How to Use Corporate Training Metrics to Drive Value

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Are corporate training metrics simply an exercise in futility that pleases training experts and HR but otherwise has no meaningful value to the business? To learn more about corporate training metrics, download 5 Steps to Smarter Training Measurement. Why Measure Training?

Measuring Marketing Success: 10 Metrics that Matter

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Higher visibility in the industry - more media inquiries come in, industry analysts are following your business, press coverage picks up and speaking opportunities contribute to a higher profile for your business. How do you know if your marketing efforts are producing results?

8 Example Case Interview Questions

Blog Case Interview Articles Case Interview Guide estimate future demand estimation question forecast demand industry specific metrics mckinsey case interview mckinsey problem solving testHere's a list of Case Interview Questions that I've received as a candidate. Keep in mind the interview format (especially for McKinsey) has evolved since the time I went through it as a candidate.

Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics

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While effective metrics are essential for focusing attention and achieving results, they can also overpower better sense. Most industries cower to a few central metrics, the yardsticks that define the winners and losers. For example, same-store sales or sales per square foot measure success in the retail industry, and various volume measures do it in commodity industries. But these metrics can become tyrants. Consider the automotive industry.

Find the Right Metrics for Your Sales Team

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As a consequence, managers don’t have a clear sense of what is really driving sales in their business, while salespeople, who are inundated with dozens of metrics, get lost in the day-to-day noise. The challenge, of course, is to decide on the right metrics. Consider the results of a survey of key performance indicators (KPIs) being used by more than 800 sales teams across industries. Wins are the most common metric used across sales roles and industries.

We Can’t Study Short-Termism Without the Right Metrics

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However, higher accruals can reflect either innocuous aspects of certain business models, such as in the construction industry, where the time lag between earning income and realizing cash is long, or that growing firms retain higher working capital to meet greater current and future customer demand. What if concentrated market power of a few companies in an industry has made these companies more profitable than usual?

A Better Metric for the Value of a Worker Training Program

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These metrics are useful but miss the big picture, in part because they mistake a program’s cost for its value. Now common in industry, TCO considers both direct and indirect costs over time. We developed a new metric — cost per employed day (CPED) over the first six months — that we believe better defines how well employment programs work. Debating the utility of specific metrics might seem like a minor thing.

What’s Driving Superstar Companies, Industries, and Cities

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To analyze the superstar dynamics of firms, our metric was economic profit, a measure of a firm’s profit above and beyond opportunity cost. (To Using our metric of GDP and personal income per capita, we identify 50 top superstar cities. Apexphotos/Getty Images.

Research: Objective Performance Metrics Are Not Enough to Overcome Gender Bias

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As one industry insider told us, “I am in the business of making money, I don’t care who you are, as long as you can help me in that goal.” As one investment professional told us, “When I see a name like Mary, it sticks out because there are so few [women] in this industry.” The platform under study is a great example of allowing open access to anyone in an industry to present their skills. Tooga/Getty Images.

The ROI of Everything

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Frequently clients ask me to help them develop ROI models and marketing metrics that serve as a foundation for effective decision-making. But you can tell if these things are working if you trace your results back to clear objectives, like “meet with analysts and the top three firms in our industry.” Managing Marketing marketing metrics marketing ROI roi

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How the Water Industry Learned to Embrace Data

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The water industry is using digital technologies and analytics to derive more value from its physical assets. Although members of the water industry have found success using digital technologies and analytics, they’ve also faced challenges when trying to transform the roles and mindsets of their employees and their internal- and customer-facing processes.

The Automotive Industry Then and Now: A Case for Aligned Incentives

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presidential election is over, historians will be evaluating the role that the automotive industry played in its outcome for years. No doubt he would have had some provocative thoughts on these latest developments, as much of his work focused on the automotive industry. One example cited takes us back to automotive industry history. The article goes on to highlight the advantages Toyota gained by sharing resources (suppliers) with other, interdependent industry players.

Dry powder in private equity


Is dry powder anything to worry about, and is it a useful metric for the industry? Two McKinsey experts weigh in. Insights on Private Equity & Principal Investors

Seth's Blog: The brand is a story. But it's a story about you, not about.

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Seths most personal book, a look at the end of the industrial economy and what happens next. In markets that aren't natural monopolies or where there are clear, agreed-upon metrics, how do we decide? Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates. Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities. Colors or numbers? Words are hooks, words are levers.

Putting the 'Customer' in 'Service Optimization' - Think customers.

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Industry Events. Though many companies approach service and support as just another metric to be maximized, those that emphasize quality over call times differentiate themselves from the competition and excel in customer satisfaction. Though many companies approach service and support as just another metric to be maximized, those that emphasize quality over call times differentiate themselves from the competition and excel in customer satisfaction. Industry Events.

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Seth's Blog: Measuring without measuring

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Seths most personal book, a look at the end of the industrial economy and what happens next. As an organization grows and industrializes, it's tempting to simplify things for the troops. And nervous parents and competitive kids everywhere embraced the metric, and stick with it, even after seeing (again and again) that all the SAT measures is how well you do on the SAT. Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives.

Why the Technology Economy Matters


Technology intensity is a proprietary metric that analyzes technology spending relative to a company’s and an industry’s revenues and to their operating expenses.). Article Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

The Power of Technology Economics


Despite its starring role in business and everyday life, many economists openly question whether technology is visible in traditional economic metrics such as GDP, productivity, and corporate profits. Report Monday, October 31, 2016.

Unleashing Technology, Media, and Telecom with Digital Transformation


Technology innovation, the intensifying march of digitization, and the cumulative effect of the “big exponentials”—the laws of accelerating growth governing processing power, storage, and bandwidth—are shattering, reshaping, and redefining economics in and across industries.

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How to Reach the Technology Economics Frontier


To track the impact of their spending, we’ve recommended that business leaders keep a close eye on technology intensity, a proprietary metric that analyzes technology spending relative to a company’s and an industry’s revenues and operating expenses simultaneously.

The 2016 Value Creators Rankings


We further refined the sample by organizing the remaining companies into 28 industry groups and establishing an appropriate market valuation hurdle to eliminate the smallest companies in each industry. Article Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

How to Design the Ideal (and Most Profitable) Consulting Business

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Set definite goals for your business with dates and metrics. age, gender, role in organization, company size, industry, etc.) : This information will help you focus your marketing to create the best results and gives you insight into what your clients really want and need.

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How to Build a Strong Culture of Accountability

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The individual success metrics should align with the key performance indicators of their specific role and responsibilities.Managers should be well schooled on how to coach their team members and guide their behaviors toward ever higher performance. A Strong Culture of Accountability Matters.

Casting a Wide Innovation Net


A few years ago, Brooks Automation, a leading supplier of equipment and components to the semiconductor industry, was seeking new revenue streams. But the life science industry differed markedly from semiconductors. Article Thursday, January 12, 2017.

Getting Smart About Change Management


Turbulence is affecting more and more industries, more frequently and more severely. One industry that has been a huge beneficiary of all this turbulence is the change management industry. Yet despite all the investment, the industry has not lived up to expectations.

The most attractive consulting market in the world

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Its standout industries include financial services and manufacturing—and automotive in particular—and these are not only performing well at the moment, but look set to remain buoyant going into 2019.

Digital Technologies Raise the Stakes in Customer Service


Worse yet, they have difficulty defining the right metrics to measure success. Focus Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

My 4 best newsletter tips for landing readers and clients

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That doesn’t mean ALL attorneys or ALL business owners … just the ones you can deliver ridiculous amounts of value to in your practice area or industry niche. Continued greetings from Palm Springs … 4 weeks of hibernation down, 5 weeks to go before we start traveling again.

6 Ways to Support Your Desired Culture

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In fact McKinsey found : Companies in the top quartile for diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians. Monitor Culture Metrics. Key customer metrics: satisfaction, loyalty, growth, market share, etc. Support Your Desired Culture.

The Power of Strategic Alignment

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Our research found that team members are half as clear as their leaders about the team’s goals, roles, success metrics and operating norms. goals, roles, processes, relationships and success metrics). The Power of Strategic Alignment.

Mental Energy Units

As you progress in your professional career (and as your personal life gets more complex, such as raising multiple children or caring for aging parents), it makes sense to optimize your life around a different kind of metric. When you work in a job, profession, or industry you despise, an 8-hour work day is consuming 20+ MEUs each day. When you’re an individual contributor, you focus mainly on time management. There are 24 hours in a day.

It’s Time to Tie Executive Compensation to Sustainability

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Many of them responded by including quality metrics in their compensation incentives. As any compensation consultant will tell you, comp plans can address only so many metrics. Most plans have fewer than six: one or two financial metrics, such as sales growth or earnings per share, and two or three nonfinancial metrics, in areas such as quality or innovation. So for a compensation committee to justify a new metric, it needs to have a strong business case.

Top Consulting Firms

Prestige : How much influence does the consulting firm carry in the industry? It has consistently been the #1 most valued brand in the consulting industry and is associated with cutting-edge strategic approaches. What are the Top Consulting Firms?

Social Media Platforms Can Be Built Around Quality, Not Scale

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In the traditional media industry, some outlets differentiate themselves through quality, but social media hasn’t gotten there yet — there is no “ New York Times of social media.” Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg himself just posted a long letter on his Facebook profile vowing to support community leaders who use Facebook as a platform, strengthen the news industry, and so on (though this letter also had its critics ).

Does Your Brand Inspire Customer Devotion?

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With the right metrics, you can quantify each of these benefits for your business. The results may vary depending on your business model, company size, and industry, but they are real, as industry research has shown. It’s Nice to Be Liked.

Top 5 Consulting Resume Mistakes by Ph.D’s, Postdocs, and Other Advanced Degree Holders

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3 – Too long and not metrics-driven. Consultants, by nature, want to get to the beating heart of things immediately and they like to use metrics as their road maps. It’s just that metrics and metric-driven conclusions are what consultants live for. Like moving countries, moving industries involves learning new customs, norms and language. The 2016 deadlines for Bridge to BCG and McKinsey Insight are coming up on Sunday, April 10. Aimed at Ph.D.s,

Do Undergrad Clubs and Experiences Matter on my Consulting Resume?

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Experienced hires : You may be surprised to learn that in the management consulting industry, anyone with 2+ years of work experience is considered an experienced hire. However, in general, your undergrad clubs and experiences can be an efficient way to show you are well-rounded and possess intellectual curiosity, especially if you have been in one industry (or academic field) for long. Tip : Be sure to include metrics wherever possible!

How to Start a New Sales Territory to Beat the Competition

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Territory Success Metrics. Make sure you can identify the two metrics of success that matter most. Assuming the metrics are fair and achievable, this sets the stage for you to create a sales territory management plan that makes sense. Start a New Sales Territory.

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Lessons From Events

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The industries most conducive to a management buy-out (construction and professional services top the list. The use of metrics, management reports, etc. On November 6 we* hosted our 10 th anniversary “Getting the Deal Done Breakfast Conference” at the Bellevue Club. About 150 people heard about our featured topic of management buyouts & buy-ins from our panel and our presenters, Tom Varga, founder of CFO Selections, and Kevin Briscoe, CEO.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

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Based on a recent study by Global Industry Analysts , the global market for wearable medical devices is projected to eclipse $4.5 While current devices can capture important vital signs and other fitness metrics, their ability to diagnose and treat chronic conditions is currently limited.