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How I Ditched the Fear of Being Seen and Launched my REAL Business

Consulting Matters

I’ll never forget the moment the Disney team turned around the performance of the Animal Kingdom theme park. This beautiful park opened in 1999, full of compelling backstories and adventure. However, it wasn’t resonating with the Disney guests as expected.

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The Consulting Firm Danger Zone (and How to Avoid It)

David A Fields

I’m going to walk way out on a limb and assume you want to grow your consulting firm or your bank account and/or your personal capabilities. Okay, it wasn’t much of a limb. More like lounging in a lawn chair while looking at the tree.

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5 Steps to becoming a Successful IT Consultant


What does an IT Consultant do? An IT consultant’s role is to provide their clients with expertise and practices in order to help them with relevant IT solutions and services. As a result they will meet their business objectives and overcome problems.

How to Have Effective Consulting Meetings with Elise Keith: Podcast #102

Consulting Success

Meetings are key towards every company’s success, which is why it is critical for leaders to facilitate it properly according to the company’s purpose and goal.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Start small. Move fast.

Markovitz Consulting

An improvement team at my client was struggling to get started on their experiment. They spent nearly a month interviewing people in multiple functions, trying to understand all the possible permutations of the current condition. They discovered that it’s really, really complicated.

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Getting personal about change


The need to shift mind-sets is the biggest block to successful transformations. The key lies in making the shift both individual and institutional—at the same time. Insights on Organization


Blockchain for Supply Chain – Insights from Berlin

Tom Spencer

I recently sat down with blockchain aficionado Ricardo Garcia to gain some insights into the Berlin blockchain space. We dove into an hour-long Q&A session with three main objectives: To learn how Ricardo found himself in the blockchain world after working at a strategy consulting firm.

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20 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Likable

The More Clients Blog

Quick, what do people respond favorably to? Simple, everyone responds favorably to stuff they like. And conversely, people respond unfavorably to stuff they don’t like. And that, dear reader, is the complete story of human psychology in a nutshell!

How to Manage Your Reputation Online

Henry DeVries

Have you Googled what people are saying about you lately? Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly about your reputation online

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

The human side of digital supply chains


On its own, technology won’t be enough to fix your supply chain. Insights on Operations

Two Mindset Shifts Required for Casing Excellence 

Tom Spencer

Properly preparing for strategy consulting interviews doesn’t just mean learning the process, memorizing frameworks, and casing all-out; in order to ensure success it’s also critically important that a mindset shift occurs. Good candidates get to the right answer.

Confidence vs. Ignorance

Many of my students have been told that they need to have “confidence” and “fake it until you make it.”. I only half agree with this sentiment. I think it is important to be confident. This is especially the case when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Instead of faking competence, I encourage you to confidently own your ignorance in a particular area and to ask questions. You’ll see high-level CEOs do this all.

Going to the Source

Alan Weiss

Always go to the source, not an intermediary. If you want a business decision, go to the buyer, not a subordinate or an assistant. If you want to learn something, find the original source, not secondary ones which quote others.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Decoding digital transformation in construction


Few engineering and construction companies have captured the full benefit of digital. Five practices can help E&C companies move beyond isolated pilots and unlock digital’s value across their enterprises. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Ready to Change

Prudent Pedal

In the past, I’ve manned a suicide hotline. I’ve worked with troubled youth. I’ve spent time around 12-Step programs. Today, I work as a grief counselor. I have received much training to prepare me for each of these roles.

Managing Career Risk

Ever since working at McKinsey, I’ve been fascinated by the financial services industry. In every other industry, you know what your costs and revenues were this year and at the end of the year you can calculate your profit. However, in a sense this is not the case with many financial institutions. When your homeowner's insurance company collects their annual fee from you, they know their revenues for the year.

What can be done to keep more people from dropping their ABV?

Rod Burkert

Greetings from Colorado. The RV is parked just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. We are at 8,500 feet of elevation and have incredible views, cool temps, and low humidity. All for $11/night with my Lifetime Senior National Parks Pass. Last week I announced that I dropped my ABV credential.

Alternative proteins: The race for market share is on


Consumer interest in non-meat-based protein options is increasing globally. Food industry players that want to capture the opportunity must understand the evolving market dynamics and where to place their bets. Agriculture Insights

Are you friends with your clients and vendors?

Consultant Journal

I’m a people person. I like people. And I like talking. I don’t like being fake, though, so I tend to be straight up with people. As a result, I find that I connect with a lot of people.

Engage Employees in Change

Gina Abudi

It matters to ensure support and adoption. When change is launched in an organization, there is an expectation among senior leadership that it will be successful. Sometimes this assumption is made because the change appears to be minor and “not a big deal.”

It’s good to talk…

The Source

Back in the ’90s, One2One—a now defunct British mobile phone company—ran a successful advertising campaign about who celebrities would most like a phone call with. Unsurprisingly, nobody suggested their auditor. However, our research suggests that if the same question was put today to senior finance executives, some people might actually really want a one-to-one with their external auditor. Honest!

How to beat your biases and make better investment decisions


Cognitive biases can trip up even the most experienced executives but can be defeated using proven techniques. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

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It’s Refreshing – The Enthusiasm New Buyers & Sellers Have

Martinka Consulting

One of the most gratifying feelings we get from our clients is seeing and hearing their excitement and enthusiasm after a buy-sell deal closes. It’s truly their next great adventure in life – and they’re lovin’ it. The post It’s Refreshing – The Enthusiasm New Buyers & Sellers Have appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Audio Podcasts Business Buying Exit Strategies

Win the Right Business for Your Consulting Firm

Management and IT Consulting

While the importance of visibility into resource, engagement and financial management as they relate to competing in today's services level economy are all key, some would argue the most important aspect in staying ahead of the competition is the ability to choose the right business for their consulting firm

When it comes to thought leadership, there is nothing new under the sun…

The Source

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9. Looking back across our last eight thought leadership quality ratings reports, which takes us back to the first half of 2015, something stands out: In that time the average score we’ve awarded to a piece of thought leadership under our “Prompting Action” criterion has risen by 7%. Meanwhile, for “Appeal” it’s risen by 9%, and for “Resilience” it’s risen by an impressive 20%.

The diversity opportunity for new CEOs


New McKinsey research has uncovered a fascinating correlation between gender diversity and corporate performance. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Tips for Preparing for a AT Kearney Case Interview

Below is a success story from a student who received an offer from AT Kearney in Europe coming from a non-MBA background. In his story he shares his tips for the tools he found most useful to prepare for the AT Kearney case interview. Success Story: I just wanted to write you a brief note to thank you for all the useful tools you've provided me with in my search for a consulting career. Thanks to you, I've recently accepted an offer at A.T.

When the Fever Hits

Martinka Consulting

The fever can hit anybody over just about anything. It’s called “Buyer Fever” when we want something so much we throw logic out the window. It could be a car, a house, a job, an employee to hire, a spouse, and in my day-to-day world, a business (or to get out of a business). Recently we were referred to a business owner who had the fever and desperately wanted out. Because a couple years prior he got buyer fever and desperately wanted in.

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