Main Risks of Aerospace Engineering Projects: How to Implement Wise Risk Management into Your Organization

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Accordingly, they are more vulnerable to the consequences of risk-bearing events. When unmanaged, these risks can impact people’s safety and, to make matters worse, come down to considerable financial losses. . Main Risks Affecting Aerospace Engineering Projects.

Creating a Risk Register: All You Need to Know

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Project management goes hand in hand with uncertainty and risks. The present-day disruptions caused by the pandemic bits and pieces, military conflicts, and geopolitical tensions can only increase the number of risks that projects will be exposed to. . Risk description .


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The Impact of Carbon Taxation on Supply Chains in China


As the effects of climate change grow more and more visible, and the world has become determined to take rapid action, there are significant risks and opportunities for European companies with supply chains in China.

These Smart Social Media Tactics Will Help You Prevent A Crisis

Melissa Agnes

A social media manager loses their temper in a customer service post on Facebook. Everyone is using social media for marketing today. Your social media manager needs to be more than someone who just knows how to schedule posts on Facebook. Here are some of the topics this training needs to include: Issues management: being able to sort out what needs to be answered and what does not. Platforms: Managers need to be trained on the platforms they use.

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Hourly Workers Need Flexibility the Most, But Are Often the Least Likely to Get It

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In our recent study , published in the Academy of Management Annals, we analyzed trends across 186 studies, conducted between 2010 and 2015, of work-life flexibility and its impacts. In total, there are over 50 theories used in the management and organizations literature to describe the consequences of work-life flexibility on employees and organizations. Managers and employees reported higher well-being in these stores. molotovcoketail/Getty Images.