Using the Right Performance Metrics: Watch out for P&Ls

Kates Kesler

We regularly work with CEO’s that are frustrated with leader behaviors that undermine enterprise strategy. Metrics serve as a powerful motivator and unfortunately, are often perfectly designed to drive sub-optimal results. Blog Knowledge Base Metrics and Rewards

Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics

Harvard Business

While effective metrics are essential for focusing attention and achieving results, they can also overpower better sense. Most industries cower to a few central metrics, the yardsticks that define the winners and losers. Metrics tried and proven over years become a guide to what’s important, driving resource allocation. But these metrics can become tyrants. When things change, outmoded metrics can threaten a firm’s survival. HBR STAFF.


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Why the Entire C-Suite Needs to Use the Same Metrics for Cyber Risk

Harvard Business

At the same time, members of the C-suite are measuring their potential impact using different metrics — financial, regulatory, technical, operational — leading to conflicting assessments. CEOs committed to staying on top of this ever-evolving threat must break down the silos that exist in the organization in order to assess the full dimensions of the risks across the enterprise and address these exposures holistically. Harry Haysom/Getty Images.

Have you designed your change and project management capabilities?

Kates Kesler

We used the STAR model to help them take a holistic and practical approach to thinking through how to build an enterprise capability. . An enterprise – based, c enter-led team oversees governance of the integrated project portfolio to define priorities across the enterprise.

Don’t Abandon Video Learning. Stats That Prove Its Value and Showcase How to Make It Even More Effective

Clarity Consultants

Businesses of all sizes use video learning, including 88 percent of large enterprises, 77 percent of mid-sized companies, and 64 percent of small organizations. During the pandemic, many companies pivoted their training approaches, switching to remote-friendly options like video learning.

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The Central versus Decentral Dilemma: How the HR Practitioner can Facilitate a “Center-Led” Solution

Kates Kesler

But to move with agility in a complex organization requires leaders to be confident that important decisions are being made at the right level and location across the enterprise. Today’s organizations need to move faster than ever before.

Performance Improvement and the Evolution of Consulting

Effective Managers

It can grow and mature together with other enterprises, many of which are driving the economic advances in those areas. The future of consulting lies in a mutual-benefit approach between enterprises and their consultants.

Project Management: Dealing with Scarcity

PM Alliance

One common obstacle enterprises experience is resource scarcity. To overcome time scarcities, your team should maintain good awareness into your project’s status, risk profile, budget, and other key metrics.

Insulation from the user experience

Seth Godin Blog

When a small enterprise offers a lousy user experience, the person in charge learns about it, fast. And figure out how to turn the user experience into a metric that’s as easy to measure as how much money you made last month

The 5 Key Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2022


Right now, more than 80% of the world’s largest companies are reporting on ESG metrics and performance, and I expect to see that number rise. . In today’s environment, business leaders are faced with a complex blend of social, environmental, market, and technological challenges.

Revitalize Your Vision for 2021

Makarios Consulting

Exchange perspectives, listen to questions and concerns, and be receptive to new ideas from people across your enterprise. Metrics are vital for effective execution. To keep on track, you need to pay attention to relevant daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual metrics.

Five Actions to Increase Customer Loyalty in 2014

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April is Customer Loyalty Month, a great time for companies to take inventory of the best practices, processes, and metrics around how they''re engaging with customers across the enterprise in an effort to boost their loyalty. Here are five action items to help increase your company''s customer loyalty in 2014. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

The Challenge of Activation

Kates Kesler

There are only so many ways to design enterprise structure. The work of support and operating functions like finance, marketing, supply chain and human resources must change to leverage these technologies, and do so in a way that serves enterprise objectives, as well as the needs of individual businesses. Leaders do not know how and are not motivated to work in a matrix – metrics and reward systems continue to reinforce lack of enterprise thinking.

Organization Design Lessons from the Supply Chain

Kates Kesler

By the 1990s, emerging supply chain leaders were earnestly building the art and science of managing trade-offs and optimizing value for the enterprise. This ensures that the right decisions are made for the enterprise as a whole. What do General Motors Mary Barra, Appless Tim Cook and Intel Corps Brian Krzanich have in common? All are high profile examples of a current trend to elevate leaders with substantial supply chain experience to the CEOs office.

Building Organizational Muscle

Kates Kesler

We suggest three ways to build organization muscle: Design…the organization (structure, roles, processes, metrics, and talent profiles) against the capabilities. We find it useful to have executive committee members sponsor enterprise capabilities. Like all successful enterprises, building organizational muscle requires a complex set of related activities to be designed and developed consciously in order to achieve optimum performance.

10 Common Derailers in Organization Design

Kates Kesler

5. Structure solution only. • Changes do not stick as processes, metrics, and reward mechanisms still reinforce old ways of work. • Sub-optimized results as employees struggle to deliver on new expectations. The work of organization design benefits from a thoughtful, inclusive process where leaders can iterate and explore alternatives and align on a path forward.

Bridging Organization Design and Performance

Kates Kesler

Have conglomerates and diversified companies under-performed because of failures in enterprise strategy? Our markets are moving at lightning speed, both the enterprise market as well as the printing and PC market, and we need to be faster, we need to be more nimble, we need to have a cost structure that is appropriate for the competitors that we face in both those businesses,” she told the business press in May, 2015 (CNBC 2015).

5 Steps to becoming a Successful IT Consultant


At the same time you are engaging with the target users and reporting before-and-after metrics. They are able to utilise data to generate insights about customers, citizens, operations, and every facet of an enterprise. What does an IT Consultant do? An IT consultant’s role is to provide their clients with expertise and practices in order to help them with relevant IT solutions and services. As a result they will meet their business objectives and overcome problems.

Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci: Podcast #21

Consulting Success

Rather than modeling overly bureaucratic or individualistic behaviors, Navalent has a compensation metric that rewards an intense focus on the client. His first two books — The Value-Creating Consultant: How To Build and Sustain Lasting Client Relationships and Relationships that Enable Enterprise Change: Leveraging the Client-Consultant Connection — both focus solely on the importance of being a great consultant.

CEOs Should Think Like Founders, Not Just Managers

Harvard Business

The market now rewards the long-term vision and continual investment in new growth represented by these younger enterprises. Large enterprises have been responding to these developments for some time, mainly by applying the methods of startups such as lean experimentation, design thinking, and agile development. The change that enterprises need to undergo in order to regain their growth trajectories is more profound, and it must start at the very top. Use New Metrics.

Social Media Platforms Can Be Built Around Quality, Not Scale

Harvard Business

But Slack is generally aimed at the enterprise market and doesn’t specialize in intimate relationships. It’s proven hard to solve these problems partly because of metrics: It’s hard to identify and measure the factors that lead to high-quality information or connection. Technologists often discuss the problem of “ vanity metrics.” In journalism, for example, the pageview is a much-maligned metric.

Organizational Fitness for Growth: Five Insights for CEOs

Kates Kesler

He reset collaborative P&L metrics and business review processes, shared by the region leaders and the global product leaders, to form tight “business handshakes,” that he regards as the center of a granular set of growth strategies. Nearly every function from marketing to human resources and finance was replicated at each level: Enterprise functions and infrastructure. Learning from Big Companies.

The Ultimate Question 2.0 Book Review

Management Consulted

The Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric originally formulated by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix in 2003. Because customers are key to bringing about this change, customer satisfaction metrics helps to see the true story. This is my personal recommendation: NPS is an excellent tool, as long as after reading this book you use the Net Promoter Score as one of the metrics to assess customer or employee satisfaction and not the only way.

How the Most Successful Teams Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

Harvard Business

To do this, we examined how 49 enterprise leadership teams spend their time and also looked at their perceived effectiveness on critical behaviors of a senior team. Our analysis of how senior teams spend their time shows that for this dimension: High-performing teams spend over 25% more time focusing the enterprise than their lower-performing peers. more effectively than lower-performing teams), positioning the enterprise for future success. Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

Why John Deere Measures Employee Morale Every Two Weeks

Harvard Business

Deere’s Enterprise Advanced Marketing Group – which is tasked with identifying unarticulated, unmet customer needs, representing opportunities for innovation and growth – has created a system for surveying the motivation of its employees every two weeks. Deere managers call it a “motivation metric” or even a “happiness metric.”

Is Execution Where Good Strategies Go to Die?

Harvard Business

The fourth gap between strategy and execution is in measurement and metrics. The assumption is that financial measures like cost and revenue are sufficient metrics to measure progress. You need metrics that tell you how well your game plan is being executed — metrics that all of your players can organize around. If you’re a basketball coach, those metrics might be focused on rebounds, turnovers, or assists. VCG/Getty Images. Execution is an odd word.

Top Consulting Firms

It was founded in 1963 and was one of the first enterprises to focus on thought leadership. Bain stands out for its culture of ownership, allowing individuals to have a greater say than at most peer enterprises. However, the consulting firm is not known for exceptional pay or benefits relative to comparable enterprises. The enterprise seeks to be a forward-thinking, value-driven “employer of choice.”. What are the Top Consulting Firms?

Are You Accurately Measuring Your Company’s Digital Strength?

Harvard Business

But traditional metrics might underestimate the impact of digital, leaving companies vulnerable to aggressive competitors or pure-play disruptors. Our findings: A number of digital metrics, or signals, that aren’t widely tracked today are very strong predictors of revenue growth and share price. A simple way for a company to calculate its momentum is for it to take monthly snapshots of all metrics and track which are increasing or decreasing.

Rethinking Marketing Measurement from the Ground Up - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GOOGLE ANALYTICS 360 SUITE

Harvard Business

To deliver on it, enterprise marketers need a new approach to measurement that shows them the entire customer journey and lets them see what’s working at each step along the way. The problem is that many of our measurement tools and metrics were created for a desktop world at a time when marketing focused on channel performance. Focus on the outcomes you want and map your new metrics back to your strategy. By Matt Lawson, Managing Director, Ads Marketing at Google.

Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci: Podcast #21

Consulting Success

What kind of metric do you use to measure that in terms of compensation based on great client work? Relationships that Enable Enterprise Change: Leveraging the Client-Consultant Connection, by Ron A. Today I’m joined by seasoned consultant and passionate leader Ron Carucci.

How to Create Strategic Alignment

LSA Global

Such powerful results show how important it is to the success of your enterprise that you get aligned. Success Metrics – What defines high performance. Defining Strategic Alignment.

How to Make Agile Work for the C-Suite

Harvard Business

To successfully transform to a more agile enterprise, companies must make conscious choices about where and how to become agile. There is, however, a no-regrets first move available to the leaders of organizations that are working through a complicated transition from a traditional to an agile enterprise, and that is to become agile at the top. Reprioritize your enterprise backlog when new initiatives are added.

The 2 Missing Steps to Good Strategy Execution

LSA Global

Do people know how to improve cash flow on a daily basis according to the role they play in the overall enterprise? Involve cross-functional teams in “playing” with the different metrics that will impact the strategy; the exercise will inform better decisions and avoid costly mistakes and misdirection. Good Strategy Execution. There is not really any secret to good strategy execution…it’s really just a matter of applying some good common sense.

How to Build a Company Culture of Collaboration

LSA Global

How committed and capable are they to change their own behaviors, success metrics and reward systems to support cross-functional collaboration? What will it accomplish and how critical is it to the future success of the enterprise? Why Build A Company Culture of Collaboration. A company culture of collaboration sounds nice, but what can it do for you and your business? The Problem. Our clients tell us they are experiencing a greater level of ambiguity and intricacy than ever before.

Integrate Analytics Across Your Entire Business

Harvard Business

One of the reasons analytics is working for the companies in this select group is because they tend to deploy analytics technologies and expertise across the breadth of the enterprise. and Western Europe are aggressively adopting analytics across the entire enterprise. Identify the right metrics that “move the needle.” Selecting the right critical metrics is a cornerstone of success as it brings focus and clarity on what matters most to the business.

Do you Play to Win or to Not Lose?

ATG built enterprise software to run ecommerce websites. For example, in school, there is only one performance metric to be optimized — grades. I find strategy concepts that I would typically use in the business realm are often surprisingly useful when moved to determine a strategy for one’s life and vice versa. One idea, in particular, I’ve been thinking about over the years is developing a strategy to “win” as opposed to one designed to avoid loss.

Maximizing Agility and Leverage in the Global Organization

Kates Kesler

Enterprise leadership has to make choices across investment possibilities. New metrics and incentives may be required to make collaboration rational for local managers. Very large multi-national product companies need to find creative ways to enjoy the benefits of scale while remaining agile. This is especially true in developing markets where competitors can move very quickly with few of the obstacles that big companies face.

Agile 50

KPMG Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Enterprise Solutions. Diversity Advisory Board Scorecard – Developed to set meaningful diversity metrics for the firm. KPMG CONSULTING. With a global workforce of 160,000 people and global revenues of $24.82B for the 2014 financial year, it’s pretty obvious KPMG isn’t messing around when it comes to, well, anything.

To Innovate Like a Startup, Make Decisions Like VCs Do

Harvard Business

A lean startup approach, we are told, can empower big companies to innovate rapidly and effectively in the face of continual disruption, potentially even transforming enterprises into centers of continual new growth. For enterprises to create successful growth systems, they need more than lean startup methodologies; they also need venture capital investment mindsets and mechanics. The worst thing you can do is measure a startup against enterprise financial ratios.

What Happens to Mental Health at Work When Our Devices Know How We Feel?

Harvard Business

Just as data science and machine learning algorithms now colonize traditional business analytics and workplace attention, data-driven psychiatric research and mental health metrics will similarly reshape executive coaching, cognition, and emotional intelligence. Conversely, companies may be allowed and even encouraged to share enterprise analytics to assist coaches and therapists. Denys Argyriou/unsplash. Stressed? Depressed? Distracted? Overwhelmed?