Main Risks of Aerospace Engineering Projects: How to Implement Wise Risk Management into Your Organization

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Accordingly, they are more vulnerable to the consequences of risk-bearing events. When unmanaged, these risks can impact people’s safety and, to make matters worse, come down to considerable financial losses. . Main Risks Affecting Aerospace Engineering Projects.

The Impact of Carbon Taxation on Supply Chains in China


As the effects of climate change grow more and more visible, and the world has become determined to take rapid action, there are significant risks and opportunities for European companies with supply chains in China.

Hourly Workers Need Flexibility the Most, But Are Often the Least Likely to Get It

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In doing so, we were especially attentive to whether work-life flexibility programs and practices would have consistent benefits for all types of workers, as well as whether they were highly paid and occupied a managerial or professional position, or were semi-skilled or lower in the distribution of income and skill in the labor market. molotovcoketail/Getty Images.