16 Consulting travel essentials

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I travel a lot. Funny sidebar – a friend was NOT traveling one week, and his credit card flagged him for using his personal card CLOSE to his home during a work week. Yes, traveling, thinking, typing, and talking. leisure travelers with kids). When you are in an interview and they have a copy of the file you want, just ask for it right then and there. Related posts: You travel too much when you. Business travel in the winter. Fun Tips Trave

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5 Insane Perks of Travel at Elite Consulting Firms

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You braved an insane interview process because you knew there was more out … Continued. The post 5 Insane Perks of Travel at Elite Consulting Firms appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting travelLet’s face it – you didn’t sign up to be a consultant because you wanted to spend your work years in a cubicle, neck deep in mediocrity.

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Why Travel and Living Abroad Prepare You for Consulting

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Have you ever felt guilty about travelling extensively? Have you ever wished that the money spent traveling could somehow pay dividends? Well, I believe it can pay dividends, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about your past and future travel.

McKinsey interview: Sheryl Sanderberg

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Too many reasons to mention, but a good thumbnail will be this 9 minute interview with McKinsey here. We are a privileged class of people – educated, traveled, self-confident, well-paid, and intellectually curious. Sheryl Sandberg , COO of Facebook, is awesome.

How China’s largest online travel agency connects the world: An interview with Ctrip CEO Jane Sun


High-spending Chinese travelers are an important consumer segment, and few companies are positioned to understand them better than Ctrip. China

Case Interview Example: Estimation Question


The process and rational I use to answer this specific estimation question can be used as a template to practice answering other estimation questions as you prepare for case interviews. The interviewer's evaluation in this type of question is in assessing the approach you took, not necessarily the specific answer you gave. They key is to EXPLAIN to the interview that you are going to make some assumptions. Lets figure out the travel time first.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

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KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE. Transportation & Travel. Summer Associates are given the opportunity to travel as they will be stationed both at client sites and in the office. You have to be prepared for Sunday – Friday travel, which is the flip-side of client exposure – you get to meet and collaborate with the client, but you are NEVER at home. KEARNEY INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. The interview process at A.T. consulting interviews

How to Find the Grit Passion for Winning at Business and Life: Interview with Dave Saliaris

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Interview Transcript: Betsy Jordyn: Well hey there, it's Betsy Jordyn and I am so excited to interview our latest Consultants Institute grad, Dave Saliaris, who has his own consulting group that he is launching officially.

Simon-Kucher & Partners Interviews & Culture

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SIMON-KUCHER & PARTNERS INTERVIEWS & CULTURE. Transportation, Travel & Tourism. Travel is unavoidable at Simon-Kucher. Just be sure to keep this in mind as you apply and go through the interview process. . SIMON-KUCHER & PARTNERS INTERVIEWS.

Gallup Consulting Interviews and Culture

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GALLUP CONSULTING INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. SRI was founded in 1969 and its expertise in psychological research/interviews identified the “fit” of individuals is specific positions or roles in an organization. Bilingual Outbound Interviewer. Outbound Interviewer.

AlixPartners Interviews and Culture

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Even for such a high travel firm, which we’ll discuss below, they all seem to be so gosh darn chummy with each other. Travel – Now don’t get us wrong, warning a prospective consultant about travel is a bit like warning trainee surgeon that they may see blood once in a while. But where AlixPartners differs from a lot of other firms is the amount of Monday-Friday travel you’ll be doing as compared to Monday-Thursday travel that you can expect at even the very top firms.

Behavioural Interview Questions

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In consulting interviews, the interviewer is likely to ask questions based on your résumé with the aim of understanding your skills and experience. Prior to the interview, review your résumé and answers to the most likely questions. (Source: Flickr ).

Parthenon-EY Interviews and Culture

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Due to the firm’s private equity focus, you will be traveling less than you would at other strategy firms. PARTHENON-EY INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. Be prepared for 2-3 rounds of interviews, the first of which may consist of connecting with a recruiter for a phone screen. You can expect these two interviews per round to be back-to-back and no longer than 30 minutes. Don’t neglect the fit interview questions in your interview prep! PARTHENON-EY.

Examples of Concluding Your Case Interview (Part II)

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This article focuses on how to conclude well in your case interview. What I’m going to do in this post is to give two examples of conclusions to the same case interview: one okay conclusion and one great conclusion. Consulting Interviews case interview conclusion

Altman Vilandrie: Interviews and Culture

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INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING . Interviews at Altman Vilandrie are held over 2 rounds. Round 0 – A phone interview if you’re an employee referral. This will be a screening interview with HR. Round 1 – An on campus interview for students or a phone interview for employee referrals who cannot be interviewed in one of the offices. Round 2 – This interview will take place in one of AV’s offices and is pretty intense.

BTS Group Interviews and Culture

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BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. Get ready to be flexible when working for BTS Group; you might be traveling for as long as 5 weeks at a time working 70-80 hours a week, and other times you may be in the office all week. BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS. There is quite a bit of variety in the interview process for a consulting position at BTS; the process can take anywhere from two days to over three months. Round two is with a Manager, and is a standard case interview.

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FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

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FTI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE. It also means that interns are at times required to travel and interact with FTI’s clients. FTI can be a great place to learn some new proficiencies, find opportunities for travel, meet high profile clients and dive into cutting edge cases. FTI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. First round FTI Consulting interviews are generally straight forward. consulting interviews

Alvarez & Marsal Interviews and Culture

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While you can and should expect to travel a lot, they do try to keep travel regional, so you won’t be crossing time zones every 4 days. ALVAREZ & MARSAL INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. The interview process at Alvarez & Marsal is pretty straightforward. Your second round will be held at one of their offices, where you can expect to have multiple 1:1 or 2:1 interviews. PwC Interviews and Culture. . ALVAREZ & MARSAL CONSULTING.

OC&C Strategy Consultants Interview and Culture

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OC&C STRATEGY CONSULTANTS INTERVIEWS & CULTURE . Expect to travel to the client location on an as-needed basis; regardless, Fridays are usually spent in your home office. OC&C STRATEGY CONSULTANTS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING . consulting interviews

Analysis Group Interviews and Culture

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Among the many things Analysis Groupers can’t seem to get enough of are the work-life balance at the firm (although you should not be surprised if you’re working 16+ hours days as you approach important deadlines), the fact that you don’t have to travel as an Analysis Group consultant and the investments that middle and senior management make in their junior colleagues. ANALYSIS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. They generally conduct their interviews over two rounds.

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The Cambridge Group: Interviews & Culture

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What helps with this work/life balance is that travel is not a big part of the projects at TCG. THE CAMBRIDGE GROUP INTERVIEWS. You’ve aced your case interview prep , you’ve got a killer resume and now you’re ready for the interview process. THE CAMBRIDGE GROUP.

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4 Steps to a Strong Conclusion in Your Case Interview (Part I)

Tom Spencer

Today I’m going to talk about a very important aspect of the case interview, which is your conclusion to the case problem. So just as you begin the case interview itself by structuring a nebulous business problem, you’re going to want to structure your conclusion as well.

Compare and Contrast of Concluding Your Case Interview (Part III)

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This article looks at concluding your case interview well. I truly hope these articles help you succeed in case interviews and win the job you truly hope for. Right after the restatement of the client question, the conclusion reads “here is my recommendation…” What this does is it primes the interviewers. Since the interviewer doesn’t know, it’s not clear that you’re going to get the benefit of the doubt.

L.E.K. Strategy Consulting Interviews and Culture

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CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE . Aviation & Travel. are the amount of responsibility Consultant level hires are given from the get go and the low amount of travel their employees do. With regard to travel requirements, L.E.K is very unusual in that it is a very low travel firm. But don’t let the low travel nature of the firm fool you: you will still be putting in 60-80 hour weeks, you’ll just get to sleep in your bed each night.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

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As the next installment in our popular Firm Profile series, we take a look at the evolution, reinvention, and current interview tactics of one of the world’s premier consulting firms – IBM. Travel and Transportation. Travel to client locations are required.

5 Soft Skills that are Critical in Consulting Interviews

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As a result, the consulting firms want to see strong soft skills demonstrated in the interviews. Which ones will interviewers be looking for you to demonstrate? Below are three key traits that define successful communication in a case interview: Don’t ramble. This is another key skill that your interviewer is going to be looking for. In the case interview itself, the interviewer will be specifically evaluating your ability to lead yourself through the problem space.

Archstone Consulting Culture and Interview Tips

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You will be traveling quite a bit (up to 80%) but there is availability for mentorship when you are in the office. ARCHSTONE CONSULTING INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. Be prepared for 3-4 rounds of interviews, the first of which may consist of connecting with a recruiter for a phone screen. Archstone Consulting requires case interviews that are typical mid-range case interviews – not as numerical as McKinsey, but more specific strategy (and numbers) than HR cases.

Cultivating a Mindset of Imperfection Action: Interview with Consulting Success Founder Michael Zipursky

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Interview Transcript: Betsy Jordyn: Well hello there everybody it's Betsy Jordyn of the Consultants Institute, and I am so excited to finally be interviewing Michael Zipursky of Consulting Success. Betsy Jordyn: So he was so gracious to interview me for his podcast series , and I've been waiting for an opportunity to return the favor, and this is my opportunity. Spend more time with loved ones, travel, do whatever is most meaningful for them.

Brews, News and Booz & Company: Interview and Culture Insights

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Booz & Company Interview and Culture. So you have a Booz & Company interview coming up, and you want to be the best candidate they see? They travel quite a bit, but their hours are slightly less than BCG or McKinsey and on par with Bain. BOOZ & COMPANY INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. As far as interviewing goes, know your stuff!! In addition, Booz & Company more heavily weights the fit interview, so be extra prepared with some awesome hero stories.

NERA Economic Consulting Interviews – Moving Up in a Down Economy

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Interviewing with NERA Economic Consulting? M&M companies are traditionally excellent pioneers of diversity and inclusion culture – check out the below under Interviews & Recruiting. . Lifestyle is a great reason to choose NERA – predictable hours, predictable travel, in an intellectually stimulating environment. . NERA ECONOMIC CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & RECRUITING. . consulting interviews NERA ECONOMIC CONSULTING.

MC Coach Interview: My First Year at McKinsey

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Because of this, we sat down with consulting veteran Lisa Bright (who is now part of the MC interview coaching team!) The school I was at isn’t one of McKinsey’s core schools, so I had to do a lot of reading online to prepare for the interview, get accustomed to case interviews and stuff like that. For the interview process, I did one phone interview which was pretty basic “getting to know you” style, and we did a case along with that.

The Hidden Benefits of Short-Term Business Travel

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Despite the inherent fatigue and the surface appearance of monotony, business travel can be more than just getting work done in a new location. First, traveling abroad can build your confidence. In fact, short-term travel can often test people more than long-term assignments.

From STEM PhD to Federal Consulting: An Interview with Josh

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Here at MC, we had the pleasure of recently interviewing Josh and asking him how he’s navigated his interesting career path, and how consulting was a great place for his passions and skills to collide. This provided me with a steady income, a flexible schedule to travel and train and also helped me tap into my “inner entrepreneur” (I have started three businesses since this experience). – Crafting a government consulting resume and preparing for job interviews.

North Highland Consulting

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He came home one day from an engagement with extensive travel and his two-year old asked, “Mom, does … Continued. consulting firm profiles consulting interviewsNORTH HIGHLAND CONSULTING According to North Highland legend, Dave Peterson founded the firm in 1992 after realizing that his priorities had shifted. The post North Highland Consulting appeared first on Management Consulted.

What Nursing Parents Need to Know About Pumping During Work Travel

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But if the new parent’s return involves business travel, and that parent has chosen to nurse, it’s even more complicated. While it’s common for new parents to feel stressed about juggling life at work and home, for a pumping, traveling parent the stress can be heightened. ” My interviews with people who have faced this challenge revealed some ways new parents can make this tough phase easier on themselves. Become a Travel-Logistics Master.

Picking Among Consulting Offers

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Travel. Although consulting is traditionally thought of traveling Monday to Thursday, that does not always have to be the case. Some firms are a mix of both whereby each office has teams that travel regularly and teams that don’t as they have a mix of clients.

Tips for Undergrads Pursuing the Consulting Track

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Keeping up with the news is helpful in general, and knowing what is going on in the world will definitely help you during case interviews. Ask insightful questions because the consultants have heard the same boring questions about travel and favorite projects more than enough.

Interview with Steward from A.T. Kearney Shanghai – Life as a Consultant series

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Now on to the interview! As a PTA (part-time assistant), you are assigned to a consulting team, expected to contribute information, set up/conduct interviews, perform data analyses, and develop models. But since part-timers’ work commitment is not as high and the recruiting process not as strict, their job are usually less complicated with less client exposure and less travel. We offer resume editing and interview prep.

Interview with Pat Kramer CEO of BDO Canada On Future Of Work

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Here is the fantastic interview with Pat Kramer CEO of BDO Canada on future of work. I have training runs and half marathons planned in my calendar even when I travel. In order to stay robust for travel I eat well and take care of myself.

From the Bench and Bedside to the Boardrooms (How to transition from academia into consulting, Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Excelling in the Interview. So, the rest of this post will focus on the two remaining areas: proper case practice, and things to remember during the interview. Those of my peers who used LOMS listened to them 3-5x before their first round interview. Excelling in the Interview.