What is the right response to a bad recruiting inquiry?

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But there are many shades of “well” You want to keep the valuable contacts active and get rid of the rest in a cordial fashion. referencing my profile specifically), but the job is not a fit , recruiter does not seem interesting either: Personalized “thanks, but no thanks , glad to hear from you again when something more fitting (fill in what you’d like to see) comes along” email. KC emails headhunters recruiting

Recruiting Strategies for a Tight Talent Market

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If any story demonstrates how far employers will go in today’s fierce war for talent, the tale of Snapchat’s geofilter recruiting campaign is it. The fight for new recruits is intense — not just in the tech sector, but across all industries. These days, I advise Fortune 500 executives to treat talent as they would customers: Understand their behavior, and design recruiting strategies that meet them where they are. “Feeling pinned down?”


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Raising Money the Old Fashioned Way

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They call this one-on-one, in-person fundraising a return to raising money "the old-fashioned way." We were all recruited to be "activists" to gather signatures on petitions and get folks to join the organization. Old-fashioned" maybe, but you stick with what works An article in the New York times the other day looked at "something called 'face-to-face' or 'street fundraising,' trolling city streets and taking credit card information from donors on the spot."

Making the Talent Leap of Faith


Rita Gunther McGrath explains why organizations need to shed their old-fashioned mentality about how they recruit people in order to fill the talent gap. For more related insights, read " The Thought Leader Interview: Rita Gunther McGrath

Making the Talent Leap of Faith


Rita Gunther McGrath explains why organizations need to shed their old-fashioned mentality about how they recruit people in order to fill the talent gap. For more related insights, read " The Thought Leader Interview: Rita Gunther McGrath

Hiring: Where to Start?


Today I want to talk about two quick tips and strategies for smart hiring and recruiting. Hiring: Where to Start? Hi, it’s Victor Cheng.

5 Universal Qualities of a Winning Management Consulting Resume

Management Consulted

In fact, consultants/recruiters might only give 30 seconds of their precious time to look over it, and that’s being generous. Let’s face it, when looking for new recruits, there are few things consultants throw away quicker than a poorly formatted resume. You want it to communicate your greatest professional successes in a clear, concise, and compelling fashion. Your resume, simply put, is the platform through which your story is told.

Aging Trucker Workforce Coupled With Increased Demand Provides Strong Incentive for Trucking Robots


With a combination of retirements and people exiting the industry, carriers need to recruit in roughly 100,000 drivers per year over the next decade to simply keep pace with projected United States freight needs. Increasing Supply The primary shortage is for over-the-road TL drivers who spend weeks at a time away from home, sleeping in their trucks, showering and eating in truck stops, and enduring unnecessary hassles in getting unloaded in a timely fashion.

Skip Engagment: Run ‘attitude adjustment’ sessions (starting with yourself).

Confessions of a Consultant

The currently fashionable way to do this (and management trends are a ‘fashion item’) is to secure employee engagement. On the Investment Banking side, new recruits regularly work 80+ hours each week (my nephew often slept under his desk or in a conference room in New York). Like skinny jeans, the engagement fashion trend will eventually move on. Leaders Role: It’s OK to demand high performance.

How to Dress for a Case Interview


Now to the question - although on the email from the recruiter, the dress code is mentioned to be business casual, am I expected to wear a business suit (it is a consulting interview after all)? If the recruiter says it is business casual, you should dress business casual -- but a very nice-looking business casual. For women, I have no clue about women's fashion. Case Interview Dress Code. I often get questions about the dress code in a case interview.

Lead to the future: leadership imperatives for success

Brimstone Consulting

Where once our communications happened in a point-to-point fashion that mirrored our org chart, now our day began with a video teleconference where thousands from around the world would hear and share the latest information available.”.

Job Hub: Uber Jobs and Culture

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” The first example that comes to mind when you think of the new sharing economy, Uber has fashioned itself as a quicker, cheaper and ultimately better alternative to taxis. First off, you can expect to connect with a recruiter for a general phone interview. Are you an employer, recruiter, or hiring manager? Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at Uber.

PM Career Paths

Tom Spencer

A PM’s background may be based in another branch of education also, such as fashion in case the products are heavily focused on those types of industries. There is more focus on building better processes and optimizing existing ones, strengthening overall team performance and building consensus across the entire organization in addition to overlooking the recruitment efforts to ensure a high performing team is built. Being a product manager requires taking responsibility.

A Winning Parental Leave Policy Can Be Surprisingly Simple

Harvard Business

Forward-thinking companies recognize that generous paid parental leave and other family-friendly policies provide reputational benefits, confer a competitive edge in recruitment, and increase employee productivity and retention. Sad fact: Employers often shoot themselves in the foot by designing old-fashioned leave policies that undercut their recruitment and retention goals and may expose them to public relations backlash and legal liability.

Top 10 Consulting Firms In New York

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As usual getting into McKinsey is tough, but it’s even tougher in NYC – with many target recruiting schools nearby and hundreds of aspirants swarming to locate in NY, it’s a highly competitive office. To support the office’s growing employee base, Bain moved in 2015 to a new location in the fashionable Grace Building, which is located directly across the street from historic Bryant Park.

Tips for Case Interview Mastery


It is far easier to have a higher success rate and be more consistent if you have good habits and are using them in a disciplined fashion. Basically I think of the recruiting process as a race against time. This whole idea of managing speed to competency is surprisingly important in recruiting because you are constantly working against the clock. There are lots of little things that separate a candidate who does a good job on a case vs. an excellent job.

Is the BVFLS niche losing its luster for the Top 100 accounting firms? Would that be a good thing?

Rod Burkert

As a result of no longer being able to count on answering a ringing phone to bring in new work, many Top 100 firms are diving into the old-fashioned work of business development. One of the most important obstacles to growth is an issue the Top 100 have been grappling with for several years now: the ongoing difficulty in recruiting and retaining the talent to staff engagements (to say nothing of developing potential successors). Greetings from Colorado.

From Actress to BCG Consultant – Tips on How to Successfully Prepare for a BCG Case Interview


You expect much more of us than the interviewers do, but then - unlike the recruitment pages of the consultancies - you actually provide us with the tools that allow us to meet those expectations. I did your maths drills daily, and can practically recite the fashion case-study - I listened to LOMS on the tube, while cleaning, on my morning jogs.

If Only It Was So Easy

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It appears the interviewer overheard at least some of the conversation, didn’t say anything, and then told the recruiter how she didn’t like that conversation. Since we don’t, it comes down to good old fashion research, investigation, and gut feel. On May 25, 2017, the Wall Street Journal’s tech column was about how almost all of us have personal information exposed online, much more than we realize. The June 1 column had more on how to reduce information exposure.

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KPMG Consulting Interviews and Culture

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Thankfully, everything stayed in a nice orderly fashion, the way accountants like it, after the audit portrayed Peat Marwick in a favorable light. If KPMG isn’t visiting your school, contact a KPMG recruiter in the city of your choosing – but first, network with someone who is a manager or above who is an alum at your school. KPMG CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & RECRUITING. KPMG CONSULTING.

From Ad Agency & Non-Target School to McKinsey Offer


In total there were five rounds: 30-minute personal experience interview with the recruiter (phone). Another interesting note was the third example of the Fashion case (I think Case #9). I wanted to share this field report from an F1Y who took a non-traditional route into consulting, had to prepare without the resources available on campus, and faced numerous disadvantages but still secured an offer. Field Report: You have undoubtedly changed my life.

9 Talent Management Questions to Test If You are On the Right Track

LSA Global

If you truly want to attract, develop, engage and retain a high performing workforce, you have to break through talent management barriers – outmoded ways of thinking about talent in old-fashioned and ineffective ways. Talent management is no longer about providing isolated and unconnected recruiting, training, employee relations and retention programs. Done right, learning and development can be the link between recruiting, engaging, retaining and managing your workforce.

Working From Home: Upsides & Downsides

Confessions of a Consultant

While the cost of labour turnover is seldom measured – substantial recruitment and training lead times represent an enormous cost in some businesses. Outside one of the offices, I noticed a guy continually pressing the same key on an old-fashioned typewriter. Calvin Klein Boxers. Your only man for home workers! The call from RTE came at 18:00 on Thursday evening. Could I do a ‘slot’ on the following Saturday morning? The Topic: Working from home.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: is it just me.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Girls who are hospitable and who have flair to serve people with the best fun services have been recruited by the New York escort agencies thus satiating every pleasure need of clients. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Friday, January 29, 2010. is it just me. or have some of our clients become completely unprofessional? recalling a convo i had with a client, i was gently delivering some less-than-stellar news on how "some" of his policies werent being adhered to.

5 Ways to Help Employees Keep Up with Digital Transformation

Harvard Business

At L’Oréal, CEO Jean-Paul Agon signaled the company’s digital transformation when he recruited Lubomira Rochet to be the chief digital officer and a member of the executive team. LVMH’s Fashion Group, part of the massive French luxury products group, is one team that’s embracing this approach. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape is in the midst of a significant shake-up.

Terrorists Won the War on Terror; 74% of Pakistanis View US as Enemy, 60% Have No Confidence in Obama


Terrorists, by killing 3,000 people in a spectacular fashion, goaded the United States into compromising its values and betraying its citizens. The passage of these laws must be seen as propagandistic victories to the terrorists and undoubtedly help in their recruitment. Eric Tillberg, writer on Policy Mic says The War On Terror is Over, and the Terrorists Won.

7 Ways Microsoft Can Make LinkedIn Worth $26 Billion

Harvard Business

This has about as much relevance to me as the “Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop” — pitched to me on Amazon this morning — does to my fashion portfolio. I have heard from several employers and recruiters that LinkedIn is only somewhat useful for recruiting: It’s great for finding people you’ve heard about from some other source and communicating with them, but the search process is haphazard.

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PR Agencies Need to Be More Diverse and Inclusive. Here’s How to Start.

Harvard Business

In January, fashion retailer H&M came under fire for an advertisement featuring a young black boy in a green hoodie bearing the words “coolest monkey in the jungle.” While many recognized the importance of changing recruitment to create more-diverse workforces, only a few recognized that hiring a diverse staff would not guarantee a sense of inclusion among those hired. HBR Staff.

What U.S. CEOs Should Do with the Money from Corporate Tax Cuts

Harvard Business

In a world of tight labor markets, where recruiting and retention are at a premium, investing to make frontline employees more productive should be a priority. The winners in many industries will be companies that figure out how to go from production to consumption in the most effective and efficient fashion. Emma Innocenti/Getty Images. The new U.S. tax law is likely to increase after-tax cash flows for U.S.-based

How Winning Organizations Last 100 Years

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Currently, our alumni include the Head of Design at every car manufacturer in the world, apart from BMW, 8 of Apple’s 18 product designers and at least one designer in every Paris fashion house.” They also recruit from outside their sector to bring in new knowledge and experience. Tim Hawley/Getty Images. The average lifespan of a U.S.

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Research: We’re Less Likely to Collaborate in Bad Economic Times

Harvard Business

In two experiments, we recruited employees working in U.S. In a similar fashion, greater managerial efforts to motivate helping and cooperation in the workplace following cues of economic downturns should make organizations more resilient in an economic decline. Mordolff/Getty Images. In the fall of 1930, the U.S. economy was on a path to recovery following a contraction that occurred the year before.

Upbeat Music Can Make Employees More Cooperative

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For example, Scott Wiltermuth at the University of Southern California and Chip Heath of the Stanford Graduate School of Business have shown that people are more likely to cooperate with each other after walking together in a synchronized fashion or singing together in unison. In our case, we recruited students to participate in a 20-round public goods game , placing them in teams of three.

Every Generation Wants Meaningful Work — but Thinks Other Age Groups Are in It for the Money

Harvard Business

In order to find out if there were generational differences in definitions of meaningful work, my colleague and I started our investigation the old-fashioned way: by asking people. They can work to overcome generational stereotypes as they design jobs, recruit and select employees, and allow people to develop throughout their career. Several years ago, I started getting regular consulting requests from companies seeking help managing Millennials.

Growth Needs to Come from the Entire Company

Harvard Business

The business has a distinctive customer experience capability, a prowess at creating premium food and beverage products, and an ability to recruit and manage thousands of retail employees with high loyalty and low turnover. If you start with your own capability-based growth engine, you’ll tend to move outward from your core in a deliberate fashion. Organizations, whether businesses or nonprofits, almost universally pursue growth.

Robo-Advisers Are Coming to Consulting and Corporate Strategy

Harvard Business

Corporations buy and employ human advice from many wise advisors—consultants, lawyers, investment bankers—in the same fashion that investors did in the past. Marketing and sales, manufacturing, recruiting (including people assessment), customer service, and support are all fields that can benefit from artificial intelligence according to McKinsey’s recent research. CSA Images/Printstock Collection/Getty Images. Does a robot manage your money?

When AI Becomes the New Face of Your Brand

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These include customer service (39% of companies), marketing and sales (35%), and even the managing of noncustomer external relationships (28%) where brand power is key, such as in attracting top talent into the organization’s recruiting pipeline. Amazon, for example, recently added a camera to its Alexa/Echo platform so the company can use its AI technology to offer personality-driven fashion advice. Cat Yu for HBR.

Change Management Is Becoming Increasingly Data-Driven. Companies Aren’t Ready

Harvard Business

There is a new generation of real-time employee opinion tools that are starting to replace old-fashioned employee opinion surveys — tools that tell you far more than just what employees think every year. One client of Change Logic’s has built a dashboard for identifying recruitment and attrition in must-win talent populations. Harry Haysom/Getty Images.

The Men Who Mentor Women

Harvard Business

’ So being able to have the courage to raise those questions, and not in an antagonistic fashion, but more in a very constructive, non-judgmental way is very important.” While women make up 51.5% of all managers , much fewer women rise to the C-suite.

Success with the Internet of Things Requires More Than Chasing the Cool Factor

Harvard Business

“We transformed from an old-fashioned hierarchy where everyone had a siloed job to a more interactive culture where everyone is urged to step up and help shape the direction of the business,” Javier Alvarez, CIO of Campofrio, recently told me. Putting up booths at university recruiting events and hosting job fairs will not be enough. Many companies begin an internet of things (IoT) journey with great expectations, only to end up with disappointing business results.

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Want to Do Corporate Innovation Right? Go Inside Google Brain

Harvard Business

” Ordinarily, computers tend to work in a linear fashion, so have a hard time working with more than a few levels of abstraction. There, they were not only able to work on deep learning full time, but could also recruit a staff of five or six other top notch scientists and engineers, with PhD’s in math, neuroscience, and computer science. Apple fuses technology with design. IBM invests in research that is often a decade ahead of its time.