Consulting Networking: 6 Best Practice Guidelines

Tom Spencer

I have been in quite a few consulting networking events where the key point of conversation was checking how ready people are to endure consulting’s hardships, in particular the long hours, frequent travel, and simply being plugged in 24/7 when on an engagement. Hopefully, the 6 guidelines highlighted above will help you network more smartly while avoiding some common mistakes.

Cash Flow Relief for Independent Consultants: the CARES Act & Other Ideas

Successful Independent Consulting

We’re in an unprecedented situation because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and the economic fallout has been drastic for many business sectors, such as travel and restaurants. The SBA may roll out new guidelines over the next few days but it’s worth getting in line by applying now. For us as consultants, the effects are likely to be more gradual but our income will likely be affected.


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7 Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Tom Spencer

These are mere guidelines that you can adapt to your own personality and field. DO follow-up on my replies and build with natural conversation (good topics to mention are sports, food, and travel). He’s also an avid traveller with passion for FinTech, marathon, and blogging. When it comes to recruiting the three big criteria are: networking, application package (cover letter, resume, and transcript), and interview.

Conversation with North Highland

Tom Spencer

Tom: North Highland has a broad range of industry expertise including in Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications, Public Sector, Retail and CPG, and Transportation, Travel and Leisure. Tom: What is the firm’s travel model? We recently reviewed our career progression guidelines and expectations and updated to reflect our current environment and our growth plan in the market.

Tour Recap – Day 1 (Georgia Tech)

Management Consulted

Our guidelines: 60 attendees minimum, you book the room, and we have an absolute blast for 2 hours together walking through our FREE Bootcamp Lite overview of Resumes/Cover Letters, Networking, Fit Interviews and Case Interviews. We travel anywhere in the world, as long as you ask nicely and especially if you are located near a tropical beach. And…we’re back. Not back in the saddle – we never left (and we never do!).

Improving the Patient Experience: People, Process, Place Model

Tom Spencer

Some ways to improve night-time noise include introducing practices for staff such as guidelines for night-time care, quiet voices, and procedures for resupply and equipment movement. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter.

The Future of Management (Part 2/3)

Tom Spencer

Similar to the way you continue to switch up your workout program to strengthen a new muscle group, or travel to a new country to expand your worldview (both positive examples of change), employees and clients can largely benefit from change. What this means is that there is no exact guideline for Teal management, it will look different in every organisation. In the last installment , we explored how management has gone through big evolutionary changes since its inception.

The Future of Management (Part 2/3)

Tom Spencer

Similar to the way you continue to switch up your workout program to strengthen a new muscle group, or travel to a new country to expand your worldview (both positive examples of change), employees and clients can largely benefit from change. What this means is that there is no exact guideline for Teal management, it will look different in every organisation. In the last installment , we explored how management has gone through big evolutionary changes since its inception.

The 6 Million Euro Man (or Woman): Sourcing Superior Talent

Confessions of a Consultant

While no system is 100% objective – having this ‘guideline’ considerably reduces the subjectivity of decision-making in the selection process. Does this job (geographical location, travelling requirement etc.) The cost of a ‘wrong hire’ can be enormous. Each time you hire a new employee you potentially spend several million Euro.

Conversation with Vivaldi Partners Group

Tom Spencer

As part of the mentor program, we assign a senior partner to a handful of people on the mentor team, and we have a learning and development guideline that guides the process. Tom: What is the firm’s travel model? I was grateful for the recent opportunity to talk with Heather Tortorello, the talent growth director at Vivaldi Partners Group.

Robot Truck Convoy Tests in Nevada; Driverless Trucks Before Cars, and Before the End of the Decade


The technology, developed by Peloton Tech, uses radar and a wireless link so that the following trucks travel at the same speed, braking simultaneously for safety, and doing so on an automated system that doesn''t have the delays of human reaction time. These guidelines open the door for driverless tests of all kinds. I have discussed driverless trucks before, but the timeline keeps speeding up.

TCIP #043 – Bullying Ends Here with Tad Milmine

Melissa Agnes

Tad is a police officer who travels to schools around Canada on his time off to speak with students about the impact and realities of bullying. Practical measures educational institutions can take to provide themselves and their staff with answers and guidelines to help bullied youth. Welcome to episode #043 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Tad Milmine.

Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

Using your frameworks and guidelines, I was able to recently secure offers from Oliver Wyman and McKinsey (I accepted the McKinsey offer). You put in a lot of time, energy, and money (travel to interviews, taking people out to lunch, buying a new suit, prep materials, etc.) Question: I wanted to thank you for your excellent materials, specifically the LOMS program.

Senior Executives Get More Sleep Than Everyone Else

Harvard Business

Of course, with intense travel and work commitments, sometimes this is compromised, and when that happens, it comes with a cost. Here are a few guidelines that will help you. Mitsuaki Iwago/Minden Pictures/Getty Images. It’s no secret that most of us don’t get enough sleep and suffer for it.

Nonprofit Rescue: The Pitch

The Nonprofit Consultant

Restaurant Impossible (like Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey) features chef Robert Irvine traveling the country and fixing our restaurants one at a time. Once in the conference room, we give binders to all board and staff with the new Strategic Plan (including a strong, realistic Fund Development Plan), graphics guidelines, privacy policies, Board handbook with member agreements and expectations, and an updated Employee Handbook with clear personnel policies.

China's Bill for Cleaning Air Pollution Mounts; State TV Promotes Benefits of Smog


A safe level under WHO guidelines is 25 micrograms per cubic meter. Pollution in China''s Heilongjiang Province Local residents travel on a tricycle in the smog in Harbin, northeast China''s Heilongjiang province, on October 21, 2013. It has cut its emissions of sulfur dioxide, which can lead to acid rain and fine-particle creation; it is rapidly building clean- energy plants and setting some limits on coal; and it orders reduced car travel on days of bad smog.

5 Ways to Increase Your Cross-Selling

Harvard Business

To that end, here are five guidelines for expanding share with current customers. Using existing customer data, MGM launched a multivariate campaign, testing different offer packages (a room discount versus a coupon to play slot machines), travel windows, brand messages, email frequency, and more. The financial services firm USAA prizes its relationships with customers and consistently earns the highest customer loyalty scores in the industry for both its U.S.

Study: Replying to Customer Reviews Results in Better Ratings

Harvard Business

Review platforms claim that responding to reviews is good practice, and even provide guidelines for responding ( here are TripAdvisor’s , for example). Picture two travelers, Alice and Rodrigo, who stay at the same hotel at the same time. hbr staff/john swope/life/Getty Images. Every now and then, firms make mistakes that leave their customers unsatisfied: a restaurant misplaces an order, a hotel’s air conditioning breaks down, or a dry cleaner damages a garment.

Mobile Phones Promise to Bring Banking to the World’s Poorest

Harvard Business

Because she is paid in cash and conducts all of her transactions in cash, she must travel to pay her bills for medical or child care in person. The opportunity is so fertile that the country’s national bank is now working on guidelines to encourage and enable new providers of digital financial services to also enter the market. laura schneider FOR HBR.

What to Do When Personal and Professional Commitments Compete for Your Time

Harvard Business

As you think about your general guidelines for when to choose for work versus family commitments, explore these facets: Values. Certain positions require more travel or more work outside of normal business hours. Luis Diaz Devesa/Getty Images. You’re double booked. It’s not just one meeting scheduled over another. It’s something for your family at odds with a work commitment. These situations can trigger guilt and stress.

Enhancing Customer Insights with Public Location Data

Harvard Business

New GDPR guidelines in Europe will grant individuals the right to access, restrict, correct, or transfer data that companies have gathered about them and to know how their personal data is being used. With the right guidelines in place, there’s a much greater potential for geolocation data that remains untapped. Information gleaned from the location-based social media posts of the travelers can then show traffic patterns, such as whether certain routes are overcrowded.

Data 30

Empowering Digital Societies - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

Harvard Business

Since then, they have clarified public cloud usage guidelines to allow most data to be stored in a public cloud located within the EU, and they are building up data embassies to keep critical e-government databases and systems abroad backed up in the cloud. The project used Internet of Things data from public transport nodes, traffic lights, and intersections to shorten travel time, ease congestion, and make the streets safer for pedestrians. Hit fast-forward in your mind.

How HR and Judges Made It Almost Impossible for Victims of Sexual Harassment to Win in Court

Harvard Business

It should be no surprise, then, that when sexual harassment became an issue — largely with the 1979 publication of Catharine MacKinnon’s book Sexual Harassment of Working Women and guidelines by the EEOC in 1980 ( since updated here ) that defined sexual harassment as a form of illegal sex discrimination — organizations followed the practice that had proven successful in compliance with civil rights law. Roland Birke/Getty Images.

How to Reduce Primary Care Doctors’ Workloads While Improving Care

Harvard Business

The old care model creates friction between the practice and the patient: the difficulties and delays in scheduling visits, the hassle of traveling to the practice and waiting in the waiting room, and the penalty of copays and coinsurance make patients think twice before seeking in-person care. Our view is that early conceptions of connected health and the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) traveled a flawed path. HBR Staff/Reza Estakhrian/Getty Images.