To Maximize Growth, Get Sales and Finance in Sync

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Sales Managing organizations Finance & Accounting Digital ArticleFour strategies to reduce friction between these sometimes reluctant partners.

How to Write a Great Sales Letter

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Directing your prospect to online information about your services (what I call a Sales Letter). But the most neglected part of this process is that durn* sales letter. Why a sales letter is absolutely essential. So why do they need to read your sales letter before you have that selling conversation? The sales letter informs and educates your prospective clients about how you can help them. However… What should go into your sales letter?

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Questions Every Sales Leader Must Answer

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Every High Performing Sales Leader. Being a high performing sales leader is not easy. To succeed, there are some key questions every sales leader must answer. Questions Every Sales Leader Must Answer. Can your sales leaders answer the following questions?

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How to Improve Your Finance Skills (Even If You Hate Numbers)

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If you’re not a numbers person, finance is daunting. Even if you don’t need to know a lot about finance to do your day-to-day job, the more conversant you are on the subject, the better off you’ll be, according to Richard Ruback, a professor at Harvard Business School and the coauthor of the HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business. Stop avoiding finance because you’re afraid of numbers. “Finance and accounting are very simple.

France Seeks Another Tax on Facebook, Google And YouTube, to Finance "French Culture" Cinema


RT reports French broadcasting watchdog CSA eager to tax YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion France''s Superior Council of Audiovisual, an independent broadcasting authority, wants to impose taxes on media giants like YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion to force them to contribute to financing French culture. In a report this week, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) says that video-sharing websites should be subject to a tax that helps finance the production of French films and TV shows.

3 Steps to Pivot Your Sales Strategy During a Crisis

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Is It Time to Pivot Your Sales Strategy? Are you and your sales team agile enough? You will find out just how quickly you can pivot your sales strategy and your sales team when a crisis occurs. Do you need to pivot your sales strategy or sales approach?

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The Importance of Sales Training Reinforcement

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Sales Training without Reinforcement Should Be Unacceptable. Based upon over 800 sales training measurement projects, we know that sales training by itself – even if it is highly customized – only changes the on-the-job behavior and performance of 1-in-5 sales reps. Sales training reinforcement. The acquisition and adoption of sales skills, actually any skill for that matter, takes far more than standalone training. Reviewing Sales Wins and Losses.

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The Corona Virus for Small Businesses

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Think about what’s actually needed for your sales and marketing : Wave or nod instead of shaking hands. Take a look at your cash flow and what a change to sales or staffing could do. Consider arranging financing ahead of time, as part of business continuity preparations.

Is your small business making enough profit?

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Major cost and expense types The major types of cost are Cost of goods sold (COGS, including some of the below) Staff cost (salaries) Cost of financing (interest rates) Offices and buildings Energy Marketing cost Depending on your industry, different types might be dominant. Finance

How to Unlock High Sales Growth for Your Company

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All companies seek to experience high sales growth. A recent McKinsey study of more than 1,000 companies identified five meaningful things that distinguish fast-growing sales organizations from their lagging peers. They were a commitment to the future, a focus on key aspects of digital, using sales analytics, investing in people, and marrying leadership vision with action. Four Ways to Unlock High Sales Growth for Your Company. Blog Sales Strategy

Mortgage REITs Clobbered as Leverage Forces Sales


Get Involved The State of the Unions Finances: A Citizens Guide. Mortgage REITs Clobbered as Leverage Forces Sales. REITs Deepening Bond Losses as Leverage Forces Sales. Bloomberg reports REITs Deepening Bond Losses as Leverage Forces Sales. Those types of sales deepened losses in the mortgage-bond market, which had the worst quarter since 1994, accelerated the exit from fixed-income funds and fueled a jump in home-loan rates to a two-year high. MISHS.

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More Universities Need to Teach Sales

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For decades, Sales and Academia remained worlds apart and the business world did fine. But Sales is changing, Academia is out of touch, and this is bad for business and the academy. Compared to professions like engineering or business disciplines like Finance or Operations, the concept of a dedicated salesperson is relatively recent. Sales was traditionally seen as a form of service work, with an emphasis primarily on developing moral character. paul garbett FOR HBR.

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What to Do Before, During, and After Sales Training to Get Results

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Frustrated by Disappointing Sales Training Results? If you are frustrated by the results of your business sales training investment, you are not alone. Lots of sales leaders feel the same way. Sales training should directly improve sales performance (e.g.,

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The Sales Role Multinationals Need in Emerging Markets

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Sales? Finance? For many executives battling through economic headwinds in emerging markets, the answer tends to be wherever they think someone will provide the strongest boost to top-line growth, which usually means hiring an additional sales or marketing manager to support the commercial front lines. This means that distributors are nearly always undermanaged vis-à-vis direct sales when the manager has a dual mandate. Finance. sales).

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Retail Sales Rise in Germany and France, Decline in Italy


Get Involved The State of the Unions Finances: A Citizens Guide. Retail Sales Rise in Germany and France, Decline in Italy; Margin Squeeze in Germany and France. Italy: Sharpest drop in retail sales since April. In Italy, Markit reports Sharpest drop in retail sales since April. Rate of decline in retail sales accelerates for second straight month. Germany: strongest sales growth for two-and-a-half years. Slight expansion of sales recorded in July.

6 Reasons Salespeople Win or Lose a Sale

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Why does a salesperson lose a sale? The sales department equally preferred having a salesperson listen and solve their needs and being challenged; HR was equally split across all three selling styles. The fashion and finance verticals had the highest propensity to select the best-known, top-of-the-line product, while manufacturing and health care had the lowest. #4: 4: Some Buyers Are “Price Immune” Price plays an important role in every sales cycle.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: European Car Sales.


Get Involved The State of the Unions Finances: A Citizens Guide. European Car Sales Plunge to 20-Year low. Amidst all the happy talk that Europe is on the verge of some sort of recovery, here is yet another counterpoint: European Car Sales Plunge to 20-Year Low. in June, bringing total sales for the first six months of the year to just 6.44 Among smaller markets, sales plunged 42.7% Honda was the rare winner among mainstream brands, with a sale gain of 6.4%.

Wholesale Sales Unexpectedly Decline (Most in Nearly Five Years), Inventories Unexpectedly Rise


Finance reports U.S. Wholesale Inventories Rise, but Sales Drop Sharply. wholesale inventories rose more than expected in January, as companies built up stocks of autos and machinery, though sales posted their largest decline in nearly five years. Sales at wholesalers fell 1.9 Economists had forecast sales to edge up 0.2 Sales of non-durable equipment such as petroleum and paper products dropped 3.2 At January''s sales pace it would take 1.2 Sales.

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It’s 10 AM. Do You Know What Your Sales Reps Are Doing?

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Sales executives with even moderately large, distributed sales forces rely on data to help them understand which activities and behaviors lead to the best outcomes. Using new software to analyze the digital exhaust of calendar and email metadata provides a practical way to build an accurate profile of how frontline sales representatives and managers spend their time, who they interact with externally and internally, and what effect this has on sales performance.

Conflicting Shopping Headlines: NY Times "Brisk Sales", Yahoo "Black Friday Shopping Crowds Thin"


Finance reports Black Friday Shopping Crowds Thin After Thanksgiving Rush. Brisk Sales The New York Times reports Black Friday Sales Are Brisk, Retailers Say, Bolstered by Online Deals. Big retailers, many of whom kicked off sales Thursday evening, reported brisk traffic overnight. Still, as retailers jump-start their deals earlier and more sales move online, Black Friday itself is starting to fade in importance.

How One Startup Developed a Sales Model That Works in Emerging Markets

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A lot had to take place for this all to happen: I had a problem but knew a solution existed; I had access to information on my options; I had a physical destination to see my options in person; a trained employee was available to provide advice and recommendations; and I had a means of financing to bring this appliance into my life almost immediately. The question for us then became, how could we build a sales experience where fire was inherently part of it?

To Increase Sales, Get Customers to Commit a Little at a Time

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Most sales models include a conversion funnel in which reps try to convert a marketing-generated lead into a prospect and then a customer through sequential steps. In this model, sales people are expected to make the process as friction-less as possible for the potential buyer and to close the deal at the end by using certain phrases and techniques to “overcome objections.” An incremental approach to sales has many benefits. Sales Digital Article

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French Telecom Company Does Biggest Junk Bond Sale Ever; Bidding Wars for Junk; AOL Flashback


Please consider French Company Does Biggest Junk Bond Sale Ever. Numericable will use the proceeds to finance its acquisition of rival cable company SFR. Overall, the deal represents the largest sale of high-yield debt on record, according to Dealogic. billion debt sale in September. billion in junk bonds to help finance its purchase of a larger stake in Numericable ahead of the SFR merger.

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Profit vs. Positive Cash Flow

They’re obsessively concerned that their sales growth will be too low to generate enough cash to pay the bills. And it also means your understanding of finance is insufficient to be a CEO or General Manager of a company or division of a larger company.). Blog Career Success business acumen financeIn every McKinsey engagement, there’s a moment when the senior client says to us, “Hmm. that’s interesting.”.

Big Miss in Retail Sales vs. Expectations; Trend Change or Another


Get Involved The State of the Unions Finances: A Citizens Guide. Big Miss in Retail Sales vs. Expectations; Trend Change or Another "Soft Patch"? Retail sales were up 0.4% May retail sales were revised lower, to +0.5% Here are some retail sales comments from Bloomberg to help put things into perspective. Sales dropped 2.2 Retail sales excluding autos and gasoline unexpectedly fell 0.1 Automobile dealer sales rose 1.8 Retail Sales Synopsis.

Existing Home Sales Plunge 10.5%, NAR Blames "Know Before You Owe"; What's the Excuse for Last Month?


Existing homes sales plunged 10.5% Economists, apparently unaware of "Know Before You Owe", came up with a consensus estimate of 5.320 million sales, SAAR ( seasonally adjusted annualized rate), the same as last month. New closing rules appear to have depressed sales of existing homes in November which fell 10.5 The NAR suspects that the sales delays in November are likely to give a boost to December's totals. Relative to sales, supply is at 5.1

Losing Faith in Gold at the Wrong Time; Did Paulson's Sale Mark the Bottom? Who's Left to Sell?


Gone too are jobs for auditors, bankers and analysts in the finance capitals of Toronto and London. They’re now worth at least 40 percent less, including sales mark-ups, he said. Did Paulson''s Sale Mark the Bottom? Comment on Paulson''s Sale. The one thing upsetting about Paulson''s gold sale is the fact that he dumped his gold even though "he told investors as recently as last month that they should own gold".

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From Door to Door Salesman to International Leadership Consulting with John Murphy: Podcast #15

Consulting Success

He began as a door-to-door salesman, and progressed to sales manager, sales director, and eventually marketing director before becoming a CEO for a finance company. He found out that that was exactly true, and after placing a huge number of sales calls, he secured some of his first work with Johnson & Johnson. Consulting Success Podcast business development Leadership Consulting Sales in Consulting

Integrating Behavioral Economics and Consulting

Steve Shu Consulting

For those unfamiliar with the term “behavioral economics”, I generally describe behavioral economics as a combination of psychology and a traditional science like economics or finance. Whereas models in traditional economics and finance often assume that people are supercomputers and can maximize complex notions of utility over a number of parameters, behavioral economics tries to account for the beauty and shortcomings of the human mind and spirit.

Nail Your Marketing Message in Your LinkedIn Profile

The Fearless Marketer

Instead, you want something like John Nemo’s: “I Show B2B Sales Professionals, Business Coaches and Consultants How To Generate Leads + Add Clients using LinkedIn”. __. This is what John’s looks like: WHAT I DO: Since 2012, I’ve helped B2B Sales Professionals, Business Coaches, Consultants and other professionals all over the world leverage LinkedIn and Webinars to generate leads, add clients and increase revenue. __.

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How to Successfully Meet the Three Biggest Marketing Challenges

The Fearless Marketer

So, for instance, a sales training company might want to emphasize that their training is guaranteed to increase sales, improve sales confidence quickly, and can be delivered virtually in 45-minute online modules. I like to think I’m a pretty good marketer of my professional services. After all, I’ve been at it for 34 years, read hundreds of marketing books, thousands of articles and studied with the very best marketing gurus.

3 Steps to Align Your Pricing Strategy with Your Growth Strategy

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If your pricing strategy does not fit your sales strategy, sales capabilities, or marketplace it will be difficult to grow profitably. High performing sales leaders know that you must align your pricing strategy with your growth strategy. What happens if your sales compensation predominately focuses on revenue generation? Your sales force may be incentivized to close more deals but at lower margins. Be Sure Your Sales Strategy Is Clear Enough.

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Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

Management Consulted

The cons of investment banking – the long hours, the repetitive and unengaging nature of the work, the lack of non-finance exit opportunities – mattered far more to me than a 6-figure salary. I seriously considered sales & trading (in fact, I spent a summer at Credit Suisse First Boston in NY), and was tempted to continue in that line of work post-graduation. Interested in sales & trading?

Top 6 Customer Focused Selling Tips

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Every sales leader worth their salt knows that their success depends helping their clients and customers to succeed. That part of the customer focused selling approach is a bit fuzzy for many sales teams. They wanted to improve the internal consulting and partnering skills of their HR, IT and Finance organizations so they could add more value to their stakeholders. Our sales experts call it being “other centered.”. Bad for that self-centered sales person.

Using a “Frontier Chart” to Evaluate and Plan Project Portfolio Strategy

Steve Shu Consulting

To be honest, I am not sure if there is a name for the type of chart I describe below, but I call it a “frontier chart” (which is derived from investment portfolio theory from finance). Business Development General Management Intrapreneurship Management Consulting Sales And Marketing Ventures & Entrepreneurship Innovation Project Portfolio Strategy

Achieving and Sustaining Customer Experience Leadership

Rick Conlow

However, executives are focused on their industry, finances, marketing, and profitability. In summary, those leaders and companies who persevere (Wegmans, Disney, Nordstrom’s, and others), receive the payoff in greater sales growth, customer loyalty, employee loyalty, and profit.

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Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful

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The primary reason they miss the mark in helping companies increase revenue is that CRM systems are too often used for inspection — to report on progress, improve accuracy of forecasts, provide visibility, predict project delivery dates, and provide a range of other business intelligence — rather than creating improvement in the sales process. CRMs today also serve a lot of masters, from executives in the C-suite, technology, marketing, finance, and, oh yeah, sales.

Force Multiplier Effect: 2 + 2 = 5

Strong relationships also get you referrals — also known as revenue with little to no cost of sales. New prospects that come from customer referrals also have a sales closing rate much higher than other leads. So there is no advertising cost + much less sales effort required.


Subscription Businesses Are Booming. Here’s How to Value Them

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Indeed, some analysts have gone a step further, declaring that subscription boxes are in the midst of a venture capital-fueled bubble not unlike the flash-sale business craze that ended five years ago. Moving from “top-down” valuation to “bottom-up” The default valuation method for finance professionals is “top-down” in nature. that aggregate sales in the U.S. Finance & Accounting Digital ArticlePhilippe Marion/Getty Images.

How to Achieve Maximum ROI from your CRM


All costs associated with customizing the solution and integrating it with existing business tools, sales cycles, and compliance mandates. Unexpected implementation delays, or slower than expected sales adoption.

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