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The Steps to Overcome Change Fatigue at Work

LSA Global

More Organizational Change? Leaders shouldn’t be surprised when they face skepticism and change fatigue at work. Sure, most organizations are in a constant state of change and people must adapt to thrive, but research shows that most change efforts are more apt to fail than to succeed.

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Do Burning Platforms Really Motivate?

Henman Performance Executive

In July 1988, a disastrous explosion and fire occurred on the Piper Alpha oil-drilling platform in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. One hundred and sixty-six crew members and two rescuers lost their lives in the worst catastrophe in the history of North Sea oil exportation. Andy Mochan, however, survived. Andy woke to […]. The post Do Burning Platforms Really Motivate? appeared first on Henman Performance Group

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Past acquisitions never die, they merely fade away…

The Source

Consulting firms have been on a shopping spree in recent years: Even allowing for momentary pauses for breath, it’s been a fast-paced, competitive race to see who can acquire what, ideally—but rarely—for the right price. As our recent white paper on current trends argues, that’s forcing a rethink. Inorganic growth is no longer a black and white issue. Ecosystems—partnering with a range of more specialised firms—has become the strategy du jour.

Automation Tips For Consultants with Steve Glaveski: Podcast #109

Consulting Success

These days, technology has offered so many opportunities for businesses to grow at a much cheaper way. In the midst of this is outsourcing and automation. Steve Glaveski, the CEO of Collective Campus, outlines some tips on how you can employ these new strategies for growth effectively.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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A Simpler, Better Approach to Managing People at Your Consulting Firm (Including Yourself)

David A Fields

A small crowd of individuals touches your consulting firm’s work, even if you run a small consulting firm or a solo shop. There’s the experienced and savvy consulting team you assemble to create value on each consulting project, as well as any staff and contractors that provide support.

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Why your next transformation should be ‘all in’


Increase the odds of a successful business transformation by going “all in”—combining five big moves to improve your company’s performance and portfolio. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

The Future of Management (Part 2/3)

Tom Spencer

In the last installment , we explored how management has gone through big evolutionary changes since its inception.

The Secret to Winning the Marketing Game

The More Clients Blog

Marketing is a game. And the whole point of a game is to make something more important than something else. What we make important in the marketing game is attracting great clients, earning good money, and making a difference. There are two important secrets to winning this game.

Feedback Loops

One of the most useful management tools is the use of feedback loops. Feedback involves some mechanism that provides you with data on whether your actions are focused towards your objective. When you’re off track, a well designed feedback loop gives you some kind of indicator. When you’re on track, the same feedback loop provides confirmation to give you confidence you’re heading in the right direction.

Sales 57

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

Automation and economic disparity: A new challenge for CEOs


The automation age could widen economic disparities between high-growth cities and struggling rural areas, thus affecting where companies hire, invest, and locate. Future of Work

Cryptocurrency – Understanding its role through the lens of economic history

Tom Spencer

Cryptocurrency has often been a divisive and controversial topic in the world of finance and economics. Some notable figures have written it off, claiming it to be nothing more than a complex Ponzi scheme , while others are insistent that cryptocurrencies are the future of the monetary system.

Leading a Strategic Planning Meeting Yourself

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Have you ever experienced getting ready to lead a strategic planning meeting, but not knowing what to do? Don't worry - you are not alone. That's why we created a course called "How to Lead Your Own Strategic Planning Meeting - How to Create Your Own Strategic Plan

Do No Harm

When a medical student becomes a doctor, he or she is asked to take the hippocratic oath. The oath comes from an 2,500-year-old Greek medical text that requires new physicians to abide by a code of conduct. This code includes its most famous phrase, which is loosely translated as “First do no harm.”. In essence, before you do your best to heal others, start by striving to never making things worse. I think this sentiment applies equally well outside of the medical field.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Transforming infrastructure operations for a hybrid-cloud world


Despite the rapid growth of public-cloud adoption, internal-infrastructure teams are well positioned to add unique value. But they’ll need to change their approach and evolve their service. Our Insights

Finding the time to write a book

Rod Burkert

In case you missed last week: Are our BVFLS organizations failing us? Or are we failing them? Since their inception, our BVFLS credentialing organizations have functioned primarily to ensure we are technically competent.

A Professional Services Marketing Self-Assessment

Prudent Pedal

I’m releasing a new Professional Services Marketing Assessment. Here’s what makes it different and why it’s important. Leaders who seek me out are frustrated with their marketing results.

155: Byron Reese—A Futurist Reveals How Technology Is Transforming Our Entire Society

On the Brink Podcast

Learn about the future of your work and your life ! Futurist-technologist-entrepreneur Byron Reese is a lover of technology and history, which may sound strange.

The risk-based approach to cybersecurity


The most sophisticated institutions are moving from a “maturity based” to a “risk based” approach for managing cyberrisk. Here is how they are doing it. Risk Insights

Need To Change? Why Not Turn To The Experts

Simon Associates

At Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), we were interested to learn that worldwide Google searches for culture change experts were up 178% in the past week (Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2019). We were interested, but not surprised.

How consulting firms in Australia can help to future-proof their business

The Source

It may have enjoyed a long period of growth, but the Australian economy has hit some big bumps in the road recently, and the jury is out as to whether things are set to change for the better.

Making the CMO Role Successful: Pay Attention to the Operating Model of the Company

Kates Kesler

Across multiple industries and geographies, the CMO role is the shortest tenured in the c-suite, slipping to an average … Blog

Scotiabank’s chief risk officer on the state of anti–money laundering


Daniel Moore talks about finding bad guys, creating good money, and everything in between. Risk Insights


Security superstition/Security theater

Seth Godin Blog

Security theater is a rule requiring you to take off your shoes when you get to the airport. It doesn’t actually catch anyone, it simply makes people feel more secure, and it allows those in charge to feel like they’re doing something.

Common Questions on the Case Interview

Here are some common questions that I’ve received about the case interview and my replies. The first is around timing your hypothesis. Question: Your resources have been very helpful for me so far. I am an experienced candidate, and just had my phone case coaching session with McKinsey. One thing I was a little surprised by was that the case coach wanted me to offer up an opinion straight away as opposed to laying out a structure and asking for information.

Stereotypes Can Be Deadly

Martinka Consulting

We were having a cup of coffee and some breakfast at a great little coffee shop-bakery-café in Bozeman, MT before going on a hike. Next to us were three ladies, also dressed for a day in the outdoors. and I couldn’t help but overhear one of them say: “People from cities really don’t understand the environment. And getting off the ship on an Alaska cruise to spend two hours in shops looking at tchotchkes isn’t getting into the environment.”.

How Singapore is harnessing design to transform government services


Singapore has put design at the heart of its public sector improvement initiatives—making it a potent source of learning for other governments. Public Sector Insights

I Don’t Care If You Agree, We’re Going Forward

Alan Weiss

The New York Times is fond of headlines and teasers which say something like this: “Schools continue to engage in X curriculum, but not everyone agrees.” ” Or, “We have a record economy, but not everyone agrees.” ” . The point is NOT that “everyone agrees.”

Tips for the Case Interview

This article focuses on a few questions that I’ve been asked by readers. The tips that I recommend for these individuals may also be useful for you during your case interview process, so I’d like to share them. Question: First of all, I would like to thank you for all the materials you shared. It is exteremely valuable, the best out there!