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This Proposal Writing Trick Can Help Your Consulting Firm Close More Projects

David A Fields

Pop a sun-warmed, fresh-off-the-tree olive into your mouth and you’ll spit it out after one bite. Blech! But if you process your olive with brine and NaOH (a.k.a., lye) for even a short time, the result can be sublime.

The Secret to Leading Organizational Change Is Empathy

Harvard Business

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images. I’m working with a CEO who’s in the midst of rethinking her company’s strategy so it can better meet customer demands and thrive financially.

How to Ruin a Deal

Martinka Consulting

As part of Jessica’s training I went through my folder of old articles and other industry materials. I came across something from a business broker and while it’s probably 20 years old it’s as viable, and valuable, as ever. Here are five points with my insights on how they apply to all businesses, not just the buy-sell world. Don’t make friends – It starts with the line, “People want to do business with people they like.” Customers who don’t trust a salesperson won’t buy from them.

Winter reading list 2018

Consultants Mind

Reached out to readers of the ConsultantsMind blog and asked what they recommend for students on winter break. Here’s a list of books and podcasts. Using first name initial, title, and any other words they might have shared. Caveat: affiliate links. E, Strategy Consulting How Will You Measure Your Life, by Clayton Christensen The […]. The post Winter reading list 2018 appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Reading

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Book Review: Four Types of Problems

Markovitz Consulting

The title of Art Smalley’s new book, Four Types of Problems , is misleading. It doesn’t actually address four types of problems. Rather, it covers four types of problem solving. In that regards, it’s an excellent reference book that belongs on every bookshelf. Smalley starts with the hoariest example of root cause problem solving: the machine tool that stops working because of insufficient lubrication.

Tools 121

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Craziest Travel Story of 2018

Management Consulted

Transcription from YouTube: Two weeks ago, some friends of mine on Facebook were lamenting the fact that they only made it halfway across the country before they had to get stuck in the Chicago Airport (which by the way is … Continue Reading.

Travel 141

Growing faster than the market: Three questions the C-suite should ask


Leaders who are most successful at driving growth in their organizations are deliberate, persistent, and disciplined in the way they go about it. Marketing & Sales Insights

Transparency Is Key to Building Trust in Business


CEOs can boost consumer and employee confidence by asking these four questions about how their business operates

Six things the smartest consulting firms will be thinking about in 2019

The Source

By Fiona Czerniawska. Growing East : When we crunch all the data for 2018, we expect to find that demand for consulting services has been patchy.

Agile 60

Switching from Consulting to Private Equity

Management Consulted

Doing the Greenback Boogie: Switching from Consulting to Private Equity Private Equity (PE) funds represent some of the most lucrative players in the business world. It’s not uncommon for total comp in PE to go into the seven figures once … Continue Reading.

Machine learning and therapeutics 2.0: Avoiding hype, realizing potential


Six levers can help healthcare and pharma players achieve better outcomes when using machine learning. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

7 Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Tom Spencer

When it comes to recruiting the three big criteria are: networking, application package (cover letter, resume, and transcript), and interview. Even after you get a job, networking is still one of the most essential life skills to have.

What tax tells us about the future of professional services

The Source

Large trees grow from small acorns. If I’m honest, tax consulting isn’t the first place I’d have turned to if I wanted to understand the future of professional services. That’s not the fault of tax consultants, but of the rule-bound world they operate in.

Alexa, find me a business valuation expert

Rod Burkert

Have you grabbed your copy of my 2019 BVLS Practice Development Marketing Plan ? If you are looking for something with a ton of moving parts, this isn’t it. But if you are looking for a way to structure the few simple things you already know you should be doing, this plan is what you’ll want.

Finding talent and speed to transform a credit-card company into a digital native


A successful digital transformation means a lot more than new technology. You need to go all in, for the long haul. Digital Insights

Talent 105

Impact of Low Health Literacy on the Healthcare Industry

Tom Spencer

As the American health system continues to find ways to improve care and do so at a lower cost, one of the most costly aspects for the healthcare industry is high administrative costs due to low healthcare literacy.

Ursula Morgenstern, CEO, Atos Germany

The Source

Ursula Morgenstern is a role model for many women. In 2016, she won the prestigious title of “Woman of the Year” at the Women in IT Awards, in recognition of both her success and her dedication to promoting diversity in technology. Now, she is committed to helping others rise to similar heights.


What’s the recipe for a Perfect holiday?

Confessions of a Consultant

Get ready for the Christmas Break. Should you use your holidays for a well-earned break or use the opportunity for continuous improvement? For me the question poses a false dichotomy as the two ideas combine perfectly.

From understanding to action: Our top reads from 2018


This collection of some of our most-read articles of the year explores the many ways that organizations must progress to capture value from advanced technologies. Digital Insights


Healthcare Branding: The Need for a Strong & Unique Brand

Tom Spencer

Does a hospital really need a branding strategy? If you had asked that exact question 15-25 years ago most hospital administrators would have said: “No.” That was arguably because patients were going to their nearest hospital not necessarily choosing a specific location.

Would You Walk through Fire for Your Company?


The science behind how intense experiences could help build better teams

Toastmasters' Tips To Accomplish Your New Year's Resolutions

Henry DeVries

Making New Year’s resolutions is a fine thing. Keeping them is another matter. Do you have goals for 2019, and do you have a plan to achieve those goals


Driving value from fleet telematics


Connected vehicles don’t always deliver. Often the weak link isn’t in the technology—it’s in the organization. Insights on Operations

Is the Stock Market in Big Trouble?

The More Clients Blog

Do you remember the stock market crash of 2008? On Monday, September 29, 2008. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 777.68 points in intra-day trading. Until 2018, it was the largest point drop in history. It plummeted because Congress rejected the bank bailout bill. But this didn’t just happen out of nowhere, there was a very clear warning. On Monday, September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. The Dow dropped 504.48 points.

It Pays to Keep Tabs on Indirect Taxes


The speed and scale at which countries around the world are announcing changes to their indirect tax systems -- value-added tax (VAT), general sales tax (GST), customs duties, and excise taxes -- are giving even the biggest and best-resourced businesses a serious headache.

You Can Be a Great Leader and Also Have a Life

Harvard Business

Dimitri Otis/Getty Images. Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk tweets that no one changed the world working 40 hours a week. He rarely sleeps or sees his kids and had a famously public meltdown. Apple’s Tim Cook is on email before the sun rises.

Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech


As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, a look at the newest developments from across the globe. Insights on Financial Services

Emotions at work

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: This excellent Adam Grant podcast looks at how we manage our emotions at work (and your colleagues’ and your customers’. Related to his idea of Generosity Burnout, it’s worth a listen. He interviews John Lithgow and a call centre worker at Zappos who spent a whole day just chatting with a customer on the phone, […]. The post Emotions at work appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

What a More Transparent Company Culture Can Do

LSA Global

A More Transparent Company Culture. From police forces using body cameras to Whole Foods sharing salary information, more and more companies are looking into creating a more transparent company culture to build trust and create high levels of employee advocacy. The Definition of Corporate Culture.

The 5 Things All Great Salespeople Do

Harvard Business

blackred/Getty Images. The best salespeople know they’re the best. They take pride in their art form. They separate themselves from the rest of the pack regardless of circumstance. So how do they do it? What’s their secret? Are you one of them?