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"Process Mining"? Sounds Like a Waste of Time.

Markovitz Consulting

The authors state that companies adopting business process reengineering are so focused on the future state that they ignore a thorough analysis of the current state. And finally, one last benefit of process mining: Process mining also contributes to reducing non-value-add activities and eliminating manual reporting efforts.

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B2B sales will never be the same

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In the B2B space, where relationships reign supreme, sales organizations found effective and efficient ways to conduct business with a digital-first approach that’s efficient, effective, and won’t go away any time soon. The sales world is forever altered, thanks to pandemic-fueled digital transformation across entire enterprises.

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Before Automating Your Company?s Processes, Find Ways to Improve Them

Harvard Business

As a result, they may achieve modest savings, but in many cases they will miss out on opportunities to dramatically improve process outcomes, quality, costs, and cycle times. Why RPA Needs Process Analysis. We see several reasons why process mapping, analysis, and redesign work are essential to an effective RPA implementation.

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