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Recreating first-mover advantage in a crowded consulting market

The Source

One of the topics we’re most often asked about is expansion. Usually, this is about geography, but it doesn’t have to be—a point I’ll come back to later.

Client Attraction Lessons From Tom Hanks And Mister Rogers

Henry DeVries

What can you learn about attracting clients from Mister Rogers and the man who portrays him, two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks. The answer is plenty


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How Organizational Structure Affects the Creation and Sharing of Knowledge

Tom Spencer

The structure of an organization has a paramount influence on the creation and sharing of knowledge. The way in which an organization is structured sets the tone, the environment, and ultimately the culture of a workplace. This has a direct bearing on how comfortable employees are at work.

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

I’ve noticed that very few people in this world pursue their goals or dreams. When I ask why they don’t, I usually get some answer like, “I can’t,” or “it’s not possible.". When I hear that, I am often tempted to ask the following question: "You can’t accomplish X because it breaks the laws of physics? Or you can’t accomplish X for some other reason?". 99.9% of the time, the goal in question doesn’t defy the laws of physics but does defy the person’s belief system.

Measuring your strategy’s odds of success


The authors of Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick explain how big data can help managers set bold aspirations and overcome organizational inertia. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Flip The Script For Consultants With Oren Klaff: Podcast #116

Consulting Success

In this episode, Oren Klaff, the author of the books Pitch Anything and Flip the Script, talks about the art of deal-making. Oren is known as the go-to guy to get deals done when someone needs $10 million or $25 million for their startup business idea.

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5 Mindset Tips about the Success of Champions

Rick Conlow

Over nine decades ago, Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane of New York’s Kane Summit Hospital changed his mindset. He felt doctors were losing too many patients in appendectomy surgery, many because of the effects of general anesthesia.

How To 100

How B2B online marketplaces could transform indirect procurement


Innovative industrial companies are swapping a reactive, manual, and labor-intensive repair lifecycle for one that’s proactive and automated, with machine learning and advanced analytics at its core. Insights on Operations

B2B 114

Competitive Advantage in Consulting and in Life

One of the concepts taught in business schools around the world is the concept of competitive advantage. While the term is well known, I find very few people actually grasp the implications of this extremely important concept. It applies not only to how you serve clients as a consultant but also how you manage your own career. My thoughts on this topic are widely applicable to CIBs (Case Interview Beginners), F1Ys (Future first years), and CIFMs (Consulting Isn't for Me).

What Is Futurism And Do You Need It?

Simon Associates

When we think about today's most celebrated business leaders, usually Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk come to mind. They are often portrayed as prophets, and with good reason.

Are You Building A Solid Leadership Foundation?

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

One of the many pleasures of my work is that I have the opportunity to observe, work with, learn from, and laugh with some incredibly good leaders. I also am able to experience others, who, though well-meaning, create more work, confusion, and frustration than they realize.

Global AI Survey: AI proves its worth, but few scale impact


Most companies report measurable benefits from AI where it has been deployed; however, much work remains to scale impact, manage risks, and retrain the workforce. A group of high performers shows the way. Artificial Intelligence

Survey 114

Elite Performance - What It Really Takes

Recently, I took my daughters into Seattle to watch the U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics team perform. They were in town as part of a 150-city post-Olympic tour across the U.S. It is the first time I've seen gymnastics at the world elite level in person. Even though the routines were nowhere near as difficult as what I saw on TV during the Olympics, it is quite breathtaking to see the sheer speed and height of certain events in person.

How A Side Hustle Consultant Book Earned 40x ROI

Henry DeVries

A little story of how one consultant book returned 4000% ROI

ROI 80

Winning Percentages

Alan Weiss

I’m watching a lot of football this time of year, and all of these teams are filled with star athletes, even at third-string. Yet only some teams are far above the pack. it’s not the athletes, it’s the coaching. The same applies to business.

Affordable housing in Los Angeles: Delivering more—and doing it faster


Addressing the housing shortage is an opportunity to reimagine Los Angeles. Public Sector Insights


Extreme Determination and Extreme Success

Growing up, I watched Michael Jordan play basketball. He was, with little argument, the best basketball player of all time. He was incredibly dominant -- probably 5-6 standard deviations above the mean. Michael Jordan was in the news a lot when he turned 50 years old. There was an in-depth profile of his life and career from EPSN that I'll share with you in a moment. But first, let me explain why you might consider reading on even if you don't like basketball.

Scams in buy-sell deals

Martinka Consulting

On September 8, 2019 the Buzz column in the Seattle Times was titled, “Seattle Cider sues founder, former CEO” and dealt with a lawsuit against the founder of Seattle Cider and Two Beers Brewing initiated by Agrial, a French company that acquired them. In simple terms, the plaintiff alleged the books were cooked to increase the price. More about the above later and it fits with a quote I saw this summer from Richard Parker, “Numbers don’t lie, sellers do.”

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Leaders

Gina Abudi

Emotional intelligence (EI) is out ability to understand our own emotions and manage those emotions. It also enables us to understand and manage the emotions of others.

Redefining the power industry


Quick takes on the pressures posed by climate change—and potential responses. Insights on Sustainability

How to Wield Power

At Stanford, I took a class called Power & Politics. My professor said, “If you put two people in a room together, there’s politics.”. As much as I disliked the answer at the time, I’ve come to appreciate that it is true. Politics occurs when different people with conflicting needs try to each get what they want. It occurs in governments, companies, and in families. Power comes from multiple sources.

Knowing Your Market

Martinka Consulting

“Millennials are less loyal, so service agreements are on the decline. Will need to create “clubs” for them to join, with a monthly fee to be a member of the club.”. The above is from a research site to which we subscribe for industry and buy-sell deal information. This line is about the HVAC industry, which has long thrived on service agreements to maintain heating and air conditioning equipment (often mandatory on commercial properties).

How to Help Employees Find More Meaning at Work

LSA Global

Engaging and Retaining Top Talent Is an Ongoing Battle. As companies struggle to maintain their competitive edge, each year more employees who take our best places to work employee engagement survey report feeling adrift because they have lost the sense of meaning in their work.

How Mexico can harness its superior energy abundance


Mexico has a large and diversified base of resources that could offer one of the lowest energy costs in the world. The energy transition could help the country achieve its potential. Oil & Gas Insights

With Gratitude

I am grateful to have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep at night. I am grateful to be in good health. I am grateful to call three amazing human beings my daughters. I am grateful to have the time and space to raise and watch my three little girls grow into young women. I am grateful to spend my days learning and teaching. I am grateful to work from home with a flexible schedule. I am grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer and learn new skills along the way.

Designing the Global Organization

Kates Kesler

The path to success for the globally-ambitious business has never been easy. Economic shifts, political protectionism, and infrastructure gaps in … Global Design Publications


Sales Growth Myths to Overcome for Success

LSA Global

Growing Your Business Faster. How often do you scan your business for growth opportunities? If it’s not something you do systematically, you have lots of company. Most executives admit that they do not regularly analyze the best way to grow their business.

Sales 36

How smart choices on taxation can help close the growing fiscal gap


The growing fiscal gap has policy makers in a difficult position. Swift action in a few areas can help them improve the operational efficiency of fiscal systems. Public Sector Insights

Your Reputation is Everything as a Consultant

In consulting, your personal reputation is everything. It is the one thing by which everything else in your career revolves around. Here is the thing with reputations. Once your reputation is set (whether it is good or it is bad), it is very hard to change. If you are seen favorably, more partners want you to work with them, you get more choice of projects, you're able to pick better projects, better clients, and better teams. and not surprisingly, this often leads to you performing even better.

What We’re Grateful For At Leadership Vision In 2019

Leadership Vision Consulting

It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States, so we’re taking a little break from our Team Engagement Podcast Series. Every year our team shares a few brief things we're thankful for, and so this year, I decided to commandeer a staff meeting and record those reflections!