Will you join us? A new workshop for creatives

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The magic of the workshops we’re running is that we do them together. Our new workshop launches today. The Creative’s Workshop is about understanding genre, showing up to do the work and figuring out what it means to turn pro. It’s a writer’s workshop, a seminar and a mastermind group rolled into one. This 100-day workshop features interviews with Cyrille Aimee, Eliot Peper, Christian McBride, Gabe Andersen and the extraordinary Patricia Barber.

Case Interview Prep

Tom Spencer

Case questions form the cornerstone of the consulting interview, and reading this blog or reviewing the case prep resources listed below will not be sufficient preparation. but this won’t help you in the consulting interviews. Case Interview Workshop by Victor Cheng (Recommended).

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Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent

LSA Global

Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent. Companies that hope to succeed in a virtual setting must rapidly adopt new virtual interview tips and best practices. Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent. Set the Interviewers Up for Success. Audio-Only Interviews.

Synthesis in Case Interviews


What follows is an exchange of emails with a reader regarding synthesis is case interviews. Reader Email 1 of 3: Hi Victor, thanks to the LOMS program, I was able to learn just enough within a short time to pass my first ever case interview with McKinsey. I got the feedback from HR that overall I did very well, but need to practise more on synthesis in case interviews. It was an interviewer-guided case , so I was led down a particular branch of analysis.

Wrap Up Post from Issues Management Workshop at #CPRS2014

Melissa Agnes

Here are some interesting reads on the United Breaks Guitars crisis: Interview with Dave Carroll: How Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Social Media Crises. Interview with Taylor Guitars: The Power of Real-Time Communication.

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Interview Process and Preparation - McKinsey, Bain, BCG


Following is a success story from a student that interviewed with four firms and got offers from both McKinsey and Bain. He reports on the interview process at these firms and shares the preparation method that contributed to his success. Your video workshops, your mails and your book have all been of great help during my application process. As for the interview process, there are some things I can tell you. In the end, I enjoyed nearly all my interviews.

Bain 40

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking


I wanted to send you a quick note on how I have been able to secure a McKinsey interview , despite not knowing anyone in consultancy. I have consequently been invited for an interview. The objective of this email was to simply highlight that there are several alternatives to securing an interview. My Thoughts: This is a great example of how the management consulting interview process works. There are two ways to get an interview with a management consulting firm.

An Interview With Deb Siegle

Women in Consulting

Deb Siegle, WIC’s president, was recently interviewed (by email) regarding women consultants and business owners for possible inclusion in an article for one of the Boston College blogs. Here are excerpts from that interview. By: Deborah Siegle.

From STEM PhD to Federal Consulting: An Interview with Josh

Management Consulted

Here at MC, we had the pleasure of recently interviewing Josh and asking him how he’s navigated his interesting career path, and how consulting was a great place for his passions and skills to collide. I was selected to interview at both the NIH and the DoD and subsequently was offered positions in both organizations. I learned about government consulting when I started interviewing for jobs near the completion of my AAAS Fellowship.

McKinsey + BCG Undergrad Consulting Offer


The student shares her tips on how hard work and preparation are the keys to case interview success. Even 10 days before my first round interview with BCG, I had zero case interview preparation experience. Your workshop was very helpful, as were the printouts. I brought the page detailing the Customer-Product-Competition-Company analysis everywhere I went and studying that helped me ask the right questions during my interviews.

Second Tier Consulting Firm Offers, But Not Top Three


I can't seem to get through my interviews with the Top 3 consulting firms. I have gone through a number of case interviews now, and have successfully gotten a few second tier consulting firm offers, and offers from boutique firms, ATK, Accenture, etc. I am a former [ top 5 ] MBA, and have failed my interviews with McKinsey and BCG a couple of times for Associate level roles. This suggests that you might not know what you specifically did not do well in these interviews.

Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers


Management Consulting Networking Success Story: I just want to drop you one additional thank you e-mail, as I heavily relied on your preparation sources throughout my interviewing journey (and the corresponding case interview preparation). I interviewed last autumn for a post-MBA/PhD position at the top firms in Germany. I went through workshops offered by these firms and talked to numerous recruiters and consultants. The first interview went great.

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Is It Time to Consider a Fixed Fee for Your Consulting Services?

Successful Independent Consulting

You know you’re going to have to interview each of the division heads and other functional leaders, but you can leverage the interview questions from the last assessment you did. Plus, you’ve developed a good system for interpreting interview data.

From the Bench and Bedside to the Boardrooms (How to transition from academia into consulting, Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Excelling in the Interview. If you happen to attend a non-target school then the next best thing would be to attend a virtual recruiting and case interview workshop. Before the Interview consulting applicationsIntroduction.

Digital Business Development Podcast #1: Jim McCraigh

Tsavo Neal

Kennedy University in addition to having presented over 250 other seminars, workshops, and webinars. Links Mentioned: Informational Interviewing . In this episode, you’ll learn… The most important lessons Jim has learned 30 years in the consulting business.

Delivering an Unforgettable Customer Experience - Think customers.

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Last week while I was attending the Gartner Customer 360 Summit in San Diego, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop that was focused on best practices in enabling great customer experiences. Intuit also administers a panel of about 10,000 accountants and tax professionals who share their input through in-depth interviews and topical surveys. --> -->. ); 1to1 Media is a division of Peppers & Rogers Group, a leader in Management Consulting. Back towww.1to1media.com.

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Website or No Website? Answers and Help for Independent Consultants

Successful Independent Consulting

Recently I interviewed Jared Gold, the creator of WebsiteBy Tonight , a service that specifically serves self-employed professionals and solopreneurs. As a self-employed consultant do you really need a website?

Why Consulting: The 2019 Ultimate Guide


Preparing for interviews. Preparing for interviews. Big consulting companies might even send you to workshops or events in new countries for you to gain further experience. Preparing for interviews. Did you get called in for an interview? Common interview questions.

Using Online Platforms to Boost Your Billings

Successful Independent Consulting

Sample projects include company valuation, workshop development, competitive analysis, financial projections, go-to-market plans, performance measurement, and pricing. Photo ID 40184079 © Ratz Attila. Independent consultants face the constant challenge of finding their next project.

5 Steps To Securing a Consulting Internship

Tom Spencer

Most consultancies hold company presentations, networking events, or workshops for students at target universities, which enable you to get to know them better. Consultants and recruiters often spend no more than a few seconds looking at your application when shortlisting interview candidates.

LinkedIn Connection Secrets

The More Clients Blog

Last week I interviewed my friend, Ted Prodromou who is most definitely a LinkedIn expert and the author of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business. ( We covered a lot in that interview, but for me, the most interesting part was about how to make connections.

Video 62

What Do Creative Marketers Look Like?

The More Clients Blog

When I asked my subscribers if they’d like to be interviewed for the More Clients Club about how they attracted clients, Judy responded with a long list of all the things that have worked for her over the years. Her company conducts several workshops a month at their facility as well as events sponsored by other businesses. I’ve taken a few excerpts from my interview with Judy that you can watch on my website.

We’re still clueless about lifetime value

Seth Godin Blog

I riff on some of this in the new interview I did with Larry King.]. It’s a thirty-day workshop that will pay dividends If an Apple upgrade breaks your phone and you switch to Android, it costs Apple more than $10,000. If you switch supermarkets because a clerk was snide with you, it removes $50,000 from the store’s ongoing revenue.

What’s your podcast about?

Seth Godin Blog

A podcast connects you to those you interview, and it also connects you to the listeners who have enrolled in the journey with you. Over the last year and a half, Alex DiPalma and I have offered the Podcasting Fellowship, an Akimbo workshop that helps people find their podcasting footing. Nearly 1,000 people have been through our Podcasting workshop, and it works. This is the moment, right here and right now, to start your podcast. Not because it will make you rich. Hardly.

Three Lessons Learned from Writing a Book

Women in Consulting

I reached out to clients, experts, authors, and businesses for interviews and quotes. I moderated panel discussions, spoke at meetings and conferences, did podcast interviews, recorded videos – all new experiences. :: In retrospect, I’ve always wanted to be an author.

Acing the Case Study Assessment


The Case Study of the consulting interview process may seem like the most daunting part for some. Accenture - has an excellent array of videos on youtube for general information about the work they do with plenty of interviews with current consultants.

Tour Recap – Day 6 (Harvard)

Management Consulted

If you want a small group setting to accelerate your case interview performance (like, 0-60 in a day) join us next weekend in San Francisco – September 21 for our last 8-hour Consulting Bootcamp in the U.S. Welcome back to Tour Throwback Week. We hustled up and down the U.S.

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019

Tom Spencer

In my last blog post I interviewed a fellow CEMSie, who heads partnership advisory at ScanTrust by day and co-runs BerChain by night, about the potential focus areas for blockchain in supply chain and one of the world’s most impressive blockchain ecosystems: Berlin.

Management Consulted East Coast Tour – Fall 2015

Management Consulted

Many of you (really) smart people even got to purchase or preview our best selling Consulting Interview Bible, available on Amazon or right here on our handy dandy website! When Willie Nelson wrote “On the Road Again,” we’re pretty sure he was talking about us!

McKinsey International Offers


I did not know how to prepare and I ended up getting the LOMS one day before my interview. Out of the two case interviews , I aced one and failed the other, so I did not get an offer. For the McKinsey interview I had plenty of time to prepare, so I ended up listening to the LOMS twice, and practiced about 30 different cases with some friends. I passed several rounds and ended up flying to this big city in the US for the final interview.

The Business Plan Is Alive And Well But It May Not Be What You Think

Steve Shu Consulting

Business plans can often take the form of workshop sessions and Powerpoint documents as opposed to a traditional textual Word document. The business planning effort can be more organic than written and involve focus groups, customer prospect interviews, etc. As many times I have written a “business plan”, it seems the flavor of it can vary quite substantially. I think the notion of this catches a good number of people by surprise.

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Technology and Wisdom: Where and How Do They Intersect in Life, Work and Play? (Part 2)

Women in Consulting

When they needed to staff up a service center, he went about it in a whole new way: no JDs, no interviewing, no hiring managers. So he started with a Happy Hour, and then invited people to come to a all-day workshop to work on problems important to SFDC. By: Jennifer LeBlanc.

Conversation with IMS Consulting Group

Tom Spencer

You are likely to visit clients for client meetings and workshops. Tom: Does IMS Consulting Group use the case interview as part of its recruitment process? How many interview rounds are there? Steph: We have one competency interview and two case interviews at the assessment centre. The first round would be telephone or a speed interview. Tom: What’s a speed interview? Steph: Speed interviewing involves coming to our offices in London.

Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci: Podcast #21

Consulting Success

Back in the days, I’m talking about the words ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ weren’t terms yet but in essence that’s what the workshop we were doing would have been called. Today I’m joined by seasoned consultant and passionate leader Ron Carucci.

Announcing the CEO Club of Greater Boston

Emerson Consulting Group

Why CEOs Need a “Watering Hole” CEOs are a lonely bunch, often uncertain where to turn for advice, feedback, peer support or knowledgeable coaching.

B2B 52

Top 5 Consulting Resume Mistakes by Ph.D’s, Postdocs, and Other Advanced Degree Holders

Management Consulted

engineers, med students, JDs, post-docs, interns, practicing MDs or residents, these magical BCG and McKinsey consulting seminars are crash courses, extended job interviews, and sell weekends all rolled into one. If you get invited, show up, and stand out, you’ll put yourself in good stead with the folks at BCG and McKinsey, and will be in a perfect position for the guaranteed interviews that are one of the many prizes of these fabled weekends.

Conversation with A.T. Kearney

Tom Spencer

These extend from basic introduction-to-consulting workshops, to advanced excel/ppt skills, and of course regular seminars hosted by senior partners to discuss their white papers, recent interesting or topical projects, and subjects relevant to us all. Kearney Consulting use the case interview in its recruitment process? Tom: How many interview rounds are there? Kearney: At campus level, two rounds of 2 interviews.