in Asia, Unilever has pioneered a number of innovations that it has exported to other regions in its focus on addressing rural market opportunities.

Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs

Harvard Business

Loyalty programs have proliferated across travel, retail, financial services, and other economic sectors. See More Videos > See More Videos > All loyalty programs are vulnerable to a blockchain revolution, but the travel industry is perhaps the most at risk. In some cases, travel loyalty program points differ by journey component (flight, car rental, hotel, dining), leading to fragmented point collections. Marketing Technology Travel Digital Article

How to pack a portable office – consultant style.

Killer Consultant

In a post about buying travel gear I promised to give you all an inside scoop to my portable office – today is the day! There is a new one on the market now that looks better but basically does the same. Consultants are a truly mobile workforce.

How One Startup Developed a Sales Model That Works in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

We serve two markets that are very different but united by the common need for reliable, safe access to energy: outdoor recreationalists and low-income households in emerging markets. These challenges forced BioLite to reevaluate our approach and customize our sales methods to a market that demands an entirely different way of doing business. We found an ideal storefront near a busy market in central Bhubaneswar.

How Blockchain Could Help Emerging Markets Leap Ahead

Harvard Business

This helps to prove their identity, cutting down on fraud and creating market efficiencies. Just getting the costs of regulation and compliance down would open world markets and create wealth, but that doesn’t have to mean changing local regulations. Educational records, business histories, health care information, and credit ratings could all be made usable the world over, helping those who want to trade or travel to prove their credentials.

How Many People Really Combine Work Trips with Vacation?

Harvard Business

In corporate travel, extending a business trip for personal purposes is known as “bleisure,” an awkward term that’s only saving grace is that it’s less awful than the alternative, “bizcation.” ” Bleisure travel has received considerable attention lately, with some traveler surveys suggesting that as many as 6 out of 10 people have tacked on personal time to a business trip. Companies should also take bleisure travel into account.

Time Is of The Essence: How Leading Marketers Match Messages to the Right Moments - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GOOGLE

Harvard Business

And travel-related searches for “tonight” and “today” grew 150 percent. As people search for answers, assistance becomes the new marketing battleground. And the biggest challenge marketers face in this age of assistance is knowing when to act. New technology has changed people’s behaviors — and it’s also changed marketers’ expectations for the tools we need in order to measure results and react just in time.

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The Hardest Thing About Being Self-Employed

The More Clients Blog

Not only do you have to develop, market, and deliver professional services at a very high level, you also need to accomplish all of this in relative isolation. I rarely travel anywhere for business and meet all my clients by phone or video conference. Being self-employed isn’t easy.

Research: Perhaps Market Forces Do Work in Health Care After All

Harvard Business

For decades, experts and policy wonks have argued that health care is a uniquely inefficient industry, insulated from conventional market forces that operate in the rest of the economy. Poorly performing hospitals do not feel pressure from patients to improve quality because standard market forces do not apply to health care. This is the idea of “market learning” that economist and Nobel laureate Frederick von Hayek was celebrated for.

The Ansoff Matrix

Tom Spencer

A framework to help executives, senior managers and marketers devise strategies for future growth. The Ansoff Matrix is particularly useful for strategic planning because it provides a framework to help executives, senior managers and marketers devise strategies for future growth.

Micro-influence: This 1 strategy can grow your practice locally, regionally, or nationally

Rod Burkert

In case you missed my last post: How to build prospect trust into your marketing. But we can build trust (confidence/competence/ benevolence) into our marketing. These practices “travel well.”. Think of this as compound marketing.

178: Patrik Birkhane—Helping Us Live Healthier, Happier And More Peaceful Lives

On the Brink Podcast

I met Patrick when we were both traveling in Sicily. As we talked about our own life journeys, I learned that he has held successful positions in advertising, marketing, content development and event planning. Learn what wonderful things can come from a quiet mind.

How to pack a portable office – consultant style.

Killer Consultant

In a post about buying travel gear I promised to give you all an inside scoop to my portable office – today is the day! There is a new one on the market now that looks better but basically does the same. Consultants are a truly mobile workforce.

Airbnb Is Facing an Existential Expansion Problem

Harvard Business

” But how many travelers can “live there” before Airbnb accepts that it has become a vehicle for mass tourism, and that its users are tourists, no more and no less? Regulation Internet Hospitality Travel Digital ArticleHBR STAFF.

Are Your Values Worth the Paper They’re Printed On?

Markovitz Consulting

And clearly, the stress is exponentially worse for companies in industries like travel and leisure that aren’t thriving in the current environment.

How Service Companies Can Earn Customer Trust and Keep It

Harvard Business

I’ve learned that truth from 40 years of conducting research in the fields of services marketing, service quality, and health services. Good marketing is not just about making promises; it’s also about keeping them. market), which discourages investments in improving service, make a slogan like “Fly the Friendly Skies” feel disingenuous. Customer service Operations management Branding Hospitality Travel Digital Article