Recruiting versus reality

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Consulting firms are very good at selling themselves to potential recruits. In this post, I explore the other side of the value propositions presented by consulting firms during the recruiting process: “You will be exposed to a wide range of problems and industries”.

How to Quiet the Recruiting Chaos

Tom Spencer

Whether you’re recruiting for consulting via a graduate program or going it alone, the process is extremely time-consuming and chaotic. In this piece, I will arm you with a few simple tools (templates) that will help to keep your recruiting activities organized.

What is the right response to a bad recruiting inquiry?

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referencing my profile specifically), but the job is not a fit , recruiter does not seem interesting either: Personalized “thanks, but no thanks , glad to hear from you again when something more fitting (fill in what you’d like to see) comes along” email.

Recruiting For the Future Workplace Today

Cheryl Cran

These questions are a great starting point for outcome based recruitment and there are additional questions that can help to shed light on what needs to be done to improve the recruitment process. Questions such as: Which industries do we know already have the talent we are looking for?

Recruiting Strategies for a Tight Talent Market

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If any story demonstrates how far employers will go in today’s fierce war for talent, the tale of Snapchat’s geofilter recruiting campaign is it. The fight for new recruits is intense — not just in the tech sector, but across all industries.

The Barriers to Recruiting and Employing Digital Talent

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But it’s particularly difficult for large, traditional firms , especially those which operate in consolidated, non-growth industries (think pulp and paper, steel, airlines) and which are often located away from the metropolitan areas where data scientists live. Because these firms tend to have slim margins and cannot pay Silicon Valley salaries, many have had to get creative in their recruiting and employee development. hbr staff/Yury Vinokurov/EyeEm/Getty Images.

2019 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs, & Interns

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The consulting industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. consulting jobs consulting recruiting consulting salariesWelcome to 2019, and our annual management consulting salaries report! Consulting business models have adapted as firms respond to their clients’ needs for digital solutions, advanced analytics, and AI. … Continue Reading.

For Beginners: A Roadmap into the Consulting Industry

Tom Spencer

The management consulting industry is far from being a big mono chunk. A whole value chain exists in this industry. The consulting industry as I said has a wide spectrum of businesses, while management consulting firms are focusing more on the higher levels of the value chain doing strategy related projects such as business transformation, operation enhancement, market entry strategy, or business growth strategy.

What’s in Store for Consulting Industry Trends in 2017?


The consulting industry has had some interesting developments within the past year. Although precise niches of skills are always likely to be of interest to consulting firms that are recruiting new hires, recent trends show that firms are looking for more holistic skills among their recruits.

How To Attract & Retain Talented People

Cheryl Cran

The biggest ‘how’ question right now keeping leaders up at night is, “how to attract and retain talented people” There is a war for talent going on and in this fast changing global economy businesses from many industries are feeling the pinch. Blog attract top talent attracting talented workers change leadership future of jobs future of work keeping good people recruiting and retention recruiting talented workers retaining top talent

Can Blind Hiring Improve Your Customer Experience?

Joellyn Sargent

The idea of recruiting employees without regard for education and experience, focusing instead on skills and abilities, is seen as a way to level the field for candidates. Leadership customer experience customer focus employees hiring recruiting

Start Networking with People Outside Your Industry

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You may have a few outliers in the mix, but unless you’ve been deliberate about your networking, the vast majority of people you know probably work in the same field or industry as you. First, if your network has become too narrow, you limit your options in case of a career change, or a downturn in your company or industry. Given the vagaries of industry disruption, he became concerned.

“Blue Collar” Sales and Selling

Most people who get an Ivy League MBA do so to get a coveted job at a consulting firm, investment bank, or in industry. They aspire to be a McKinsey partner, a Goldman Sachs partner, a startup CEO or a leader in industry. The CEO is selling new recruits on why they should join the company. What do you think an executive-level role in industry is? Blog Career Success career strategy how to sell success in industry

Sales 60

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

1) On campus / Send in your Application - Recruiting. When I was at Stanford, McKinsey would come on campus to recruit in December or January each year (I forget the exact month). In the summer months, I was busy using principle #2 above -- trying to meet as many people as I could in the industries and employers I was targeting. Hint - recruiting coordinators have a slow season, and I had contacted this person during her slow month.

Innovating in a Highly Regulated Industry Like Health Care

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But, in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare delivery, pharma, banking, and insurance, good relationships and effective communication are especially vital. Innovating in highly regulated industries can be challenging. But it is necessary, because even firms in these industries must innovate to gain competitive advantages and thrive. Effective, broad internal communication is vital when innovating in any industry, and even more so in heavily regulated ones.

The Top 8 Undergrad Consulting Majors

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As an engineer, you’ll also become more and more familiar with a wide range of industries, including medical, energy and automated manufacturing, which you’ll undoubtedly consult for one day. Also, IT consulting as a field is growing exponentially, as firms in every industry need to know how to manage their networks. consulting recruiting management consulting

Germany’s Midsize Manufacturers Outperform Its Industrial Giants

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Other family-owned businesses in this class have demonstrated the ability to keep the principle of long-term orientation and a sustainable customer relationship even as they recruit top managers from outside the family (which tends to happen in the fourth or fifth generation).

Dinged From MBB Consulting Firms – Now What?

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If you interview and fail first rounds, don’t expect to re-interview during full-time recruiting. In fact, Teach for America is considered a “target school” for MBB – so you get to go through active recruiting at top firms. but simply because we believe the other options we’ve mentioned will enable you to stand out more in the re-recruiting process while still getting corporatized. consulting recruiting

Can I go from Teach for America to Consulting?

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Today, we’re here to talk about a little known path into management consulting – transitioning over to the industry from Teach for America. Many of you have heard of Teach for America, but for those of you haven’t, TfA recruits the best and brightest undergraduate students to teach in low-income school districts for two years after they complete their undergrad studies. consulting recruiting

Top Ten Ways to Attract Top Talent in 2018

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The days of a recruiter requiring numerous interviews to hire someone are gone for now. For example an HVAC company I worked with put up a recruiting booth at a hunting and fishing conference and successfully recruited new employees that were a great fit for the company culture.

3 Ways Management Consulting Applications Differ from Traditional Ones

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If you’ve been around the management consulting industry for any amount of time at all, you know how different of a beast it really is to conquer than nearly any other industry. Unlike in industry, the application is not the first step of the process. consulting recruiting

Conversation with Accenture Australia

Tom Spencer

Georgia was extremely helpful and was kind enough to answer some questions I had about Accenture and its recruitment process. However, there are opportunities to work across industries, teams, clients and geographies. Tom: Accenture’s clients come from all industries worldwide. Are graduates expected to pick an industry specialisation? Tom: Does Accenture use the case interview in its recruitment process?

The Financial Industry Needs to Start Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five

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Despite rapid innovations in data processing and machine learning, many businesses have yet to make the leap from the Industrial Age to the information age, and the gap between technological and organizational progress is widening. It’s far from the only case of a failure to embrace a more digital approach; the larger shift to digital is changing the way every industry operates. Some industries, like photography and media, were impacted earlier.

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

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Consultants move on to a vast array of fields – from industry to academia, government to non-profit. Corollary to point #4 , this is influenced by your firm’s alumni and also the following: -the different recruiters/headhunters that reach out to you.

Career Bankers Alone Can’t Solve the Financial Industry’s Problems

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The banking industry is mired in a state of permanent crisis. A lot has changed in the banking industry since the crisis in 2008 , especially in terms of regulation and compliance. In this respect, the banking industry illustrates a broader trend in our society: the model of light managerial supervision for increasingly powerful career specialists.

Top tier consulting compensation = good coin

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Charles Aris is an executive recruiting firm based in N Carolina that specializes in placing top-tier consultants into industry. They are good at what they do. Take a look at their 2017 strategy consulting compensation study here. Rigorous methodology. In true consulting firm, their survey has a large sample size (900+ data points) from more than… Read More » The post Top tier consulting compensation = good coin appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

You’ve been rejected from all consulting jobs. What’s next?

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The advice applies equally to industries like investment banking. Practice will only help for future interviews or next year’s recruiting cycle. Ultimately, you may still be rejected from the industry. If your heart is still set on management and strategy consulting, the best thing you can do is recruit for jobs with the best combination of brand recognition and skill-development.

Has the MBA become Redundant for a Career in Consulting?

Tom Spencer

Through going to many different networking events and information nights with different firms, I have learned that this fact is quickly told by recruiters. Jenny gives four main reasons why an MBA is a great foundation for a consultancy career: You’re making it easy for recruiters.

5 Ways You Can Help Improve Candidate Loyalty


But, the impact of candidate loyalty on the recruitment industry has taken center stage recently. If you are getting thousands of candidates applying for your jobs, you’re probably not concerned about candidate loyalty, so you can focus on other things.

Consulting Firms In US, Canada, UK, India, and ANZ (2019)

Tom Spencer

Before you go, here are three (3) more high quality resources that will help you on your journey to break into the consulting industry: Roadmap into Consulting by Mike Ni (AGSM Consulting Club President 2018). Recruitment Toolkit by Ian Glennon (NYU Stern MBA 2018). We have updated our lists of consulting firms in key markets: North America, UK, India, and Australia/New Zealand.

Volunteer Consulting: The Ultimate Consulting Career Gut Check and Primer

Tom Spencer

Looking back, that experience significantly shaped my successful recruiting strategy and confirmed my desire to enter the consulting industry. I also remember how much fun it was to learn about the client’s industry. The clients won’t be household names.

Understanding Firms’ Selection Criteria

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Before starting your application journey, the very first thing is to understand the recruitment process and selection criteria of those management consulting firms. Keeping this recruitment funnel in mind, let’s talk about the management consulting selection criteria.

Bespoke and Precedent Driven – Understanding the Two Different Approaches to Consulting

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During the recruitment process for consulting internships and full-time positions, I went to countless presentations given by consulting firm representatives who explained the consulting industry and made sales pitches about their firms.

Management Consulting Salary Guide for 2019

Some consulting firms recruit individuals quite early. Here are some of the top MBA programs that consulting firms recruit from, and the first-year consulting salary figures associated with these MBA programs. However, only students of top talent within these programs are recruited.

Conversation with L.E.K. Consulting

Tom Spencer

I recently had the opportunity to communicate with Janine Clifford, Recruitment & HR Manager at L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm that uses deep industry expertise and analytical rigor to help clients solve their most critical business problems.

The Top 5 Reasons why an MBA will help you break into McKinsey

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1) You’re making it easy for recruiters. McKinsey recruits MBA candidates for 2 reasons. #1, 1, it’s easy – they’ve set up a recruiting system that’s super efficient for them, targeting the best schools, and #2, the success ratio from target MBA programs is higher, meaning they have to spend less time and money on finding candidates they want. When you’re an MBA candidate at a target school, you’re already part of the recruiting pool.

So you want to be a consultant …

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It’s now January, and as the MBA internship recruitment season shifts into full gear, here are some tips from someone who went through the consulting recruitment process last year. The firms you interview with will want to know why you’re interested in the industry.

Advanced Networking For Consulting – Video Overview

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As consultants interact with all sorts of people (clients, CEOs, industry experts, coworkers) on a regular basis, firms look to hire those with substantial interpersonal skills. 2500+ email addresses and phone numbers of recruiters, consultants, and human resource contacts.

Video 163

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Management Consulting

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In addition, and perhaps more importantly, all of the top 3 firms (and numerous other firms including the ones mentioned above) consistently recruit from the University of Toronto, making it an ideal launchpad to break into consulting.

Gaining Consulting Contacts

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AS an aspiring consultant, the purpose of networking is to gain industry contacts, learn about your target firms, and obtain names that you can use in your application cover letter (e.g. “I (Source: Flickr ).