These Smart Social Media Tactics Will Help You Prevent A Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Everyone is using social media for marketing today. 1) Provide social media training for everyone that operates as an admin on a brand account. If they are in any way responsible for content, customer service, monitoring or answering fan questions, they need to have a deeper level of training. Here are some of the topics this training needs to include: Issues management: being able to sort out what needs to be answered and what does not. By Chris Syme.

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Make “Fairness by Design” Part of Machine Learning

Harvard Business

Machine learning is increasingly being used to predict individuals’ attitudes, behaviors, and preferences across an array of applications — from personalized marketing to precision medicine. ” A chatbot trained using Twitter was shut down after only a single day because of its obscene and inflammatory tweets. Sampling bias may produce models trained on data that is not fully representative of future cases. dlanor s./unsplash. unsplash.

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Hourly Workers Need Flexibility the Most, But Are Often the Least Likely to Get It

Harvard Business

In doing so, we were especially attentive to whether work-life flexibility programs and practices would have consistent benefits for all types of workers, as well as whether they were highly paid and occupied a managerial or professional position, or were semi-skilled or lower in the distribution of income and skill in the labor market. molotovcoketail/Getty Images.