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Quietly, over the last thirty years, engineering has become dramatically more efficient and effective. Insulated glass, cars that don't break down, keyboards with just the right feel to them… Mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are all moving faster than ever. Several factors are at work: Computer aided design and engineering means that smaller teams can do more, faster.

What Managers Can Do to Keep Women in Engineering

Harvard Business

Engineering faces a serious gender-based retention problem. Despite all the efforts encouraging women to study engineering, over 40% of highly skilled women who enter the field end up leaving. In 2014 we interviewed 34 women engineers in two FTSE 100 firms in the UK. Ten of the engineers were in the early stages of their careers, 19 were mid-career, and five were in late career. PET’s engineering workforce was about 12% women, and TTD’s was about 9%.

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Boeing Starliner Failure: Lessons for Your Lean Program

Markovitz Consulting

The problem with this engineering marvel? The spacecraft’s internal clock became unsynced with the overall “mission elapsed timing” system, so the Starliner failed to fire its engines at the correct time to reach orbit. Front line workers focus on meeting takt time, while the C-Suite leaders are sequestered in conference rooms or traveling. Boeing’s Starliner failed an important test flight two weeks ago.

High Performance Cultures: What every organization can learn from Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini

Claris Consulting

The engine, only a few inches from my head, pounded in my chest as if I was receiving CPR, and the trees flew by so fast that they were no longer trees, but more a blurry green swatch of color out of the corner of my right eye. It was one of the most thrilling moments in my life.

The Perils of Internal Disruption (Part 4)

Markovitz Consulting

It made no sense for consultants traveling all the way from Japan to the United States to work with a company for just a half-day or a full day. Cambridge Engineering, an HVAC manufacturer near St. “Disruption” has become another business buzzword that obviates the need for prudent, careful thought and consideration. If something is “disruptive,” then it must by definition be good.

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Crazy Airline Gobbledegook Nonsense

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Wouldn''t it be cool to have a conductor and an engineer on an air-coach? Why not just call it travel ? The airline business is like nothing on earth, and airline people are some of the most common interactions we consultants have.

Going Traditional or Going Agile


This is a necessity so that clients can pay for not only the consultant’s time, but also for overhead, SGA expenses, and weekly travel and hotel stay for the consultant’s on-site requirements.

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How to Find the Grit Passion for Winning at Business and Life: Interview with Dave Saliaris

Consulting Matters

I worked in a company for a long period of time, over 30 years, in various roles so it was like I had moved through various different jobs; traveled all over the world at a very high level position of a global vice president role; 250 people globally working for me, those kind of things.

How Iceland 'Gets' Frictionless Experiences

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Hospitality and travel companies could learn a lot from Iceland in terms of creating a frictionless guest experience. Although it was a short trip, it gave me a glimpse into a well-oiled tourism engine that companies should aspire to.

The Top 8 Undergrad Consulting Majors

Management Consulted

A fun fact – Jenny Rae was an economics major at UVA, but famously decided to shave her head and travel the world after graduation (yeah, her parents were really proud). Engineering (Mechanical Engineering is the most operationally focused). As an engineer, you’ll also become more and more familiar with a wide range of industries, including medical, energy and automated manufacturing, which you’ll undoubtedly consult for one day.

What is consulting?

Tom Spencer

When people think of consultants, they tend to visualize professionally suited employees, degrees from the best schools, high pay-checks and fancy travel stories.

Newsletter or Blog: which is better?

Rod Burkert

Email newsletters contribute zero internet search engine juice to your online presence. Every blog post is a new web page and increases your reach and ranking in search engines. #7 These people get a little more insight into what we do, pet travel news updates (e.g.,

We have Ebola

Seth Godin Blog

Our kneejerk reaction is that "they" need to be isolated from us (more than 55% of Americans favor a travel ban for everyone, not just the sick). Even fifty years ago, a travel ban was difficult, now it''s impossible.

Tips for Undergrads Pursuing the Consulting Track

Tom Spencer

But for those who come from non-business majors (science, engineering, arts, law, etc.), Ask insightful questions because the consultants have heard the same boring questions about travel and favorite projects more than enough.

Charting your consulting career direction

Tom Spencer

Travel is an alluring carrot that attracts many young people towards consulting. Focusing too much on one aspect at the expense of the rest is like trying to fly a 747 on one engine. Consulting is a career where you hit the ground running.

The Science of Burnout: Interview with Dr. Sangeeta Pati

Consulting Matters

Well I was born in the United States and traveled and got exposed to a lot of schooling abroad, which obviously ultimately has influenced where I have gone in medicine. Physiologically you'll have what you need to run your engine. Interview Transcript: Betsy: Good afternoon.

Constraints and measurement

Seth Godin Blog

These are the two axes of professional design and engineering. If you need to build a bridge, yes, of course you could build one out of unobtainium and even an amateur could build one that can’t carry truck traffic, but a professional engineer eagerly accepts the constraints she signed up for and insists on measuring just how much wear and tear the bridge can actually handle. And while it’s shiny, the failures of engineering and design are everywhere.

Your report meets spec … here’s why that’s a problem

Rod Burkert

The RV is parked for the winter as another travel season (our 10 th ) has come to a close. Also, the price we charge is the engine for our practices’ growth. Greetings from Big Bend, Texas. In case you missed last week: Why you should charge a price that scares you – and then add 20%.

Top speed is overrated

Seth Godin Blog

Even though a plane has been engineered to have a much higher top speed, the door to door costs of travel (security theatre, parking, checking in, the rest of the last mile once I land) aren’t impacted at all by the top speed of the chosen form of transport. The Amtrak Acela is capable of going well over a hundred miles an hour.

Google Enters the Hotel Business, Takes on Advertisers Priceline, Expedia, and Trip Advisor


Google is adding more photos and reviews to its hotel listings, so they increasingly resemble those of travel search sites such as Priceline Group Inc. And it is more aggressively promoting its "hotel-price ads" that post room rates directly as travel-search sites do. The idea is to encourage travelers to plan more of their trips directly on Google. But the move is risky: Online travel agencies are among Google''s biggest advertisers.

An Ex-Consultant’s Jump into the Start Up World

Management Consulted

He co-founded MobileSuites, an app that puts travel concierge services and hotel information at your fingertips, and which you can (and should) find and sign-up for here. I ended up traveling on a few projects with my friend Basel, an analyst who started the same day that I did. The more we thought about it, the more we thought we could build something that could really change how people travel. The travel ecosphere is one that consultants are very familiar with.

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'Sort by price' is lazy

Seth Godin Blog

What if the airline search engines returned results sorted by a (certainly difficult) score that combined travel time, aircraft quality, reliability, customer service, price and a few other factors? This extends far beyond air travel.

France Considers Forcing Google to Disclose Search Algorithm; Too Much Satisfaction!


As well as search issues, the investigation has looked at allegations that Google illegally scrapes content from rivals, locks some publishers into using Google search ads, and makes it hard for advertisers to move campaigns to rival search engines. Almost 20 complainants against Google want the search engine to abide by strict rules that ensure its formula treats its own services — providing results for travel, shopping and maps — no differently from rivals.

Improving the Patient Experience: People, Process, Place Model

Tom Spencer

A model that healthcare and health system leaders use, supported by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering ( ASHE ), in order to evaluate and address patient satisfaction is the “people, process, place” model.

The Emergent Career Strategy - Practical Considerations


Were you traveling? If you are a good but miserable engineer, could you quit for a few months and would someone else hire you again as an engineer? Here’s an example from one of my readers: “I did Engineering school, worked at Monitor, then came to business school to go back to MBB (oversimplified version but true!). Look, if you have an engineering degree from a good school, worked at a top consulting firm, got an MBA from a good school.

Driverless Trains: Why Does Chicago (US in General) Lag London (Europe Europe in General)?


100,000 Club In November of 2014, the Sun Times reported Metra's $100,000 Club Includes Conductors, Engineers. Driverless trains are about to make a big impact in London. The Telegraph reports New 'Driverless' Tube trains unveiled by TFL.

Bank of Japan Buying Over 100% of Japanese Bond Issuance; Steen Jakobsen Expects "FantasyLand Will Give Way to RealityLand"


Yes, world should rejoice, take stocks & US dollar higher making sure EM engine is killed totally. World only has two engines of growth: EM and US. End of financial engineering? Steen Jakobsen has some interesting comments on China and Japan in his latest email.

Future of Healthcare: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Tom Spencer

Currently engineers, physicians, other healthcare providers, and educators are working to create innovative ways to apply these immersive technologies in order to transform clinical teaching and practice.

‘Uberization’ of consulting: A major disruption or merely hype?

Tom Spencer

This has promoted the use of virtual meeting spaces which are quickly eliminating the need for big fancy meeting rooms and the high costs associated with business travel. The ‘UBER’ fever has caught North America.

Bulger Partners – Strategy Consulting for the Software Economy

Management Consulted

The firm also employs a lighter travel model than many other firms. For example, at Bulger Partners you’ll travel less than you would at Deloitte or PwC. Many Tech CEOs are not former consultants, but rather engineers first. Bulger Partners also looks for a baseline knowledge of software, and recruits heavily from Engineering and Computer Science departments. BULGER PARTNERS.

Why Consulting?


While these figures might not look as impressive as, say, an engineering firm, some unstaffed time can bring the figures back into balance. The third challenge is coping with the additional hours and travel demanded by the consulting lifestyle. Sometimes, when struggling through yet another case interview practice , candidates might wonder: "Why consulting again?"

Managing your Weaknesses


Since broadband, streaming video, and video conferencing were not yet widely available, I concluded that in order for me to get customers or clients without traveling was to learn how to communicate with the Internet in writing. You need to make a strategic choice to either be a high-level individual contributor (such as a product architect or distinguished engineer with no direct reports) or invest energy in improving your people skills so it doesn’t hold you back.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Office Annoyances and Jargon.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Good day Mansour Engineering believes that completeness, accuracy and integrity of contract documents must be assured by a thorough constructability quality assurance program. Mansour Engineering documents are always comprehensive, clearly detailed and well-coordinated across trades. url=[link] click here to go to Mansour Engineering[/url] [link]. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, February 15, 2010. Office Annoyances and Jargon - Top 10.

Conversation with Accenture Australia

Tom Spencer

Tom: What is Accenture’s travel model? Accenture: Accenture’s travel expectations are largely driven by the needs of our clients. If a graduate is placed in a role which requires them to travel they will typically fly out on Monday morning and return to their home location on Friday afternoon. Students can join Accenture from any academic discipline; and we’re particularly keen to recruit graduates from maths, science, engineering and technology backgrounds.

6 Ways to Change Your Organisation: A Menu of Choices

Confessions of a Consultant

Re-engineering gains can normally be achieved over a 12-week period. Workout Programme: Process re-engineering lends itself to involving people at lower levels in the organization. Use process tools/discipline: This work requires a full re-skilling of the workforce – giving them access to engineering skills and process disciplines more typically associated with ‘graduate level’ positions. *A Some of the German discount supermarkets are now travelling this route.

The Power of Workplace Culture to Drive Behavior

LSA Global

With tiny engines hidden in bike frames, some cyclists were able to cheat their way to greater speed through what is being called “mechanical doping.” when it was commonplace for people to toss trash from car windows as they traveled the highways.

Bulger Partners – Strategic Advisers to the Software Economy

Management Consulted

The firm also employs a lighter travel model than many other firms. For example, at Bulger Partners you’ll travel less than you would at Deloitte or PwC. Many Tech CEOs are not former consultants, but rather engineers first. Bulger Partners also looks for a baseline knowledge of software, and recruits heavily from Engineering and Computer Science departments. BULGER PARTNERS.